Someone tell me how to live life!!

Someone tell me how to live life!!

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This is the objective truth.

Look into more eyes than screens
Read more books than status updates

any more?
what should i do in the downtime?

Do what you love

and what if i cant decide what i want to do because i love so many things?

Keep your priorities straight

what does that actually mean?

What if those eyes aren't very interested in looking at you?

Then come feel with me

Realize "happiness" is a meme. Nobody's happy all the time.
Realize your dear ones value their comfort more than what's best for you.
Realize "love" is a meme, though sadly impossible to avoid.
Realize work is valued too much, but if you need money you'll have to do some.
Improve your diet and your sleep.
Read books and clean your place.

That's the basic, stop-being-a-doormat stuff.

Why not extend that to just about everything? Books are a meme, diet and sleep are memes. Life is a meme?

You actually can. Living life is ultimately the memeiest of choices, I just pointed out what to do if you want to pursue it.

Existentialism 101 mate

So happiness, love and work aren't worth pursuing?

Life is meme

Or are you implying that all of the above will come if you read books and sleep 8 hours a night? That would be the memeiest of memes.

By "is a meme" I meant people like to use these concepts without really analyzing whether it makes sense. They use them to justify poor habits, failing relationships and harmful choices. Doesn't mean love, happiness and job satisfaction are not worth pursuing, it means it's wise to realize they're limited.
About reading books, sleeping and eating right: these are about keeping your mind sharp and your body healthy. They aren't fundamental to the ideas above, I was just listing things.

This. Everything is inherently meaningless by itself, so people have to put the work into what they find important and worthwhile themselves.

>just do what you like just like papa nietzsche LOL!

Nietzsche is an example, but I usually think of Jean Paul Sartre and Kierkegaard. Also what's wrong with chasing after what you enjoy? It should stated that what you enjoy will change, but that's natural for humans to do.