What's the harshest truth you've ever learned?

What's the harshest truth you've ever learned?

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Parents don't necessarily love you

Love does not beat crazy. EVER.

women do not have the capacity to care. all they have in mind is a destination and if you're not it you will be very easily forgotten.

This must be the dumbest thing I’ve seen today...
care to explain?

Based and redpilled. All the girlfriends I had in my life turned their backs on me as soon as they realized I wasn’t going to be their husbands.

Being intelligent, but uneducated is a date worse than death in modernity. I can get women in bed, but because I don't have a degree and only attract career women, they never want to pursue anything beyond riding my dick.

Seriously contemplating going back to school at 26 just so I can get married to a woman who is family-oriented like me, but I'll basically be sacrifing the last few years of my 20's going to school. Literally just want to die.

it's that simple. the average woman is afforded a social currency men must work to attain and women use men to climb a social ladder while men use career and hobbies to climb the social ladder. career women still do it, you think they date down? everything is a stepping stone to women. they are cutthroat.

Translation: I am shit and women do not want me. This is why they are at fault, not me.

Just knock up the one you like the best, idiot.

not the case, I'm with someone right now but she's not the first and won't be the last. feel free to assume otherwise if you want though. I'm just saying women do not love.

>All the girlfriends I had in my life
You realize women are estimated to be approximately 3,710,295,643 in the whole world right? How are you so sure to talk about women in general based on your poor taste or 0 to no luck with em’

>they never want to pursue anything beyond riding my dick.
Not only girls but dudes don’t want to get married, not anymore or not like our parents or grandparents. Society is moving beyond a structural family based society

Sorry but your Opinions are not the truth...

People generally dislike honesty.

If you feel that something is not ok with your body then don't allow some arrogant doctor, who believes that people who haven't been studying medicine are stupid, to dismiss you.

>But your Opinions aren't truth
Your post is likely the dumbest thing I'll read today. Thank you.

Society will never move past the family unit because its deeply rooted in physiology, and anything deviating from this is symptomatic of a troubled society at its foundation.

you dont need a gf.
all my life i thought a relationship was the highest goal. somebody whos not related to you wants to move in with you and you care for eachother
thats not needed however. its just a ploy my Testosteron keeps playing on me
im so much more happy single and working on my Job/hobbies
im my own GF check mate Balls!

And still not only in the US but all over the world younger generations aren’t interested in marrige, not as others in the past, we are having kids yes, but not bounding ourselves to one significant other, in any case it wouldn’t only be girls but a whole generation who isn’t capable of loving ...

these are facts not like your “I’ve had x number of girls and every time I propose they keep saying no” “something must be wrong with them”

Everything does, rots or otherwise fades into nothing.

I've learned a harder truth. The people who dislike honesty are not worth your time

It's a fairly reasonable take. Women can be loved by men regardless of whether they're shit or not. The opposite is not true.

Love is an illusion for men based on their ego and dick. How stupid and selfish you all are. Your tiny dicked rich brothers are ruining the planet in order to try to save themselves alone. Why are you on here complaining about not getting any instead of saving your home so you'll actually have a chance? No planet, no sex.

t. ex prostitute

Why should it? Men are supposed to be competitive and ambitious , if you're doing nothing with your life then what are you?

>t. ex prostitute


>t. ex prostitute
Opinion status: totally discredited. Have fun with your dad

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This thread is for harsh truths. I didn't say it shouldn't be. If anything men should try to be a bit less thirsty and have some standards.

>Society will never move past the family unit because its deeply rooted in physiology, and anything deviating from this is symptomatic of a troubled society at its foundation.

Except the 'family' is a more recent idea. For most of humankind's existence, we've lived in small communities where things like childcare have been shared. These were not 'families' but small 'communities'

For a long time, humans didn't know how babies were made. The link between sex and pregnancy was not established for a long time- babies just miraculously came from women. That means: there were no fathers and certainly no nuclear families.

Saying that 'the family' is important because it is deeply rooted in us, is like saying that cars or hamburgers are deeply rooted in us. Humans are fiercely adaptable; you're just upset because we don't live in the 50s anymore.

(In a society before proper language, people are going to be openly fucking different people with no concept of monogamy. 'Virgin' doesn't really exist because people just start having sex when they feel like it- it did take humans a long time to work out that pregnancy was caused by one man and one women having sex

People like it when you’re mean to them. Once I started acting like a dick to people I got friends, invited to parties, a gf, etc...
I don’t know why it’s like this but it is

Love isn’t real

Most men have no internal self analysis and no empathy

People like confidence user, you don't necessarily need to be a "dick" about it though.

You want the truth!?

