5'1" male

>5'1" male
Why should I live at all?

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Well why not?

Most below average height girls still being able to dwarf you is a bad thing only to plebians

Are you past your growth spurt? If so, then rip lol

So you can watch manlet Putin, make new commie empire

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I will be discriminated in getting a job and promotion. I will constantly be look down on. No one will want me romantically.
This guy knowsThat is blatantly untrue
He's 5'7" just at the cutoff

I guess, i thought he was like an actual midget, i am 5'8

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I know it's tempting to use your height to avoid responsibility, but man, everyone has stuff to deal with. Take yours and do as we all do, deal with it.

I can't just deal with it. I won't get anywhere because of my height. No one will live me because of my height. These are proven facts.

I feel for you, pal.
We are the same height.

>I can't just deal with it.

Why not? Why do you hate yourself? Don't say your height, you could still get shit done with your height. The fact that you have nothing to be proud of speaks of your work ethic, your drive, yourself respect.

Why don't you do something to be proud of?

This is all beside the purpose of this thread
That doesn't help much
Even if I do I'll be overlooked. Everyone is shallow

>Even if I do I'll be overlooked. Everyone is shallow

That's not self respect, work ethic, nor drive.

You admit you haven't done anything (you said "if"), and you assume it won't matter because you expect approval from other people to make it matter.

Do something for yourself. What would make you, not others, proud?

Things are more difficult for us, but we get more out of them. Just carrying groceries up the stairs for us is like an hour at the gym for a tall guy.

If you were tall, you'd be the same miserable self-pitying sack of shit. Get your head out of your ass already.

Just bee yourself OP.

I think if I were to do something well, like a creative endeavor (I've tried a lot: writing,music, game development) but still at the end of the day I'll always have failed at my biological goal and that is all that matters
No I won't moron. I could fall back on being a family man working a shitty job. This just shows your tall privilege

Dude just get tall lmao bro wtf?

>I think if I were to do something well, like a creative endeavor (I've tried a lot: writing,music, game development)

Why do you say you just "tried"? Why don't you call what you did a success?

You're so delusional lol

Well I never quite finish things. I have this habit of spontaneously working on several things at once and never finishing any of them

>Well I never quite finish things. I have this habit of spontaneously working on several things at once and never finishing any of them

THat hasn othing to do with your height, so I think we have something to work on that will help you out.

Next project, don't abandon it. Try doing something all the way to the end.

Still there is the issue of me being alone

That has nothing to do with you actually getting shit done, does it?

If you want to play the victim you can always find something to bitch about. As I said, we all deal with crap.

But you, yourself, picked a creative endeavor as something that would make you proud, and then admitted you have, so far, been to lazy to finish any sort of work.

So, make yourself proud by doing something creative, as you said. That's self respect, that's drive. Expecting something to validate you is not. Until you get some self love, no one else will love you.

Self love is bullshit just tell me I'm a genetic failure

Become a horse jockey
My dad is 5'2" and it made his life not suck
(Since you fags are going to ask, I'm 5'9")

My coworker is a manlet but has a personality far better than most guys I know. Just today he had two hot ass Korean girls come into our restaurant just to give him some chocolates. He told me that at 22 he realized he needed to get his shit together or he'll very likely die alone. The man is now a pro at shmoozing conversation.

Either you buck up and come out of your shell or you jerk it alone and feel sorry for yourself. No one here cares what you do.

pick up art, if you're good you'll be loved and respect by thousands of people who've never even seen you

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You are an idiot. Height matters to an extent. 5'1 for a guy is difficult.

You guys are weak. 5'1" and life's fine. No problem with love life and other guys- if you ever get picked on for your size it's because of your insecurity, not the topic. It's real pitiful seeing people get down about that, thinking that if they just had a few inches life would change. Nah... Of all the misfortune you can be born with, being a short guy is probably the easiest to ride with.

This sounds like lies
Prove your height

I'm happy to, but I don't think you'd believe me regardless of any proof. What would you like to know?

Your height prove it me measure yourself and take pics

Yeah but I could easily doctor that, be real. Ask me something that a short person would know. Like how finding the right shoe size is hilariously hard outside of clearance sales, and how bars'll card you everytime. Also pretty much no joint pain until you're old. I had no idea people above 6'0" started to get joint pain in their twenties until a friend brought it up.

That sucks man. I'm 5'4". It's rough out here, but you have to find stuff that makes life worth living. It does suck being automatically rejected by so many women. I'm so horny sometimes it feels like my head is going to explode.

Again, just try to make your life as great as you want it to be, and it'll lessen the pain of rejections

That's weird. My shoe size is 10 and it's pretty easy to find. What is your size? I don't drink, but I've never been carded at gun stores either (when buying ammo)

lol I'm a 6.5 in womens, I come up to your shoulder man.

It's weird because I have the opposite experience in that and with women compared to you. I've never been rejected, right now dating an ex model, we look absurd in public side by side. I wouldn't say I'm handsome so I really think it's other factors than that. Height isn't a barrier for girls.

that's awesome to hear. my pool of women I asked out isn't that big though, I definitely have to try more. thanks for the inspiration

Yeah of course. Get yourself out there!

Your lying

I'll let you fuck my butt if I can fuck your butt

That depends on a few things... If you are serious

Believe whatever you want user, doesn't change my life