Brother casually brings up suicidal thoughts

>brother casually brings up suicidal thoughts
>i tell him i won't be able to deal with being a former alcoholic if he does that and he'd kill us both if he ever did that
was that supportive, manipulative or the right thing to say at all?

he's stuck not able to get a job or gf at the moment and has massive depressive streaks that i can't even help him with because they're all internalized in him.

he's seeing a therapist but will i really come home to see him dead some day? how do i stop it?

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Lmfao you managed to turn him reaching out to "oh woe is me if you did that." You know how stupid that is jackass?

>Lmfao you managed to turn him reaching out to
he didn't at all

i've been trying to help him for years and if he hates himself that much maybe he'd hate me less

i'm out of anything to even do faggot this was desperation. i've tried a billion other fucking things

>my feelings matter more than yours
Typical NPC course of action. Good job, op, you followed your programming well. That you have second thoughts, however, is not good. We're going to have to have you come in and get that shred of empathy removed.

NPC is just "sheeple" with a facelift.

>We're going to have to have you come in and get that shred of empathy removed.
what're the exact fucking things to say in this situation? i want him to not kill himself you fucking idiot but he ignores everything i try to say

He needs professional help then. What you did is still stupid but he needs a doctor.

You say, "I'm here for you and will support whatever decision you make, regardless of my own feelings"

he's supposedly getting it
no medication of any kind though, would that help him?

>I'm here for you and will support whatever decision you make
like hang himself like i just learned he bought a rope to do 2 months ago?

Yes, unironically. He obviously Is hopeless. Why expect a dog with every leg broken to walk? Unless you plan on living for him, I see no reason to expect him yo continue living for your comfort.

should you really be on an advice board?

>he's not telling me what I want to hear
Shockingly, the world doesn't revolve around you or your feelings.

hope nobody talks you out of it

Cool, cool, very cool. Still not addressing the problem I pointed out; that your comfort matters than your brother's. Sorry I'm not in the Cult of Absolute Selfishness like you

i've tried to help him get happy
there's no energy left so we're talking in ultimatums

Let him die if he wants. That's what I'm saying.

He has the right to do what he wants with his life regardless of your feelings on the matter.

glad you can rationalize it but i love him.

We get that, my man. But I don't see how keeping a person, that is barely alive as is, around in the corner is a mark of love. His life is probably tortured, and not because he simply failed to be successful. You have to understand that some people's minds work differently and that he may simply view death as liberation from a den of terrors. It's hard to understand, but I cannot recommend making him feel worse by inflicting your own feelings on his (which are obviously a heavy burden by themselves).