Human kind is doomed, And low fitted people should die, ugly, mental problems, physical issues, alongside with the incapable of finding a relationship or legacy should be moved together so they can’t be with the fittest, make a better race not the special cornflakes we see in Jow Forums

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Yeah, sure, I’m the only one who thinks this way.

Continuing, we are rising these people to be role models when in actuality they’re holding us back, all this movements, campaigns and shitty empathy towards them is making us soft.

Every relationship you'll have with anyone in life, would it be your family, your coworker, your lover, name it, will just be made of compromises.
I mean you'll have to make compromises on your expectations and put up with anyone's bullshit at some level if you want to have any of said relationships.
I used to make ZERO compromises because I used to think "there's plenty of fish in the sea, you'll find the right people with the right "mindset" just for you", and I found myself between 20 to 24 living by myself without any friend, any job, and barely any contact with my family.
Then I started making compromises, little by little, but it was -kind of- too late. Now I'm 26, I started speaking to my father two years ago, same with my grand parents, I had a couple of GF along the way, and I started internship studies (half work half studies) to try and fill the gap, but lost time is lost and I'm fucked up for life.

Fucking this. Get some fucking self respect. Stop being sheep and following trends and social norms. Women run shit because we let them. And we have the nerve to cry about it. It's time for change

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Anything you do in the world doesnt matter in the end. Live your life like you wanna live it. Even if Earth disappeared the universe wouldnt care.

Life is going to be harder because I’m short.

My gender should be obvious.

Nothing matters, either you love or not you will all die poor drunk and alone

Honestly it's that I'm probably good enough. But my insecurities and anxiety tricks me into thinking otherwise.

women can take back consent after the fact

>Life sucks and stinks

>No matters your works, upbringing or social position it will suck
>Luck is the only decinding factor in wether or not your life will suck

>Bad people aren't more miserable than you
>What goes around doesn't comes around

>The truth doesn't exist
>There is no right choice

>Better hope that death is not the end otherwise everything you'll ever done will be meaningless and erased from existence together with your consciousness

Embrace the black pill

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girls are stupid lol

And still we control men... let that sink

not really

How 2 into confidence without being a dick?

look up

you're healthy I suppose
you have a purpose (OR EVEN BETTER are yet to find one (this part's more fun))

find out what's next to do

>may come with jealous weakling pests as a side effect

Okay. I'll bite.

>For a long time, humans didn't know how babies were made
Undoubtedly false. Reproduction is instinctual in its very nature, and many species has developed ways of identifying who their offspring is based of sensory information. Not knowing the exact model does not invalidate knowledge of the method. So many virgin birth myths circle around a mystical father and a mother known to not have had sex just shows how prevalent this idea was, even as we were developing written language as a species.

Like this entire post is based entirely on the rickety presupposition that humans are clueless and didn't know sex equaled offspring. Like, no. Are you stupid? Most ape species have this figured out just based on how they structure their proto-societies.

You can't fix stupid.

This is probably one of the worst ones to realize.
Also, once you lose your innocence you will never get it back.

An upside to this whole thread is, that while all of this stuff is horrible and true, people are equipped to deal with all of it and then some.
Some even turn them into positive experiences, or find a way to use evil things towards a good purpose.

My child will not be as great as I. And that's not even saying a lot.

Thanks user

Nobody really cares. Not about my actual problems, and therefore not really about me. Nobody really wants to be there for me if you're sad, and if I'm sad for too long they'll start to ignore me. They want happy people in their lives because happy, confident people are easy to be around. I can't rely on or trust anyone, for anything really.

I don't know if this is true for anyone else, but it's been absolutely true for me since I was alive. I'm still struggling to accept it for some reason.

Life is meaningless in all possible ways and everyday reality is built upon imaginary, subjective constructs

Looks play a major role in how attractive other people find you, just not in the way you think. Many of the things regarding looks are out of your control. If she doesn't like your face, and your hairline is receding, you can forget about making her like you no matter how in shape you are. The only thing hurting your chances that's within your control is if you're incredibly out of shape. If you aren't, and you look at least average, your looks are not the "problem"

But that's just it. If you aren't good looking to her, your foot is not in the door, period. That whole bit about "women knowing within the first five seconds if they want to sleep with you" is true because it has to do with your looks. If she likes tall guys with light skin and dark hair and eyes and you're short and have blue eyes she's not going to want to fuck you, and she's not going to want to be in a relationship with you. The people who say it's about personality are kidding themselves. That matters only after she's gotten to know you, and unless you've got serious problems, that's not going to be a dealbreaker either.

tl;dr look like her dad or favorite celebrity, and you're in. Just b urself, bro.

Here's my harsh truth

The kind of person that can become wealthy is not the same kind of person that can enjoy it.

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One more signal of Western society collapsing.

Can confirm. It's quite ironic isn't it, considering all the 'happy poor people'

You don't matter

Women date up
Men date down
And this is a good thing.

