How do I become witty, badass, and a lone wolf?

How do I become witty, badass, and a lone wolf?

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Buy a trench coat and an AR.

>live in constant pain
>be highly overqualified for your job
>be surrounded by faggots
>inject testosterone
>buy expensive clothing
>live with constant depression

It just happens. You can't force it. The point comes where you're broken down to the point where you can't be anything else.

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lone wolf not lone wolf terra-ist

Find a job where all your coworkers are worse than Jow Forums itself

The animals are dying :( become vegan please

Read Oscar Wilde, drive a motorcycle, and be emotionally unavailable.

This. Sane, happy people live around sane, happy people. Just go get your heart so broken, your mind so full of shit.

Literally why do you want to become like him OP? I'm a Medical Doctor and basically I'm friendless, it's not all that fun.

minus the medical degree, he seems to have colorful ways to deal with lonliness and antisocial personality traits

Difficult to do if you have a day job. You will then spend every day surrounded by phony Stepford Wife optimism and "teamwork makes the dream work" bullshit. You will be inundated with it. It will be like going to church services for a religion you don't believe in.

Get a job where you can work from home and you can be as much of a sarcastic lone wolf as you want. Maybe become an independent author or musician. Artists and creatives can usually get away with that personality type more than normal people.

I'm in an office day in day out doing IT work. Its ironic when I was a shit head and had crappy jobs I had "friends"

IT is a job where people actually expect you to be a crusty jerk

no surprises there

You got me there chief, I'm not so bad

Just have a natural disgust for people OP

I think op choose the wrong image for his thread

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>weeb shit


He ain't a lone wolf anymore. And generally was more of a dude too scared of making connections instead of living for himself just because.

>Gay sarcastic doctor
You got me there ,bruh

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It's a weeb site, deal with it and stop wasting dubs.

lmaoing @ weeb asspain

Based and redpilled

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