Are you not worried that you’re not living an exciting adventurous life which you could have?

Are you not worried that you’re not living an exciting adventurous life which you could have?
My ex was a modern hippie who studied in a drama school, minus the liberal angle. She hitchhiked, went into the wilderness, took part in rituals under the stars, befriended bikers, bankers and celebrities, never had a dull moment. She didn’t go looking for any sugar daddies to marry and have kids with, nor did she ever settle for a mundane job. She’s enjoying her life and doesn’t have any hang ups, and it makes me sad about my normie life, and everybody else’s for that matter. We could be doing so much more and experiencing life to the fullest, yet we live day after day in the cities in a boring, predictable way. Why aren’t there more people like her?
I mean, I’m writing this post right now instead of living the life I want.

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Yeah, sometimes. I've got a few years left in me and no motivation to stick with anything. I'll drift into something interesting eventually. I can easily see myself in a few years being a wandering bum

...Ive gotten super sick of too much of adventures

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Never really was interested in any adventures.
I'm not the social type and I'm not really the independant type
Maybe I did miss on those but I doubt I would have liked it
I wanted to be a boyscout when I was still young but my dad didn't let me
Maybe I would have grown up differently, maybe not, who could say ?

How does she make money?

It certainly is an adventure to take that much dick all across the country.

I love sitting in front of my assigned PC
I love sitting there doing something, contributing to something bigger than I am
I love sitting there 9-5; doing my tasks with utmost efficiency and accuracy
I love getting up in the morning looking forward to sit there and do my thing and go back to the comfort of my home
I love my apartment; the roof, the floors, my bed, my kitchen, my fridge filled with foods that I love to eat, my tv, my books
I love pay day, I love getting that bread - a certificate of my service
I love my life, my family, sending e-mails to them, visiting them on my days off, cooking for them whenever they come over
I find beauty and calmness in doing my laundry, washing the dishes, cleaning the house - little annoying things, they are the very thread of life

I guess it's different for each one of us. Your ex is living an adventurous life, yes but I'm living my own adventure and you should live yours too. :)

Love that point that you make here.
And I somehow agree to it, we get washed into beliving that an adventure, traveling and risk are good. That living at your one area and doing everyday things like every other person is somehow bad. But what if these feelings you have are just the ones that make your comfortable in your own skin so you dont have to face the truth? What if there is something inside of you that you dont let out because of fear of loss of any kind, or worse death?
When should we let go of the ideas of others and when do we know what we truly want? Is your urge strong enough to give up a secure home for a living on the street or in a different part of the world?

I dont know.

>But what if these feelings you have are just the ones that make your comfortable in your own skin so you dont have to face the truth?
Yes, these feelings are the ones that make me comfortable in my own skin. I love it and I own it. Making a decent living through a decent job is my way to go. The fact that I can afford to go on adventure because I have the means to do so but chose not to - But I can whenever.
>something inside of you that you dont let out because of fear of loss of any kind, or worse death?
There's none
>let go of the ideas of others and when do we know what we truly want
I chose to live a decent, simple, sustainable life, it's my choice and again I love it! I've been dreaming of this moment where I am independent, still young and loving the opportunities! This is what I want. Adventure is out there and ofc I can do it.
>urge strong enough to give up a secure home for a living on the street or in a different part of the world?
I can go on a vacation for weeks. :) And no I don't have that urge. I just enjoy my time and plan my trips carefully.

Life isn't always a party, at least for me.

Thats very reasonable if you can say it like that.

Yes, I felt that way when I was 20, and then I did something about it.

I'm not sure what you're asking. The solution isn't hard.

Is it an urge to do something? Or just a feeling of envy that you too should be doing something?

Yea, but I'm even more worried about having to hold down a job past my 40s. So, I'm just trying to get rich as fast as possible and then give society the huge middle-finger.

What did you do?
Honestly, probably more of the latter, but I understand that this feeling of envy would go away if I found something simillar for myself.

Quit my fulltime, wellpaying job of 2 years. Sold everything I owned, car, motorcycle, and abandoned my apartment. Traveled the USA with a backpack staying at hostels for the first time in my life. Then took a one-way ticket to the UK and lived there for 6 month. Then traveled Europe.

My life turned into an adventure from that point onward, until hopefully this year, as I'm finally trying to settle down.

