Best way for a shy 19 years old college fuck to get a girlfriend...

Best way for a shy 19 years old college fuck to get a girlfriend ? I don't want to go on tinder because most of them are sluts, I want ideally a shy reserved girl

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>Find a cute girl in class who sits alone
>Sit right next to her

Tfw when I found ideally a shy reserved girl on tinder and fell in love with her

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Can't do that bro I am a giant pussy

Stay at home and keep wishing to yourself REALLY hard "I want a gf, I want a gf..."

>he thinks shy reserved girls can't be sluts
>he thinks outgoing girls are sluts

Then I guess you better get used to fucking yourself.

Already the case...
You're not wrong, but putting pictures of you boobies etc on app isn't just "outgoing"

Why do you hate sex so much? It's preventing you from getting a gf. Girls are horny and want to fuck, you know.

I don't hate sex, I just feel like it's dirty sweeping a vagina after 10 dudes already fucked it or god knows what they have done to it

You need to stop going on Jow Forums. Their mentality is toxic. They've turned you into a virgin chaser sperg.

>girls are horny

Found the virgin.

Girls have significantly lower testosterone levels, hence lower sex drive than men, you are a fucking retard If you think girls want to fuck all the time like you

Do you have any source for this claim? Your incel echo chamber memes do not count.

I don't go on r9k, I have been like that since my childhood, I don't want a whore as a gf
Here you go, retard. Have you never heard that women masturbate way less than men?

I can be your girlfriend, where are you from? ;)

>I have been like that since my childhood
Exactly. You're no longer a child. Time to grow up.

It's another "incel posts link to a study he didn't read which actually disproves his point" episode.

>has also never heard that low testosterone men have low sex drive
I know you are trolling at this point, but here's your (You)

>hurr no u trolling
Your link clearly states the apparent (not proven) difference in male and female sex drives is not due to testosterone. You clearly didn't read the link.

all but the most outgoing girls are as or even more anxious than you are