About to get an associates degree. Will be going for a bachelors in International business soon after

About to get an associates degree. Will be going for a bachelors in International business soon after.

What is a good career path that makes a minimum of 100k after 5 dedicated years of work?

This is my 2nd degree, first was a useless shit degree from a for-profit school that just stole my money. I have no real talent. I can't code for shit and have tried multiple times over the last 8 years. I can't code.

I really enjoy outdoors stuff, but also enjoy city life. I'm saying this for job/career opportunities, not interests of living location.

Any Jow Forums for someone starting over in life? I just want to be financially happy at this point, and to be able to afford a few expensive hobbies.

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>international bussiness
Thats not a real education in demand, all you will be doing with it is

Check this instead

>police work
>farm work
It just referred me to all the jobs I don't want to ever be in.


A degree in regular old business would be more useful, you can do any business job like marketing/advertising/sales as well as being qualified for any of those jobs where they just want you to have some kind of degree.


So you aren't smart enough to give Jow Forums on Jow Forums? K, thanks for playing.

Business doesn't have to be what I go into. I'd rather know now Int Bus is not what I should be focusing now rather than half way through paying for core classes.

What else is there that makes decent money that isn't police work, farming, mining, and sales?

>i dont want to ever be in
Thats strange. Did you lie about yourself? Or are you biased against these professions?

I have never liked police work for many reasons that I won't go into because this isn't Jow Forums. Farming I am just not too into it. I used to have a friend who owned a ranch and I helped him a lot. I know there is no money in it and I'm just not fond of the work. Sales, I just hate sales in general. Mining I'm biased against. Too many people I know in mining and they are all miserable so I'm not interested. The only one that was a possibility was metallurgist. I do like metal and engineering. So I am looking at that now, but I'm not seeing very good income numbers for experienced career workers.

From the moron that thinks he’s going to be making 100k with their degree, yet rules out the the work that possibly could make that happen.

From the moron who is completely illiterate and comes to a Jow Forums site just to troll random threads because they have nothing better to do on a Friday night.

With your attitude I wouldn’t worry too much OP. Rest easy. Your career tract is pretty set.

the irony in your statement

And you aren't even talking to op. Move out your mum's house, bumb.

May want to reboot the thread tomorrow, OP. Jow Forums is full of very depressed people who want others to hate themselves as much as they hate themselves. At least you're trying. Which is more than can be said about them. They don't even have the ability to do that.

You sound like you have shit work ethic. Very few people with shit work ethic make it to 100k at all, let alone within 5 years.

You sound like all the rest of the chumps out there. You want that cookie cutter house, a boat, dirt bike, a commuter car and a jeep. You want to bbq on Saturday after you go shopping at costco.

You dont deserve this dream.

Money aside, what would be your perfect job?

Then you'd be making a great assumption.

from OP:
>I really enjoy outdoors stuff, but also enjoy city life. I'm saying this for job/career opportunities, not interests of living location.

>assignment of special days of the week. Kek!

>Then you'd be making a great assumption
Which is correct based on your post.

>trying this hard to let everyone know how illiterate they are
>saying "Kek!"

Google "assumption" and then let everyone know why you are wrong.

>not comprehending what illiterate generally means...

Translation I want to make $100,000 for doing nothing.

You should Google "illiterate" and let yourself know why you keep saying "I'm an idiot" every time you post.

That's weird how you came to that conclusion. It is almost like you didn't read anything. Or, maybe you are just illiterate.

I bet those responses sounded really clever in your head

Don't be bitter, kid.

If you’re so smart why on Earth did you pick an International Business Degree?

>I have no real talent.
But gimme $100k, m’kay.

Get in touch with George Soros and offer to give him a 100k blowjay

I'm not OP, retard. And OP was here looking for advice. I'm just calling out retarded autistic losers on Jow Forums. Don't feel bad kid.

OP was looking for advice on to finding a career. AKA, investing in talent/future. It is no wonder you are here trolling people who are looking for help on a weekend.

But OP provides exclusion to careers that pay, and by extrapolation other careers that he also would most likely reject such as in the oil industry or medical fields. Basically a waste of space. While you champion OP, ask yourself what type of success asks 4scam for help and forgoes the career department at the university OP is going to get his BA from.

So where’s your Earth shattering advice or do you only help people when there is a fee involved?

>But OP provides exclusion to careers that pay,
How do we know this? Because OP said they don't want to work in fields that were explained to them from a single link? Specifically due to both personal and financial reasons, justified.

You are literally making an assumption because of their personal reasons for rejecting a handful of fields. This does not exclude in any way other possibilities if recommended, which is what was requested. They are looking for advice and knowledge so they don't end up wasting another degree expense. They even said specifically that it could be in International Business or not, and they would rather make the choice now to switch degrees rather than waste the time pursuing something that won't make them money. It really does seem to me they are putting thought into their future while being undecided on an exact path.

You are deeming the person a waste of space off of your own assumptions and opinions, presumably experienced-based assumptions. Perhaps girl or daddy issues is your foundation for your irrational hate. Not actual facts. The only thing that was legit was the link provided near the top, which OP went and did. Meaning, OP not only took the advice, but refuted the results due to knowledge and personal interests of career. And I have to be honest, OP is absolutely correct. None of those fields will make $100k in the lifetime of the career, let alone 5 years. Unless he could make some kind of upper level management position in mining, but that is EXTREMELY unlikely.

