My gf wants to fuck our dog and I'm into it

Me 27 her 26 live together and have a german Shephard.

Were both sex positive and kinky, and she's one of those "I LOVE DOGES" types

So after sex one night I prodded and prodded until she revealed that shes thought about having our dog mount her. I told her I'd happily watch and masturbate to it

I think we're gonna try this weekend and I'm excited but a bit apprehensive.

Should we be worried about anything?

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0/10, see me after class.
You can be more creative user.

>Should we be worried about anything?
The dog definitely should.

I'm being serious man I literally can't bring this up IRL anywhere

So after you're cucked by your dog do you still get to sleep in the bed or do you get the floor?

In that case what I'd recommend is a murder/suicide pact.

Ill be masturbating furiously who gives a fuck

The main problem with this kink is that it confuses the dogs boundaries and can make them territorial over the human

>The main problem with this kink is that it confuses the dogs boundaries and can make them territorial over the human

Holy shit my girl is gonna be a hounds bitch
I'm so fucking turned on

What the fuck is wrong with you...

Leave the poor pupper alone dont poison him with your degeneracy

Just do it man. chicks fucking animals is hot as hell. I honestly wish they could breed together.

I second you. If you're man enough to let you gf have sex with a dog, be a man and do us a solid by posting the video here

Ok, from now on girls who are super into dogs are a red flag for me.

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Yeah the "doggo" obsession is typically a yellow/green light for this type of behavior

Any single girl with a large sized male dog fucks it guaranteed

This shit is WAY more common than you think. Enjoy

More reasons to prefer cat people.

thats fucking white women for you lmao
I bet she was getting her pussy licked by a dog since she was 14

Brazillian women do this more
But yeah in the US only white women do this

Tbh it's why I prefer them over other minority chicks, they're too stuck up

Makes the whole incel thing even funnier if there are really that many women who'd prefer dogs over whiny males.

Dogs are physically more attractive than people desu

fucking your dog doesn't come with as many ramifications as to fuck some men, which makes it more interesting for younger women who are usualy scared of sex

>tfw you will never be a girl with a male dog who mounts you every night

Don't go that far maybe evaluate your life and have a talk with her about how fucked up you both are
Take your unhelpful insecurities elsewhere. These people need mental help and all you can do it talk as if you're superior on an anonymous post. It's like going around humble bragging about how you're smarter than down syndromes. Fucking pointless and makes you seem insecure af

I don't want to be the person who calls incels clean but surely the health risks are lower than with animals? Besides, if you're that scared of sex, there is a world of toys waiting to be explored.

Your disgusting cunt of a woman is gonna get giardia in her pussy and youll get it in your dickhole if you ever fuck her again. Cant wait to hear back from OP in a month asking why he and his girlfriend have worms coming out of their peeholes

U mad

He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.
But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

No shit, on the off chance this isnt a troll your poor dog is gonna get so abnormally socialized to the point you wont be able to have company around without him trying to aggressively fuck every woman in sight. Try and take him out of the house and you will have a walking lawsuit on your hands. If that doesnt persuade you than the many, many diseases you can and will get from them really should.
t. vet

Proof of a kind and loving God; I've my dignity and pride yet, and I'm not singlehandedly responsible for lowering the bar even further.

At least 'the bottom of the barrel' for those who dwell there now will eventually be better than the worst, and eventually even average or acceptable in due time.

I went on a date once with a girl who was... strange. One of the things that weirded me out is that she showed me family pics and pics of her late dog... on the first date. She also couldn't think of anything she likes other than dogs and chocolate.
Glad i dogged a bullet.

>you wont be able to have company around without him trying to aggressively fuck every woman in sight

There is nothing wrong with this

kill yourself op

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dog will get territorial and maul OP to death if he tried to touch his gf

this is a good thing

>mate guarding
Who knew dogs are so beta?

They are literally "beta - the animal", why would you be surprised?

>Glad I dogged a bullet

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what the actual fuck, either kill yourselves or try to get some actual help. and you shouldn't own a dog, give the poor dog to some shelter or something.

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I second this motion. Video on pornhub or didn't happen.

Hell no I have a large male dog
I would never let my dog fuck me good lord
And I love and work with dogs

I personally would just use a VPN and Google this to see what's involved; health concerns, etc.

Opera browser has a free VPN integrated into their incognito mode

>normies falling for Bait

>getting cucked by a literal subhuman
How does it feel knowing your girlfriend would rather fuck a dog than you?