27 yo

>27 yo
>fall in love
>already in a 5year commited relationship with plain vanilla gf
>new girl is more fun
>gf is safe
I wish this never happened.

I kinda want to leave gf, but she has NO OTHER FRIEND, literally i'm the only one in her life... I'd leave her, but i pity her and would not wish this on someone who never hurt me.

Has anyone encountered a situation like this? What do, except live life with her just so she doesn't die.

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Any media I've ever consumed with a plot like this ends horribly for the guy
American Beauty (movie) - Spacey kills himself
Gone girl (book) - guys life is basically ruined
Catherine (game) - Vincent sorta dies but its whatever
School days (anime) - guy gets his head cut off
Don't do it user. The nut just isn't worth it.

A lot of us in our late 20s and 30s experience something like this, OP. You said it yourself, you’re in a committed relationship. Think about those words and distance yourself from the new girl.

Children and women seek out instant gratification. Men are raped by society. The only thing that a woman can’t take from you in court is your dignity, so don’t throw that away.

Op here from mobile.
So what is the moral i didnt see the movies.
Gotta clarify, im not married, just a gf of 5 years.

I dont see how i lose dignity. I just want happines and i want the old gf to be safe, but love the new one.

don't be nigger, stay faithful to your gf

I am, but i came here for help because my feelings wrecking me.
I know gf will be mine forever... but i want the other one, like a fucking child...

Oh well, both of you got into this mess. Ask yourself if a few months of fun with a chick who’ll get boring eventually, is better than keeping what’s been working. It’s always sex, people are so retarded. The grass isn’t greener you mongoloid.

How long have you known the new girl? Why do you think you love her? Is it possible that it's just shiny-object syndrome where you're just curious of something new?

OP I promise you if you leave someone who truly loves you for someone who is more "fun" you're gonna regret it for the rest of your life.

She has nobody else? You might as well be her husband then. She stands to lose more than I assume you do. But you never know what kind of secret guy friends are waiting like wolves to step in when you fuck up.

Now I want OP to do it, just because I’m an asshole.

It’s just my observation that couples who go 5+ years without some sort of actual commitment like children or marriage always think they can dip for a new, fun partner, but then always regret throwing away what they had when they do.

Do you fear commitment? You’re nearing 30. Put a baby in that burner already.

Having a kid will just ruin the relationship, if being not as important as you are now to her sounds like fun then go for it.

Only you know the answer, the thrill of a new person is very real, but can end very badly and regretful.

The most important one for both of you will be the child. That isn’t ruining a relationship, that’s creating a new one with your child and a new one as a family.

That's retarded advice.

How is this new girl more fun?

What makes your current gf safe and vanilla?

Did your gf have any friends before meeting you?

Do you have any other friends?

That's fucking dumb. Children are little people, not relationship glue. If anything they make relationships harder. Less sex. Less resources to go around, or goes towards child's future. Less time for yourself.

If anything doing somethings together with your spouse they love will help desk your bond again.

Fucking 4chain wont let me post from pc...

Anons, children are out of the q.

New gf like same music, likes to talk politics, likes memes is interested in movies and tv shows(like sci fi stuff and horror and good movies).
Old gf is safe cause i know i can trust her, i know she loves me, but she is SO DULL. She has no friends because she is too shy to keep a conversation or has NOTHING to add. She's not dumb at all, just ignorant.
Im afraid to leave her cause she might end up all alone forever, which would cause me to blame myself :'(.

She has 1 friend who she meets once every 3 months. I pushed her from behind to talk to this girl so she can have someone when im at work or shit.
I do have friends, i tried making her be friends with them, they like her. She doesnt talk all night, they try to talk to her.
She did have 1 other friend before we met, but they had a fight and thats that.

Best advice you're gonna fucking get: Jerk off to your girlfriend, right now. See how much you want to see the new girl after you've finished.

How the fuck are you 27 and don't understand greener grass?
How is it that all you people manage to get near 30 and yet learn absolutely dick all about the world?

OP are you me? I'm in a very similar situation as you. I live+work with my current gf of 5+ years and have pretty much fallen for a colleague of ours.

I also want to leave my current gf for this new exciting one but am unsure if it's the right decision. I will absolutely destroy my gfs life if I were to do this and I too couldn't forgive myself for it. But on the other hand I need to be happy as well.

You might have a great woman then, because all I’ve seen are single mothers backstabbing the dudes that loved them and want to live with their kids.
Why would I want to push someone down that fucking nightmare road?

Didn’t get hit enough growing up I think, that hate for athority and need for winning competitions is what makes someone learn how to survive.

Its an awful idea to leave the gf for someone else at work unless you both also plan on quitting the job.

This is desirable for me. Where are you at? Send her my way

You sound like you have a crush
It's normal as fuck
Give it 6 months if you're still head over heels for this new exciting girl dump your gf.

In these 6 months you should not cheat
You should try spending more time with your gf try heliping her to do stuff you would like if she did

Talk with her tell her you Met this person who is so different from your her that it have spiked an interest but you don't want to cheat or so

I've been with my bf for 6 years and both of us have crushes from time to time, we talk about it

He had a crush on a girl who was very quiet and shy opposite to me who like talk nonstop and talk with everyone

And I had a crush on this tall Guy who was like me talkative and fresh opposite to my bf who is very reserved and don't talk much

It doesnt Mean Any of us wants to cheat at all we just need to talk and realise why we suddenly feel attracted to another person

And in our case it was because se both needed to find ourselfes again we needed to remember who we were because we both kinda changed a little to fit eachother and when we got crushes the persons were more like we wanted to be ourselfes

So talk talk talk

>American Beauty (movie) - Spacey kills himself
No he fucking doesn't. That is not even close. Rewatch that movie