Why are women in America so offended by the world cunt...

Why are women in America so offended by the world cunt? My gf tried to call me “penis” & “dick” to demonstrate why but I just laughed

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To them the implication is that they're ONLY cunts, with nothing else of any value.

There is no real male equivalent just like there is no white equivalent for nigger. Murican culture is about oppressing bitches for centuries, and "cunt" recalls this objectification and basically equals a person with the genitals. Besides it's pretty similar in many other Western countries too; at very least in Germany and Russia.

Too close to home?

because it is used for literally anything that the guy doesn't benefit from or to blame the gender.

in Australia guys use it for everyone

In America men use it towards women

There’s an Amazonian tribe that regularly engages in casual rape & kidnapping of women whenever they feel like it. The word for woman in their language is literally the same word for “cunt”.

Women hate getting reminded of the only reason men bother to interact with them.

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I'm Australian so no. We use the word as often as Indians shit on streets. Just I've also known Americans that explained to me their perspective.

>in Australia guys use it for everyone
Also, girls use it for everyone.
Also, it isn't inherently negative either.
"How ya going cunt?" can mean "You're my best friend, and I love you."
Only in America is it always seen as degrading, same as only in America is fried chicken somehow racist.

A more apt parallel to cunt is fuckboy.
So if I call you a fuckboy, you fuckboy, that's more accurate. Guys are almost proud to call themselves a dick, penis or asshole-- again by parallel, bitch is a better comparison to these in the same way since some women are happy to call themselves a bitch/bitchy.

They refer to the same category of body parts, but the connotations are virtually across the map from each other. There is barely any comparison between dick and cunt for vulgarities you can sling someone's way.

That's just me, though.

Me and my friends will openly call ourselves fuckboys when we’re drunk though, shit even when we’re not drunk

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>Me and my friends
A different scenario altogether. I call my friend a brown terrorist cunt, but hearing it from someone you know for ten years is a tiny little bit different than having a random person say it.

Fuckboy is the male equivalent of slut. There’s not really a word for men on the same level as cunt.

Like all things in life context matters.

Women are sensitive. Why is this some foreign concept to you? Did you forget to take your brain pills this morning?

What else is value of woman?

Talk to some who aren't related to you and you might find out!

When a girl calls me a fuckboy all I hear is “OK I’m gonna let you fuck, but don’t brag to everybody” or “Damn, I thought he’d fall for me”

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Tried that already, I wanna shoot my myself hearing women talk before and after sex. They have nothing to say whatsoever that’s not boring NPC tier. Sure I know how to flirt and go through all the charming jerk motions until she gives it up, but it’s not fun aside from the intercourse.

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It's just societal norms. Most Women are brought up different to men so they'll be more susceptible to arbitrary shit that's looked down on in a society, like swearing. Cunt is meaningless in Australia
Just my guess

Its worse than bitch

>boring NPC gets boring NPC women
Hardly the fault of one party.

Holy shit, like clockwork. Women and effeminate “men” always respond in this way.

>Error Error
>You must be X if you fuck X women

Anything to protect yourselves mentally from reality. Most people say I’m the most fun & interesting person in any room. Folks love having conversations with me.

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>"All my teachers said I was special"

>Most people say I’m the most fun & interesting person in any room.
Congratulations, my mom thinks I am great too.

You're certainly the most humble person I've met.


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>"Oh fuck, I gotta post something! Uhhhh, fox and grapes? Does that fit? Fuck it!"

So much for fun & interesting.

You’re still upset

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