>a good thing

You will win in life if you make your focus being feared instead of being liked.

t. machiavelli

that Jow Forums is a terrible place to ask for advice

That liberals project all the bad things about themselves onto conservatives. Liberals are racist, intolerant, and ignorant. But they always call conservatives these things

"Son there is no reward for doing things the hard way"

The quality of your life is completely dependent of genetics and the environment you were born into

Also no one likes sarcasm

I'm still not ready to accept this

The world runs on looks, if you don't look attractive then you lose out on ALOT of things in life, not just love and relationships.

I have nothing to offer a woman.

Ok senator armstrong

The differences between men and women. It certainly placed things in perspective for me and gave me a better idea. I hate it, but only because it's an expectation that has been fed to me for 18 years and now I have better understanding for 3 years afterwards. I feel no rage, just disappointment and relief that things are simpler than what I originally thought.

Because is probably a girl with nothing to offer who is ok getting a free ride in life

The Redpill about hypergamy.
Rational male by rollo tomassi is required reading for young men imo

There are no words

That my crush is always damaged. I've never fallen hard for a "normal" girl. Always ones with horribly fucked up stories.

Hercules complex, you feel like you want to help them but tbqh you won't be able to help someone who makes their problems their safety net.

Basically if someone introduces themselves as being 'fucked up' for reasons X, Y and Z, then no matter what you do being 'fucked up' will always be an excuse for everything.

No matter how much a girl says she loves and cares for you, she will leave you in the blink of the eye, say it's your fault, project to everyone that she is in the right, say you never tried and be fucking another dude within the week

True love is real and reality is a matrix even if we’re not in a machine and there is no god.

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That we do have freedom but we're encouraged to not take advantage of it through fear. Dedicating your life to work to earn $70,000 to make someone else $270,000 isn't freedom.

We can make use of our freedom by not getting sucked into buying loads of pointless shit. Live lean, enjoy experience and die with memories.

You have to accept people as they come

because what you qualify as attractiveness is different than what women qualify as attractive

That it's pointless to try if you didn't 'make it' at the appropriate age.
Lack of social and romantic skills isn't something you can fix after 23.

I don't know about harshest, but they can't force you to pay back the loans if you don't work.

the lessons I've learned experiencing my relationships die painful deaths.

the time lost to depression was its own lesson learned with a heavy cost. The lesson being that we're alone in our internal struggles and depression, but it's a lesson I've really embraced and appreciated after seeing those who refuse to accept it. I'm much better off now.

Parents can also love you without ever actually liking you as a person.

Fells bad mang

educate yourself. I'm 32 and I consider myself intelligent but unskilled (raised by single, hateful mother and in poverty).

It's hard to bring yourself to it when you're worried about literally everything else in life (as intelligent people normally are) but find the time to educate yourself and you'll be thankful. Also, at my age, 26 is really young and brimming with possibilities. That's a good 6 years ahead of me I'd do anything to have to work toward my ideal career. Basically, don't be like me.

Aha whiplash quote.

>No matter how much a girl says she loves and cares for you, she will leave you in the blink of the eye, say it's your fault, project to everyone that she is in the right, say you never tried and be fucking another dude within the week

That hit a little bit too close to home

I’ve known a few that fit this description.

It literally doesn't matter what you do in life or if you're honorable. Never trust anyone too much and just live the life you want. Everyone around you is either doing that at any cost or living miserably and complaining about it. Everyone wants control of their life, and will seek control of others to make up for any control they otherwise lack.

Never try to please others more than yourself. It isn't selfish it is survival. We are just animals. You'll never make everyone happy, but trying to will make you miserable. People don't always have your best interest at heart, they are living for themselves too.

And a second one, disregard what bitter people say, their reality isn't yours.

What if I self-analize so much that I consciously abandon empathy?

Hello, me.

That there is no help.No,not even God will help you
You must face this cruel world alone.


You get what you give in this world, user. If you’re miserable and unpleasant to be around, then they’re less likely to want you vampiring their positivity.

So, here’s a hard pill to swallow for inward-obsessed narcissists: You are not your brother’s keeper and neither they, yours.

all i see is young niggas on instagram wit dem sticks i never post no gun but wen itz smoke i bet i send dem blitz......

Your achievements will never be as significant to anyone else as they are to you. Waiting for someone to acknowledge your successes will leave you disappointed, so don't bother.

Planning life is a waste of time, because nothing ever goes to plan. But if you don't look ahead and prepare somehow, you'll never get anywhere.

How you view yourself has ultimately little effect on how other people view you. People won't care about your preserved strenghts and they won't notice your weaknesses, as they mostly see what they want to see or what they expect to see.

Maybe they didn't want a fling. You admitted you were a dead end. They're not getting younger.