Meet interesting guy over the internet

>meet interesting guy over the internet
>things get flirty, but it's cleared out early
>we just become great, dysfunctional friends
>I rely on him quite a bit and vent about things a lot
>he has a hard time telling me about problems, feels weak about doing so, doesn't want help, pity or me to "be there for him", also he's pretty reserved
>his problems get big
>I feel like shit, very unsure about the best way to act
>it becomes a rollercoaster of both chasing and avoiding each other alternatively

Best course of action? I care deeply about this person, but he's making it hella difficult. I almost feel like bailing at times.

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You can't help people that don't want to be helped, user. If you can stomach seeing him be the way he is, then stay friends, just remember to take care of you.

I can, but I end up overthinking everything I do towards him. I don't want him to feel neglected, or overwhelmed by me. Sometimes I have a messed up sleep schedule or I feel too upset for some things happening to me, so I end up closing up to avoid venting at a person that already has enough shit to deal with, but I'm scared he might think I'm avoiding him. And I have a hard time telling if changes in how we talk are about what he's experiencing or the relationship deteriorating, and can't talk about it right now (it would be just generating further stress).

It fucking sucks, it sucking fucks, and I don't like it

Well, if he's really your friend, he would appreciate when you come to him when you need help and would gladly give it.

I have a friend that never asks me for help on anything, but I still come to him for help when I *really* need it. I hate asking for help too, and I'm guessing he might have that issue too. When he ever has a problem that I can help with, I'll be there.

I'm sorry I haven't called you back, Tess.

p.s. I'm trying

Go larp in the gioc thread dude

Does your name start with an A by any chance?


Maybe try playing a game with him or something. Do something simple and fun to ease the tension and forget the bad times for a bit

Might be a good idea, even though we're not that much into vidya. Any advice on some titles? Of course I will have to see his taste on this kind of stuff.

Well it doesn't specifically have to be vidya, just something you guys can do together. I myself always have fun playing Terraria with other people, and it's only like $5 on Steam at the moment

Will try that pal. Thanks

Does it start with a B?

I can understand why he doesn't want to share his problems, I feel the same way he does. From what I've always experienced when I shared my problems with others is that it hampers others whenever I've told them, not to mention whenever I told my problems to my ex I knew that it only would hurt the relationship. Some people can't handle having the issues of another person become vocal, and its a sad reality. Men in life are conditioned to suck it up and be this image of pure testosterone and no worries, and it is why you don't see men venting like that in society. That's just how it is usually, since mens problems are usually irrelevant in life towards others. The only thing you can do is be real with him and try to ask what's wrong, and dismiss his thoughts on how he would feel if he did vent, but if he doesn't budge then either just be there and let it be or if you can't take it then cut contact if you wish. You know what's best for you, and you can't help others that won't share their issues. It's depressing when it's thought about, trust me, but it is what it is and he knows what's up. Godspeed OP

Mom didn't raise a quitter. I'll just man the fuck up and stay by my nigga's side.

Do you still talk with him though? Is he around?

>OP-senpai are you talking about me??? Is this thread about me???

Yes, he is.

oh, i had a fren who likes made in abyss but i gues u can't be him

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...just how many people are in this situation?

>guys i am every other edating autist what do i do
grow up to be quite honest (tqbh)

u fucked it up

i just thought
what HECKIN odds are that my fren used the same exact girle as his pfp as the one on OP. but he doesn't use this site as far as i know

There's a lot of people this can be applied to.
Guys/men aren't supposed to have emotions.

I'm a woman, so I guess I'm not your fren. Nice coincidence, maybe we could become paranoid friends?

Whoever invented that rule must die in a dumpster fire

So, emotionally-closed off guy who e-dated for a while here. Guys, say "F" if this scenario sounds familiar.
>Be guy
>Meet internet girl
>Do the usual and assure is not catfish
>spend some months talking
>tells you all about their problems, do your best to help and be a listener
>sometime, tell them about your problems

That's how it usually went for me (in real life the process changes a bit but I don't think I need to regale you guys with those stories) and in the end I learned a lesson, not a rule: whatever you represent the best of in yourself, be sure that that is all that many people want to see. Your suffering is yours to bear and it always will be. If people choose to help it can be very beneficial; but the likelier story is that in a healthy case, they simply have neither the time nor the attention to devote.

Then those women are also selfish and not worth a dime.

>Whoever invented that rule must die in a dumpster fire
It isn't a rule, it's a law. Natural law. And talking about people like this is exactly what makes pussy dry

Dude, I'm a woman, not an incel

I like strong men like every woman, but I assure you there's nothing more painful than to see a man you know closing off like a hedgehog when he needs support just because some thots abandoned him when he showed weakness (according to what you guys are saying, at least)

Oh yeah I ditched quick, I've been with my sweetie for 7 years and she rolls my socks right up and down. Get you a partner who'll talk equally and clearly.

Emotional openness is usually a strong point of success in a relationship, but it's not something you need to put on publically anyway.
But saying that, the point was-- maybe his reactions are based off of experiences.

yeah, i rarely even come to this board so it would'v been crazy.
ofc we can be frens. especially if u like cardcaptor sakura!

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Yeah, I think in any case openness and clearness go leaps and bounds. Being autistic in interaction is okay with me though, I'm just as autistic so I can relate with any kind of weird and fucked up. Also, great job scoring an A+ waifu!

Wow, I watched CCS when I was 12 and I'm a fucking boomer now

the moment he shows weakness to u you'll start thinking hes an incel and betray him

>Mom gets a leg infection
>She is absolutely laid up in the hospital
>Occurs during, obviously, a stressful time in our lives
>Get to shower and keep worrying about my mom, who is my only blood parent left to boot
>Girlfriend grabs me and cuddles me til I'm back down to Earth
>No respect was lost that day

Grug you have to leave the cave and find decent girls. If you only go by online dating then 90% of the users are serial rejects

yea I'm too much of a pussy to talk to girls in real life so I only really talk to girls from /soc/ and I think it's starting to take a toll on my mental health

also every time I talk bout being lonely online looking for some kinda reassurance or validation I get dogpiled by girls calling me a disgusting creep, incel etc... really getting me quite suicidal not to depart from the thread topic.

sounds like youre in love with your friend, do you have a bf or why aren't you together?
Just speak to him about these problems and see how he takes it, if he's a great friend he'll adapt for you.

What country are you from OP