Be on a discord server with my league-playing friends

>Be on a discord server with my league-playing friends
>Met my boyfriend there
>It's all cool outside of ocassional drama
fastforward to now, over 2 years into the relationship
>Boyfriend throws a reasonless hissy fit
>Leaves the server
>Give him a few days, maybe he had a worse day or sth
>Ask him bout rejoining
>He doesn't want to
>gives no reason why, other than "there's nothing happening there"(which is bullshit, the server is very much alive)
>I'm very confused about it, everyone on the server was always getting along as much as 10 random people can
>We even had meetups, each of which was great
>I literally can't seem to make him change his mind, he doesn't care that it's problematic for me (because if i want to share something with both the friends and him i need to send it twice etc.) or that it's important to me to have him back there
>Get angry and refuse to talk to him
It's been two days, and he's still as stubborn as before. I'm pissed and confused, literally nothing happened, and yet he still won't join. Like i said, this was a league-oriented server, and we used it to voice chat during games, so now he also doesn't communicate with us (he says we can use the in-game voice chat, which is problematic for many people on the server and he KNOWS it.)
I think the whole situation is stupid, and that he's making things harder for no reason whatsoever. I was hoping some anons here could give me some light on the situation, and tell me what would be the best thing to do. I don't want him to remain off-server for the reasons i listed above, but i have no idea how to approach him. Somehow i get the feeling i could force him to do what i want if i refuse to talk to him long enough, but i kind of don't want to. What else could i do?

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Tell him that being a bitch and acting like one makes people like you less.

who cares if he doesn't go back, discord is an important time sink and it's utilization should be minimized.
>bf becomes more productive = better man

>because if i want to share something with both the friends and him i need to send it twice etc
HOLY SHIT, that's an outrageous amount of effort.
>Get angry and refuse to talk to him
Over not wanting to waste his time on this kiddy shit? Seriously?

I'd say consider growing the fuck out of it or at least learn to accept his decision but I doubt you'll listen, so yeah, just try your forceful approach. Perhaps he'll grow some balls and tell you to fuck off, or you'll get what you asked.

He doesn't care
He literally doesn't talk to anyone else outside of that discord. He has no friends other than those people (and me).
also, , it's just annoying. I don't like repeating myself etc. I get frustrated by that shit. I'm not okay with him leaving without even a good reason, i don't like people i care about not being on good terms, and i have my reasons for this.

>He has no friends other than those people (and me).
Getting off the shithole might motivate him to get some in the long run.

>I'm not okay with him leaving without even a good reason
Your reasons for him being there are hardly better. "there's nothing happening there" means "nothing interesting for him".

>i don't like people i care about not being on good terms
It happens. Instead of forcing that shit, just enjoy your time with them separately. Trying too hard to push them together can end up with one party not wanting to deal with your crap.

It's just going to pile up in me and i'm going to release this upon him eventually anyway. The best thing i can do right now is probably just pretend the situation is not happening at all.

This is so pathetic for the both of you. Hes your 'boyfriend' and you have never even met him? Part of a relationship is skin to skin contact and actually SEEING the person face to face.

Nvm re-read it. You have had meetups but that still doesnt change how dumb the whole thing is long distance relations are so retarted.

we literally live together

Oh. Thats actually just as sad. Maybe try prioritizing other things in the relationship that arent online video games.

My hobbies are video games and worldbuilding. His are video games and that's about that. I can't even seem to drag him out for a walk because it's too cold for him, and he hates cold. Neither of us likes movies, theatre, etc. Video game sis the one thing we love doing together, and this situation pisses me off.

>can even take boyfriend out for a walk
>only hobby is video games
>doesnt even like movies or theatre

He sounds insufferable. Maybe break up with him and work on making yourself more interesting. If he wont even make an effort to go outside or watch a fucking movie then talk to him and offer help. get mad. and if he refuses dump him. Simple.

Sounds like you're two shut ins.. I'm so sorry, I wish you two will grow up.. fuck online.. just fuck online.... You need to live outside, we all do, online shouldn't matter.. It's a huge huge waste of time :( I'm so sorry but that's the truth, limit it to three hours a day and your life will be better.. that's what I did..

Also you both play league.. The most toxic community of the autists of society

but i love him. I don't mind him not going out, i just want to be able to shitpost with everyone.
But i don't like the outside. There are people out there and they're exhausting. I bet he doesnt like it for same reason.

Get therapy or medication otherwise dont have a boyfriend. Your both awful for eachother and are feeding off of that. You need someone who is willing go out at least once in a while. Isolation isnt healthy.

I am getting more depressed when outside than inside. I'm just feeling better when by myself (and/or with the couple of people i allow around me)
You need to understand that different people have different social needs

There is a huge fucking line between being a person who rather spends their time at home and a fuck up who wastes their life on vidya and discord.

Well i may be autistic because the thing i do 90% of time is building my own worlds and creating characters. But this has nothing to do with the topic.

Your personality has quite a lot to do with the topic, when the topic is all about YOU dealing with the decision of someone else. The whole problem is created by you getting triggered by new stuff that doesn't go your way.

Are you underage? It’s just Discord