How do I get my boyfriend to read books?

How do I get my boyfriend to read books?

He won’t even read porn unless it has pictures.

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by breaking his ps4, pc, xbox and taking his smartphone away.

So basically you cant as long as he is addicted to electronics.

You can ask him tho if he would come to bed and read a book a few pages with you in bed, say 4 pages and try tonmake it a habit before sleep

Hahahah, good luck with that!

We unfortunately don’t live together yet, and he is pretty heavily into videogames.

I’m not sure what subject could interest him enough, if it’s nonfiction he’ll usually just say it’s too complicated and he probably wouldn’t get it.

Trying to lure him into reading my writings would probably be way unrealistic, even if it features scenes of steamy sauna sex.

"I date dummy man I wanna fix hurrrrrr I can just fix lol"

fuckin bitches dude. look for something they don't want and complain when it isn't what they want.

For the record, I am gay.

And if you think it’s hard to find a straight man who’s sane and loyal, I can assure you not reading is the least of flaws a gay guy can have.

I'm inclined to agree with . You chose the wrong boyfriend, OP.

There’s three single gay men in this town. One is an insufferable personality, one is a criminally insane drug addict that isn’t always sure he’s male, and the third hypothetically exists.

I’ll take a simple man over any of those.

same shit. you queers are fucked up as the ladies. you can't make a philosopher out of a philistine.

Good, then he doesn' thave to read more if he doesn't want.

Why do you want him to read? What does he do instead? Also what porn is he watching?

The only books women read are garbage anyways.

Not anything in particular, it’s just weird that he doesn’t read at all. Sometimes when I’m reading and find something interesting, he doesn’t get what’s so interesting about it because he doesn’t know enough about the subject.

He plays videogames. I look forward to whatever historical game he finds next because then he’ll astonishingly gain some kind of an understanding of that era in particular.

You can't make someone read if they don't want to, that's their decision. You shouldn't try to force or drastically coax him to. Just like you can't make a horse drink water, the horse will drink when it wants to. If you don't like it then live with it or leave. You can try to suggest him to read but don't get hurt if he says no, it's his story and not yours to write

You sound insufferable

She sounds like someone who doesn't want to spend the rest of her life with a person who has nothing to talk about.

Her boyfriend sounds insufferable. You sound like you got your feelings hurt because you know you're a brainlet like him. Brainlets get no sympathy, read a book nigger.

> If you don't read you're not smart
I haven't read a book in nearly 8 years and I'm smarter then you'll ever be.
There's lots of ways to become informed and cultured that don't involve reading books.
Furthermore reading dumb shit like Harry Potter for 8 hours doesn't make you any better than a manchild who plays Fortnight for 8 hours.

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Yeah but let's not pretend OP's bf understands >holy >roman >empire enough to laugh at it unless the Cup is on. A book or two would probably do him good.

What kind of video games? If any of them have decent books to go with them that would be a starting point. I played Witcher 3 and started devouring the books after not having read a single non-textbook for years

>qt gf gives me a nonfiction book about something I enjoy and care about
>"What is this, detention?"
>qt gf gives me dope reference material for a hobby of mine
>"Dope!" goes on my shelf looking distinguised af while i continue to source every fact i need and billions i don't on the internet
>qt hentai game has h-scenes hidden in the gallons of exposition I skip through

Books in principal are lame, reading books for the sake of reading books is like drawing or lifting weights. It's boring as all get out if you just don't like doing it.

I will say this tho my mom gave me a book called extraordinary chickens and i show that shit off and read excerpts to everyone who comes to my house got dang those chickens are extraordinary.