Why am I beginning to empathise with school shooters?

Why am I beginning to empathise with school shooters?

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Schizophrenia is an open gate to the truth

Empathy makes you human. Hurting others makes you an evil human. To empathize doesn’t mean anything negative about you.

Because the ones who got shot weren't the real victims, unironically.

Is it with all school shooters, or just that one in particular?

Because you spent too much time on Jow Forums's worst boards.

I lived through a school shooting. Idiots with a gun don't care to ask you if you're a popular kid or you get picked on or eat lunch by yourself or whatever.

Ironically he isn't technically a school shooter. But I guess that's more of an umbrella term anyway considering how common mass shootings are in the states at least.

Poor choice of words. We can all acknowledge that school shooters had to endure a lot of pain and suffering in order to drive them to commit these acts of violence but empathizing with their decision to murder innocent people isn't a good thing. Elliot Rodger was a tortured individual but his actions were selfish and evil. So long as you can acknowledge both you're fine.

>Because the ones who got shot weren't the real victims
I'd love to hear your explanation for this one.

There's nothing to explain, Satan. Retribution is nothing but the righteous distribution of Justice.

He's being edgy. Obviously he means that the shooters have problems that they really didn't deserve and got passed by mental health treatment.

These are very alone, confused, angry people. With no one to guide them.

heh nevermind, he's just an idiot.


I was

>no one to guide them
You mean reprogram and bring up-to-date on the latest empathy software?

I think it's natural. A lot of them have very troubled backgrounds which makes it impossible not to sympathise with. We've all felt pissed at the world for our shitty situations. As long as you don't think they were justified in murdering you're ok

What if I unironically think the ends justified the means?

Seek help. Although I don't think you're guilty about it as you're humble bragging itt so you won't get help. Either that or you're baiting which I hope you are

Consider the possibility that if empathy software stops you from murdering dozens of innocent people then maybe it isn't such a bad thing.

It's not quite baiting since I do side with Elliott et al more than the people they shot, but I also don't glorify them per se.
This is where we disagree

>This is where we disagree
Its not a matter of disagreeing, its a matter of a difference in the quality of human beings you and I are. Were the people he killed great people? Maybe not, but they were not at all responsible for his mental illness nor were their lives an acceptable thing for him to take as revenge. The fact that you feel at all comfortable determining that random people you know nothing about deserved to die to pay for his suffering says everything I need to know about you as a human being. Although, chances are you're just an edgy 14 year old who thinks that romanticizing with a mentally ill spree killer is a cool thing to do.

What do you meaan by side with Elliott? Do you think he was justified in murdering those people?

Nope. I'm 22 and in college. I just empathize with my team, I guess. Luckily no one outright bullied me, and I was too stupid to see that they knowingly isolated me, or else I might have been on the news, too. However, I've grown to accept my isolation and don't hold it against anyone. I don't expect people to like me, but I'm not going to like the people who don't like me.

If I went to UCSB to be with this one girl we would both be dead right now for sure


You're not taking to op

Idk why you made the thread then if you've already resolved it. You seem to think of 'other people' in a overly simplified way that fits your own narrative. People are more complicated than that. I'd suggest thinking about how you're responsible for your isolation. Do it in a non-judgemental, objective way. The only people you should blame for purposefully rehecting you are your parents and siblings if you have them. That definitely effected your isolation more than anything else if they did neglect you.

Maybe you're a sociopath. You should talk to a doctor about that.

First of all, I'm not op. Secondly, I understand why I'm alone. I already said I don't blame people for not wanting to associate with me. My parents and siblings are all I have in terms of personal relationships.
The world really is "me" vs "everyone" but some of the "everyone" I can relate to a little more. Id probably be "friends" with elliot if we went to the same school and I wasn't so socially inept. Rejects associate with rejects or stay alone. I've taken the alone path but don't have the aggressive tendencies Elliott or the others did. Nor, like I said, do I blame anyone for not liking me.

Cause you're going insane

You lack the nutrients in your brain

Losing your ability to discern what is real.

Lost your sensibility so how you gonna deal?

Go to the doctor go to the doc doc doctor

Well that's good then. I'd suggest going to therapy though. I know it may seem hopeless integrating into society but what have you got to lose? You're already somewhat content with resigning to a loner life. I've seen people turn their lives around at 30 from similar positions.

Elliot Roger was shit, undeserving of human life, people like him brought the lives of suffering they endure upon themselves; they're selfish, cowardly, and impulsive.

Just by looking at this human maggot you can tell he's a self-entitled sociopath. If you truly emphasize with this fucked up individual, you're probably just as much a parasite as he was.

He was definitely a poor excuse for a human. People like that blame the world for their lack of confidence and inability to communicate with females.