This girl that i'm into drinks and smokes pot...

This girl that i'm into drinks and smokes pot. I don't do either and I've pretty much always held potsmokers (and to a lesser extent, alcohol-drinkers) in contempt. I really like this girl and she seems like such a sweet, perfect angel. But she's not, and it's fucking with me bad. I think I love this girl, but it makes me sick to my stomach. I feel like such a piece of shit for judging her for totally normal shit, but that's how I feel.

Anyone else out there been in a similar situation?

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She's not going to be your wife, who cares?

Wait, people who drink alcohol are worse than people who smoke weed to you? Wtf

you're right, but i wish you weren't

no, i said that i hold drinkers in contempt, but to a lesser extent than pot smokers.

You need to change your perspective on things. Higher contempt for weed than alcohol when weed isn't nearly as bad for you. And caffeine is way worse too. I drink and smoke pot at parties but I avoid caffeine at all costs. And shit like shrooms and lsd is even less harmful to your body and even has overwhelming mental benefits as long as you're not already mentally fucked. It's weird because it's so different than what you're taught but go on scihub and do research on drugs if you can be fucked.
Unless you dislike them for another reason

Sorry wrong word. I meant better instead of worse. To me alcohol is worse than weed just because of what it does

i have no rational reason for how i feel. i was raised this way and i'm having trouble rejecting my programming. i guess i'm not just here for advice, but also to vent

who gives a shit? you sound like a huge faggot.

i'm lovesick. of course i sound like a faggot. i bet you share joints with your wife's friend before her late night yoga sessions

> I've pretty much always held potsmokers (and to a lesser extent, alcohol-drinkers) in contempt
Well, stop being a judgemental fuck. It's stupid as hell. Does she get blackout drunk? Does she do stupid shit when high? If not, why the fucking stressing about it?

To be fair, annoying alcoholics are pretty rare at OPs age group (he sounds like a kid) while pot smokers at that age are often annoying as fuck with their fetishism of weed and college drop out philosophising when high.

Not very hard to unlearn something my dude. Not like you have a phobia of it. Try some with her. Sounds like a good fucking time to me. If you like her so much then shouldn't you like to her enough to get over something you know is irrational anyway. Just chill with her smoke some or maybe bake weed brownies with her then chill on a sofa or bed and watch some funny show.
Also don't freak out when you try it, it won't kill you.

You’re good user. Not be so hard on yourself. The fact that you recognize though patterns you wish to change and are trying to change them speaks massive volumes about you. Most people don’t want to change and think the rest of the world is their only problem. You’re gonna be just fine. Ease up on yourself and give yourself a pat on the back for willingness to change, that is a massive feat that most people refuse to commit to.

>not very hard to unlearn something
What? No offense but that is one of the cornerstones of being human.
>if you like this girl abandon your principles
Not judging someone for taking mind altering substances is one thing. Doing them is another.

Nah bad idea. Most people who do this get the rewarded feeling before they achieve the change and they end up stopping there. You should be hard on yourself. And it's not that big of a change at all. It's not like your entire life's revolved around drugs and you've been living a lie.

If he's struggling with rationalising in his head that they're not bad. Then he can see first hand. You can say he's abandoning his principles but it's pretty fucking mild. Maybe it's so hard for you to change because you're a stubborn dumbass that doesn't want to abandon his "principles"
His life won't be in fucking shambles and I doubt he'd start doing meth. Are you trying to help him or reinforce his dumbass mindset?

OP. For the past 6 months I've been in the same situation. When I met her I thought she was perfect. Pretty, kind and she seemed to care for me. Over time I realised that girl didn't exist and she was actually more of a thot.

Only last night did I finally cut all contact with her so I can move on. I suggest you do the same.

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Good people smoke weed and bad people smoke weed. Good people don't smoke weed and bad people don't smoke weed. Behavior is not black and white. Stop using your retarded metrics and learn how to gauge people based on their individual merits and characteristics.

There's a 102% chance that letting this girl into your house will result in a missing wallet. Don't fall for it, man.

Never trust a drinker.

someone who drinks alcohol =/= a drinker

Whether someone drinks or smokes weed is not important. The important things are the context of doing it, how much they do it and their attitude towards it. My friends and I did smoke weed when someone brought some over, but I still had contempt for a girl who seemed proud when she told me she first had weed at the age of 14. She was smart and you could discuss topics with her which normal girls would just ignore, but I could never get past her absolute acceptance of most thot behavior.

Thot is a personality trait. Smoking weed isnt. Not at all comparable