Hell no, I am living a kind of adventurous life. I work as an EMT and am trying to ambitiously pursue of my dream of being a flight medic after I do some international humanitarian work. I go hunting, skydiving, I play interesting video games, I do boxing, running, hiking, and I live day to day working an intense but meaningful job. Nothing I do is mundane. Currently trying to re-learn Spanish and training to run a sub 6 minute mile.

Life is as interesting as you make it my dudes.

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But you know that stuff your girlfriend did was actually super cheap. Like I dated a girl who hitchhiked around the entire island of iceland over a span of 10 days, with a budget of 230 euros.

I knew a girl who went to Croatia for a huge festival from France with no money, nor plan. And made it there, and back just fine.

And another girl I dated, who's Polish, hiked the Tatra mountains for weeks mostly alone (her friend left after the first week). She hiked 500km. Camped for free obviously and ate cheap food.

As far as meeting cool people, there's nothing stopping you. I met a small french celebrity (Monsieur Pulpe) just a few weeks ago. I had a chance to catch a drink with him and his friend but I didn't feel in the mood. Never even crossed my mind to try and be friends with him, but looking back maybe I'll try it next time.

And rituals under the stars. While I've never done this, I know a clique of people in Poland who did stuff like this. They were huge communists. They all shared a massive apartment and lived together cheaply. They joined communist groups, philosophy groups and events, and partied. You could bump into them in a hipster bar too.

So yeah this stuff is not only cheap or free, but actually super easy. Just got to get out there and do what you want.

My life has been pretty adventurous as it is. I've partied hard, been homeless twice, been in fights, been to concerts, been to all night raves, been to jail. Worked innawoods, worked in contstruction, worked in an office. I've been to Neopagan rituals and done psychadelics. I'll get a Harley when I can afford it, being a biker might be fun. 29 years old btw.

I wish I had chosen a more adventurous career though. I learned about being a Merchant Marine when I was already too old to attend the academy, but if I was younger that's where I'd be headed, no doubt.

Society naturally programs desires and goals into people's lives. It tries to obviously and subtly define what makes someone a success or failure. Your ex just saw through that and felt that the experiences to be had in the world in an independent and more adventurous fashion could hold a more meaningful way to live.

Modern comforts that require income to hold onto tend to be hard for people to let go of when they acquire them. That doesn't make them bad of course, but what counts as fulfilling changes from person to person and time to time. A part of me continues to feel as if my retirement will be something like the Vanaprastha (forest dweller). I'll just give up my possessions and build a hut somewhere in a forest and never return to society.

I do shit on the weekends when most people are either sleeping or sitting around getting drunk. The money from my job affords me the gear and ability to sustain this. It's no 24x7 adventure, but it's good enough.

>I love being a wageslave lemming wasting my life in front of a computer for a soulless corporation ever day to buy my boss a second yacht while I live in a small shithole apartment in a dirty, overcrowded city full of neurotic strangers like a rat in a cage and need to pump myself with a stimulant every morning just to drag myself out of bed and go to work like a good little drone while all my passion, creativity, youth, and vigor are ground to dust by the brutal millstone of corporatocracy
No offense, but I don't believe you.

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Not him, but that's a lot of projection user. Some people are perfectly happy to work and hold modern responsibilities in society.

There people who are perfectly happy with that kind of life and I applaud them for that. What works for you doesn't apply to the other so let them do their thing.
Imagine if everyone in this society chose to lead a hedonistic lifestyle. What now?

What bothers me even more than being stuck in a job like that is seeing all my co-workers who are 110% content with their pathetic lives. I'm not jealous, it just makes my blood boil to see people so eager to be drones. There's always those fucking faggots at every job, who live the same exact day every day like clockwork and LIKE it.

I know i shouldn't give a fuck about other people's lives but seeing this makes me sick. I want to change and be better than those faggots.

desu that sounds pretty meh to me

And how would changing make you better than them? For almost all of recorded history, everyone's daily life has been pretty much the same. Get up, eat, work, sleep.

You're not some grade A philosopher for recognizing this. If you hate your life then fine, hate it, but don't get pissed at people who have recognized the absurdity of their situation and chosen to be happy anyway.

Seething wageslave. Some people actually want to live and experience life, you know.

For most of recorded history, people worked to maintain their life. They farmed, built their own shelters, hunted and cooked their own food. All work was necessary in staying alive and growing as a community. It was NOT the same few monotonous tasks repeated day in and day out that wage cucks do to keep the gears turning in the Jew's money machine.