How can you not be awkward at parties? Please, help me

How can you not be awkward at parties? Please, help me.

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Have friends at the party.

Cute onahole

kill yourself
then it'll be awkward for everybody

literally this

Never ever go to a party unless you have a friend to go with unless you like kamikaze missions

Yes but then the friends try to introduce me to their friends and then it gets awkward

You have to make mistakes to learn. Do it earlier rather than later. Just try, grasshopper

You must do a cool dance in order to impress others. Big bonus if you can rap while dancing

Consider that if they're friends with your friend then they probably have a similar temperament to you and your friend, so you can behave with them in a similar fashion to how you behave with your friend and can worry less about making yourself look bad.

You have to be proactive. Think about what you're doing instead of just switching your brain off and reacting to the world like you normally do. You never have to talk about yourself if you're the one asking the questions

Don't go in the first place baka

alcohol, not necessarily yourself, but wait for opening your mouth until the rest is decently soaked

That's a great idea. I always think about getting drunk myself but I forget that everyone else is drunk as well

Weed also helps immensely. But it's better if everyone else is high otherwise you may or may not look like a retard. Bring out a joint and pass it around. You'll be appreciated.

So should I arrive to the party a bit later?

If it's your friend hosting the party then you'd ideally want to be there before people you don't know start arriving. If not then you should be arriving with your friend(s).

Never ever arrive on time. I made that mistake when I was young and autist. The time they might tell you to come is never the time you should arrive, but the "earliest acceptable time"

Fuck off normalfag.

Cheers :)

Bring Loki there and I’ll talk to you

There is nothing worse than a drunk unironic sperg.