Did I over-pay her to sleep with her

I am 21, I don’t have problems getting laid but there was this hot girl who was 26 that I matched with on tinder. So she said she would have sex with me under the basis that I would pay her. Basically, I just paid a hot chick 60 dollars for her to let me bang her for 15 minutes, if that. It could have been 12 minutes!!!!! She was just really tight and I didn’t even use a condom. She has big breasts, think it was a boob job though, and Very tight down there. A pretty face. And I raw dogged her and came on her tits. Not even one hour.

Am I being selfish or did I over pay!?!!!!

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Reasonable price. Carry on.

Yeah, but the extra venereal diseases you probably got from her were free! Bonus!

Nah she said she’s never did it before

>Believing a literal whore
wew lad

> believing a girl who lets you pay her for sex about her virginity

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I know, right?! Hahaha!!

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You underpaid her you fucking pleb. That's like healthy groceries for one week and gas money.

Post chat screenshot

$60 for 15 minutes of her time is good money. Multiply that for all the other gullible suckers she's laying on her back for in a whole week - let's say an average of two to three a day (on the low end average as a whore can probably have way way more clients in a day.)

$60 for 15 minutes x 3 is $180 a day. Multiply that times 5 days a week = $900 week. Multiply that times 4 weeks in a month and she's pulling in about $3600 a month in cash monies.

That'll cover rent and utilities and plenty of "healthy" food. All for 15 little minutes of resting on her back. Not bad.

>$60 for 15 minutes of her time is good money
> $60 × 4 (4 15 minute quarters in an hour)= $240
> mfw she could make $240 if someone paid her for an hour

Sure as shit wish I was a woman sometimes so I could make $200+ an hour doing shit all but having a cunt

Lol wtf do women need money for though I'd just sit inside and do nothing like all women

Yeah, only that whole rape/murder/unwanted diseases or pregnancy kinda gets in the way of other plans.

you're life won't be very long without food or shelter, but hey, at least you got laid before you died.

Still cheaper than taking her out on a date just to have a slight chance to fuck her. Why are you complaining you retard

You'd easily spend that on the date or two needed to fuck her "legitimately", and no guarantee of payoff either. As long as you don't get the feels and just wanted sum fuk you did alright

Lmao just get married holy fuck women cannot be this stupid its like they want to live horrible lives as avatars of the whore of babylon.

>just get married

And what? Deal with someone on your level of man-childishness for the rest of my life? No thanks, I prefer death.

Yeah until you run into a guy you fucked for money in public lol

She should’ve charged you 200 for 15 minutes. But she charged you 60 because you’re 21 and broke as shit.

>I didn’t even use a condom
haha welcome to the club

Hooooly fuck if you weren't so undesirable maybe men of status would want to court you but I can't expect much from a woman in poor standing such as yourself, LOL, and for that reason, I'm out. Women are so D U M B they can't even bag a mid test omicron male like me

Already with someone, which is more than a neckbeard fag like you can say. Go to the gym. Maybe you'll pick up a rich bear.

Literally LAUGHING out loud right now at this vindictive harpy holy SHIT, can't spell EVIL without EVE dooming mankind to sin. LOOOOOL, good thing Jesus saved us or we would be in trouble my NIGGAS ahahahaha

>Post chat screenshot
What he said

You're a special kind of autistic.

Really putting the ROAST in roastie LMOA. Suck my BIG BLACK toe, white retard

nah, he's probably an aspie or has tourettes.

I knew a hot chick that had Tourette’s once

Hit enter too soon. I knew a hot chick with Tourette’s once but she could control it for The most part in public. But She says she does majority of her ticks in private.


I came here to literally say this
She should have charged you at least 200 or more