Be me

>be me
>meet girl in online shitpost group
>have a little banter back and forth.
>keep texting her. Conversations become more personal and less just meme bullshit.
>she cute. Really cute.
>turns out shes a year younger than I am
>turns out she only lives 30 minutes away.
>end up organizing to meet up.
>first impressions are awful. Despite being 7-8/10 I very rarely get out and socialize that often and I dont think she does either.
>both act like autistic NEETs and both apologize later on facebook.
>keep talking and we have great conversations and a phonecall.
>reminded of how beautiful her voice is.
>arrange another hang out and this time we are alot more comfortable.
>things are going great. We get a coffee and talk for a few hours.
>shes incredibly attractive. Physically and really smart. Shes out of my league
>"hey user I was thinking do you want to go back to my place?"
>end up smoking pot and making out on an strictly fwb understanding.
>2 weeks pass by
>text her everyday, increasingly flirtatious. Phonecalls after work.
>hang out some more
>ask her out on a date.
>she says yes
>hang out in the city for a while before heading back to her place again.
>sleep with her
>slow and passionate. And at this point im developing some deep feelings for her.
>confess how I feel.
>"I really really like you user"
>another 2 weeks pass.
>starts cancelling dates, and changing schedule. Overall kinda avoiding me
>act understanding. Its okay shes a sweetheart and I just want her to be happy.
>"hey user I dont think I can keep doing this"
>talks about how she values me and hates herself for hurting me. Says she wishes she knew why she was scared.
>hasnt talked to me in 3 weeks. Ignores my texts

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I knew it was too good to last. Shes so amazing and perfect in every single way. Shes everything ive ever wanted in a girl, intelligent, funny, adorable, small, makes me feel loved and attractive. Since she left ive just been so ridiculously hung up over her I dont even find any interest in other girls anymore. None of them will fulfill me as physically and most of all emotionally and intellectually as she did. Ive never felt such pure ecstasy with anybody as I did with her. The way she just sat on me in bed and just stared into eachothers eyes ive never been so sure in my love for another human. How the fuck do I deal with this? Logically I know its retarded to feel this way, but I feel like im never going to be able to find one like her. Nobody has ever even been close to the way she made me feel and im scared shes going to be the one that "got away"

Go talk to her and be for her even if she doesn't want to talk, instead of talking to goddamn anons on Jow Forums

Nigga what the fuck is that going to do besides make me look like some fucking stalker?

stop being an over dramatic faggot and move on.

also stop larping

>end up smoking pot and making out on an strictly fwb understanding.

This was your cue that she wasn't really into you from the start and just wanted a boy toy. Move on.

> online shitpost group

so here?


She might be the one that got away. There's nothing to do about it but pick up and keep moving.

Even the way she smokes is attractive. Fuck me man im fucked cunt

Make your love seem real instead of fake

You’re putting her on a pedestal. No girl is perfect and your inability to see that probably made her uncomfortable.

You fucking retard, if she like you she'll think it's sweet and genuine and Will actually try to be with you.
If she doesn't really like you then who cares what she'll think

She found a better guy

Get back on that horse op, you'll find another

I was going over the messages and yeah I fucked up. Both of us were extremely lonely when we met (and still fucking are) and that sudden change in contact overwhelmed her.

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Bump and ill post screenshots of chat

Do it faggot

You did nothing wrong op. From someone who has anxiety, I can tell you that she is just scared. I run away from relationships all the time because I feel so overwhelmed and scared. I need a lot of space and time. Try to lightly make platonic contact with her but don't put pressure on her.

Keep in mind im not usually this much of a confrontational faggot. There is prior context but the point is we were having a serious chat about our standings.

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Last one

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tl;dr women are whores and just want to fuck without having to be held down in a relationship. nothing new.

>women can catch feelings!
not the women today. they've been engineered to take as much dick as they can.

hell, some girls even think kissing is more intimate than sex nowadays.

In my experience, it's best to always pretend you're not as much into a woman as you actually are, or you'll scare them off. Just enjoy their company, do cute stuff and talk to them a lot and shit. Everything else you do normally.

Don't tell her you have feelings, don't tell her how awesome you think she is, don't tell her how perfect she is. Just wait for her to do them.

Right now you done fucked up and went all out needy on her. I suggest you cut all contact for at least two weeks. Then casually text her. Now you'll have to improvise as you go but you want to mention something along the lines that she was right and you were actually ready to get into a relationship. You over reacted but now it's passed. You'd still like meet up and have sex.
Obviously, you have to adapt all this depending on the conversation, on her persona and shit. might be 'you still want to hang out' instead of 'have sex'. Might have to really somehow convince her you're not going to develop feelings again. Don't textually follow what I've written, you dipshit, only the idea : You back off, you try to remove the threat of required over-commitment that you've previously established, and you change it for a light, low-commitment setting.

Now if you pull it off, remember, keep your feelings under control at all costs. You're only allowed to ever mention feelings again if she confesses first.

>not the women today. they've been engineered to take as much dick as they can.
Nigga are you unaware of the fact that millennials fuck less than boomers or are you just being intentionally obtuse?

Re-reading my post and all the typos and grammatical mishaps make me realize I'm pretty fuckin sleep deprived.
>you were actually NOT ready to get into a relationship

Get fucked there is no possible way that boomers are pumping more than millenials are. Are you serious? Im gonna brag ive had 4 threesomes at this point and ive met maybe 1 boomer who isnt an NPC and could imagine doing that in his younger days.

Boomers are npcs how did npcs root more than actual players?

Thank you for the advice user