Your question: you are assuming Jow Forums is the only source of their decision making. The fact they are going for a 2nd degree, I think you can make an EDUCATED assumption that they are getting advice from multiple sources.

You are bad with your assumptions and logic and need to stop wasting yours, and OP's time (this one and all the other OP's I'm sure you are frequenting on this site).

>Where is your Earth shattering advice
Just wow, kiddo. I bet your mom brings you hot pockets at the sound of a buzzer, too. Huh?

How about this? You actually give some helpful advice, and I'll stop calling you out for being an angry young child.

And you still add nothing to the conversation.

Police work, sales, there are two things if OP worked towards he could make his goal. And my extrapolation of excluding oil work is based on his mining/farming answer—which is not really a crazy, off the wall assumption based on him not persuing a trade vs tradional 4 year schooling.

If OP was willing to get his hands dirty, plumbing would be a great option.

>And you still add nothing to the conversation.
Literally you.

Police work doesn't make more than about 80k after about 15 years. I know this because I have two family members in law enforcement. And the one making 80k is has been doing it for the 15 year mark. The other is currently making 52k a year and they have been at it for about 8 years, now.

Sales can vary greatly, but it is irrelevant because OP doesn't want to do it. Think about it from someone else's perspective other than your own. Think of something you hate doing. Then think about people telling you to do it. Even if it makes the money you want, would you be happy doing it? The interesting thing is, OP has learned something very few people understand. The balance between happiness and work. You clearly do not understand this point and this is why none of what you say is even remotely relevant, especially since you are just now trying to justify your trolling.

If you have any recommendations, how about you just give them? If they don't wish to take it, close the window and move on with your life. Not saying this is OP, but if you give a nigger on a street corner a $ and they spend it on booze rather than rent to have a place to live and get a real job, you have no control over this. You did something good in hoping to help someone who chose to squander the help. You instead or choosing to just be a childish asshole to someone not only asking for help, but has already shown the motivation for taking it.

Plumbing is shit-tier work and you know it. Now you are just being autistic. They'd make at best $50k on a well experienced, publicly known name, after a dedicated 20 years commitment. That's like saying a mechanic would be a good option, when literally everyone complains about the job, pay, hours, and moral.

>police don’t pay
It can if you move.

Which was my point that OP excluded the actual career paths that can pay $100k

>plumbing is not really shit tear work, especially if one gets into new construction and can easily make $100k. Same with electricians...

>Police work doesn't make more than about 80k after about 15 years. I know this because I have two family members in law enforcement. And the one making 80k is has been doing it for the 15 year mark. The other is currently making 52k a year and they have been at it for about 8 years, now.

Department I applied to starts 62k, guy I know there is making 115k

And higher in California.

>It can if you move.
I'll agree with this only because I live in Cali where I see entry jobs from 32k to 70k. Mid level (~5-10 years) are barely scratching 95k, though. Senior (Deputy Chief and Chief) levels are the only positions above $100k. But it is pointless to argue this since OP doesn't believe in policing for one reason or another. Again, they are excluding one career out of a planet's full. Same point for:

>Which was my point that OP excluded the actual career paths that can pay $100k

Proof on your plumbing comment otherwise you are still pissing in the wind.

Average Plumber Yearly Salary in New York
Plumbers earn an average yearly salary of $76,750. Salaries typically start from $37,590 and go up to $128,900.

Average Plumber Hourly Wage in New York
Plumbers earn an average hourly wage of $36.90. Hourly wages typically start from $18.07 and go up to $61.97.

For OP, not being tied down to one location usually provides the greatest financial benefits.

Keep in mind that clearly there is a difference between working for Rotorooter and having your own tools a truck and a hired helper.

CHP all make 100k after a promotion (3-4 years on the job). Trick is that it seems their academy is more brutal than the standard police academy. I would join in a heartbeat if I wasn't automatically DQ for reasons (stupid teenage years).

NY has some of the most expensive living costs in the US. Where are the open positions for $128k in NY? And how long did it take that plumber to reach the 128 mark?

You are correct. Rotorooter employees are no where near the same as having your own business, truck, tools, and employees.

I'm not seeing any results that match your numbers. An academy website even states clearly there is a cap at $92k. criminaljusticedegreeschools.com/state-trooper-requirements-by-state/california-highway-patrol-officer-requirements/

>An academy website even states clearly there is a cap at $92k.
What is overtime. My dad was a fireman and he made almost 20k/yr more than his salary from overtime.

I looked up the salary schedule and a website called "transparent california" that lists all public employee salaries. I discovered that most CHP who are sarg or above, do get close to six figures after googling the salary of a CHP who ticketed me. It was a starting realization going through that website I mentioned. It made me realize why people cry about public servants being paid too much in CA.

The 92k is not a hard cap. For example, I have a BA, speak Spanish, and so I would get a boost if they would open the gates for a past degenerate like me (unlikely). Anyone who has additional credentials and qualifies for bonuses would get bumps like those.

So you are going off of an uncertainty. K. On that note, a person working at McDonald's has the potential to make $75,000 a year.

I'm not supporting or accusing the CHP, I just don't see the numbers you provided.

OK so like my neighbor a few doors down is a CHP, so if he can afford to live on my street, he’s really making bank.

Cool story.

degrees are pointless. connections are everything