How can I get over job search depression? I've been unemployed for over a year. I have a bachelor's degree...

How can I get over job search depression? I've been unemployed for over a year. I have a bachelor's degree, relevant internship experience, semi-related job experience of over 4 years. I get interviews, even get to in person and second stage, but don't get hired. I am becoming very depressed. My self esteem is so low I feel defeated and angry when I do job applications. I feel like it's pointless since nobody will ever hire me anyways. I don't know what to do anymore. I think about suicide a lot. I hate myself. I just want to work

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same. op. you are not alone

just bee yourself

Thanks. I've tried making myself a schedule to balance working on my resume/job researching/actually applying to jobs with a customized cover letter and resume/using recruitment services/one click applying on Indeed and other job sites. Nothing really helps. I thought I had a promising lead a couple weeks ago and really got my hopes up but they just rejected me. I really connected with the hiring manager, too, I thought.. I was overqualified. It's bullshit.
I feel like I am never going to be able to break into my field (HR). I am even applying for data entry and basic clerk/assistant type jobs and I get no bites. I am applying for hr internship/hr assistant/hr coordinator/recruiter/and other entry-level roles but same results. I know that I am an awkward woman but I try my best to be friendly and I know my shit, I research the companies and practice my answers, I'm a fucking HR grad I KNOW what they want to hear.. but I think I'm too spergy and not connected enough to break in.
Should I consider getting more education or a cert or trying to join a professional organization? I don't have social media aside from job search profiles atm because of personal issues but at this point I am getting desperate

It has gotten to the point where I think they can smell my desperation, too, so it's an endless cycle that will get worse. I am embarrassed to be unemployed for so long. Wendy's rejected me the other day, fucking WENDY'S guys. I am embarrassed to talk to my parents or my lil bros and have no friends and just feel useless. I feel like there is something wrong with me for no one to want me at all

Pick yourself up again and don't give up yet, never. You know yourself and you know your shit. Keep going, keep applying. You'll be fine.

I never want to work again. I'm thinking of getting on disability if I can. I do have serious problems holding down jobs but also the thought of working makes me suicidal

I understand your feels bro. Here’s some advice: they CAN smell desperation. I was interviewing for a year, and it was only when I started going to interviews with a “well, i won’t get this job but fuck it, might as well have a pleasant conversation”, that they started sending me offers. It’s hard, but you’re going to have to hide your self-esteem issues in there and act like it’s your time they’re wasting. Trust me.

This nigga gets it. But its hard to fend for yourself from what i hear, you don't get much money at all.

This too.

>the virgin desperate-for-employment white collar graduate
>the chad perpetually employed blue collar dropout

How many temp agencies have you called, OP?

this. you trying to tell us that as smart as you are, you ain't reached out to a single temp agency yet?

Yeah, but luckily my mom let's me live with her. If I give some gibs to her for rent, I'm sure it won't be a problem. Or if she kicks me out, I'll just be homeless. As simple as that

Most people who go too long without finding a job usually go back to school and get a grad degree.

I said in my second post I've used recruitment services but it was in the wall-o-text, easy to miss. I've used 6, including the one my bf used to get his past and current job. His work rejected me and these employment services couldn't help me. They send me job alerts for positions I am underqualified for like being the director of an entire hr department or being a benefits coordinator+personal assistant, and they arrange interviews that I inevitably fail because I'm not a good fit. When I try and tell them I want entry-level hr or clerical/data entry jobs they don't seem to be able to match me with anything that isn't just a secretary position (not fucking interested in that).

I'm currently doing an internship in HR in a hospital. Why would anyone actually want to work in HR? Its god awful. I only took this internship because I couldn't get anything better. I'm studying Business and IT and wanted a more IT focused internship but couldn't get one.

You think I wanted to be in HR? I transferred to college from cc and it was the fasted route to graduation and I thought I could get a comfy office job. Thought the degree could be flexible too, it is a bachelor of science after all. I was so fucking wrong. I minored in training and development and even have an entire portfolio but I never get to show it to anybody because I never get to the second interview. Seems all internships are for students anyhow, a lot of apps won't let me even submit since I graduated in 2017

>bachelor of science
in HR? thats a bit unusual.

Yup, Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Development with a minor in Training and Development, had to complete an internship/project and design multiple training courses. It feels useless with every day I'm unemployed, though, I have no idea how to utilize it.

I'm basically in the same boat. I don't have any internships or anything though. I thought I wanted to do grad school, but changed my mind. It sucks.

Don't give up OP. I was in a really tough position not that long ago. I had a comfy, high paying job - then one day I went in and told that I was being laid off.

Took a serious toll on me and had to rely on my gf for a while.

I then started applying with very personalized outreach and stellar cover letters. I then started looking overseas (I'm American but now working in Switzerland). I have my literal dream job. BUT just a few months ago I was down in the dumps, being very hard on myself. The thing is you have to push through it as hard as you can because recruiters can smell your desperation on you.

How do I get dream job?

Kind of in the same boat, though I just learnt some creative job and feel like all the programs I learnt about are already outdated again.
I don't know how much longer I can take this, the whole process of applying to jobs and travelling hours to interviews has me pretty much traumatized.

I really consider doing this, I already got diagnosed with depression and BPD and all that shit.

>“well, i won’t get this job but fuck it, might as well have a pleasant conversation”
So much this. I went to my interview with that very attitude and bam, I've got a job now. Really wasn't expecting being hired.

Can I fake excellent communication skills?

Yo I have a friend who has the same story. She's got like 3 degrees in her field and the best she's gotten is a horrible entry-level job that underpays just under poverty line. She works hard and did everything right by the books. The market is bad right now. You can only persevere, and if you are doing so, there's nothing wrong with you.

What fiels is it?e have?

Same as . HR and data management, something like that

Was there always a big demand for that field? It seems to me like one of those pointless degrees.

The worst part about this job market is listening to my Dad is hopped up on CNN and Washington Post telling him that the job market is great and anyone can find a job and unemployment has been low for like 6 years and blah blah blah, so he gets to sit at his comfy boomer job and do nothing all day for like 60K a year while I'm stuck at Walmart for the rest of my life.

I can't say since it's not my industry, but I always did assume there was a demand for it since every company and their elderly mother has an HR team. I work in tech and even here we see insane competition for jobs, it's regular seeing skilled people lose out on an opening just by sheer fact that there's one job for ten equally qualified people. The stories I could tell you man.

So no surprise to me that non STEM industries are worse. There are some blue collar-ish gems like technician jobs that make bank right now because we have so many white collar grads.

I was thinking about going to trade school but I only have 25K left and I have a 15K loan to pay back.

I'm just an user on Jow Forums but if that's your route, look into technical jobs. Lab techs, dental techs, med techs... big shortage of them. (I'm not sure if trade school = technician school, so check on that)

I know dental techs making more than the dentists that hired them because no one's in school to be a dental technician, and all the experienced ones can't find enough interns to pass their work down to.