Angry because I feel like I wasted 4 years of my life and upwards of 80k for NOTHING



>Go to college for industrial engineering
>Study hard as fuck and took summer classes every damn summer
>Work outside of classes in reputable roles such as engineering research assistant and network operations tech
>Get job after 6 months of straight searching
>nothing I learned in college is useful
>only skills I have are fucking excel
>I have fucking minuscule experience with 3d design and drafting because I picked meme engineering when I was 18
>Now my contract is up and I am back on the job hunt
>hated the old job, but I feel like my time is running out and I have to settle for this because I cant afford debt
>am 24 and pissed because idk what to do anymore because I am not elligble for engineering jobs even though I have a years experience
>also engineering is a bullshit title they put on most jobs that aren't engineering so the job hunt is hell and a half
>also most are looking for software engineers
>tfw I cant code, could fake being able to draft, and all I got is data sorting in excel.

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You can read and write retard

Chill the fuck out this winter and relax a little

make your resume later

Maybe ask TRUMP

sounds impressive

>make your resume later
already leagues a head of you there. I will black out shit and post it here. I am frustrated because no matter how much I do it seems worthless.

>sounds impressive
Thanks. but it doesnt matter to anyone else though. none of it gets me a job so what does it matter?

>You can read and write retard
So can just about anyone else who has gone through k-5

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I feel you OP
>Studying Economics
>Finish my degree in it, most employers want finance related statistical modelling
>This is only taught at masters level

For you, here's a few suggestions
>Intern at a lower level to get a years worth of experience, then apply for a job emphasising what you did at college but pretend you did it at work
>Not like full blown projects but highlight what you did and your response

>Go back into education to specialise

>Go abroad and be willing to learn a new language.

>Go back into education to specialise
was going to do this to become an aircraft mechanic, but I cant afford debt at 24. I cant even afford my apartment with my shit part time job man.

>Go abroad and be willing to learn a new language.
I know a little japanese, but not enough to move and work there. Not sure I'd even want to live there since even though I am italian japanese mix, I was raised in america and I probably would come off as more Honne then Tatemae to them.

attached is my resume with most company and school info blocked out. Maybe its my resume that isn't getting me a job?

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>finance related statistical modelling
Oh so industrial engineering...maybe I should take my job hunt to the finance world. I'd already be locked in a cube either way.

How can you not get an engineering job with that resume? What am I missing?

All STEM work markets are currently flooded way, way past the gills with labor. They've got people with all the qualifications they need to get the job backed up twelve deep for every scientist position, engineer position, everything in accounting or banking, the medical profession... pretty much any job that still offers a wage where you don't have to live like an animal. Hundreds of thousands of people (out of 323 million in the country, so still only a small percentage in the broad strokes) have been filtering out of colleges trying to get the 20,000 or so jobs, most of which are already taken by 50-60 year olds who would rather work another 20 years than give up the absurdly high pay and good benefits they've cribbed over the years and go retire. On top of that, you have to compete with businesses outsourcing to other countries, and international labor sourcing IN to the US looking for high paying opportunities and giving employers the ability to undercut your fancy degree and take the H1B visa for ten bucks less an hour. He'll be thrilled that he's making 5000% of what he would have made in India and won't bat an eye when the boss says "No benefits, no 401k".

Its a simple matter of supply and demand. Way too many people supplying labor, way too few jobs demanding them. Its what happens when the number of people on the planet increases by an order of magnitude in less than a hundred years, and your economy does nothing to occupy all the excess people because it simply doesn't need them around.

hey me too
>4 year BS in information systems
>didn't have much of a chance to specialize
>can't get internship
>graduate on time with 3.45, close to 4 for in-major courses
>takes me 8 months to get a 27k/yr job with a school district that requires a GED only
>that's 1665/month with no insurance since I only work 7.75 hours a day :)))))
>still here 2 years later, spamming indeed listings and maybe getting 6 in-person interviews in all this time
and this is in texas, where all the jobs are teehee :)

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That's what I'm saying! I feel no matter what I do a company looks at me and goes "idk this guy seems like a faggot lol." and moves onto the other 1500 applicants.

also this user right here

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>and this is in texas, where all the jobs are teehee :)
OP here. Fucking same.

Texan Industrial Engineer here.
Get a Project Manager Certificate and go be a manager for an Amazon Warehouse.

The unique experience of the Industrial Engineer is that they are able to bridge the gap between Manufacturer & Consumer, as well as manage the projects in between.

They can see a system, break it down, optimize it, and then put it back together again.

Relearn basic statistics if you don't know it. Thank me later.

>Relearn basic statistics if you don't know it. Thank me later.
Hey thats one of the classes I kept the notes for! Cool looks like I had decent foresight on this one.

>Amazon Warehouse.
BACK TO THE WAREHOUSE. lmao I just worked in a major postal company that rivals amazon now. Maybe they'll higher me as a head hunt? Hah this might work!

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It's worth a shot.

I was told that the way to be a good Industrial Engineer is to jump diagonally between industries and companies every 3-5 years.

Doesn't look terrible.
Maybe you are shit at interviewing.

>going to college with the intention of paying off the loans
You're not as smart as you think

I never get the interview tho. I have had plenty of interviews. I am confident that I interview well.

No am trust fund baby. no debt.

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Then why do you care about cost? Or how much time you've "wasted" ?

>Nine warehouses and one software development center in the whole of Texas
>Probably a quarter of a million potential applicants just from within Amazon's own labor force and the management staff they absorbed from Whole Foods 400-odd locations
>Thousands of veterans within the industry and kids flooding out of college with new degrees looking for those ten (10) jobs
>Just go be an Amazon Warehouse Manager guise!

What are the odds? I honestly wonder if your odds are better or worse of breaking the bank with a line of natural 21s in the casino at blackjack, or winning 108:1 odds on a call of "0" on the roulette wheel are. What about winning the lottery?

Not that guy, but...

This might come as a surprise to you, but people actually have to work for a living. Food is an every day expense, as is some portion of your rent, electricity, fuel and so on even though you might pay them monthly. Not only do you have to make provision for bills and debt constantly draining away your income, but people are pretty keenly aware that they get old and achey and broken after 30 years of labor, and they might have another 25 that they have to work or provide for with savings or investments that they're going to have to work that much harder for right now. I don't particularly want to die old and homeless.

>Then why do you care about cost?
because user, my parents worked their asses off and made wise investments to get the money to full ride pay for my school. They genuinely belived that this was the key to my future and after putting my all into it it seems like a waste of their investment.

Was raised by a Japanese woman idk if you can tell.

its all the same no matter where you look. Its just worth a shot than not shooting at all.

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Of course it is. Just don't be surprised when this follows the same pattern that its been following since history has been history.

I'm genuinely blown away that you feel its unnecessary for people to feel angry or slighted by the fact that they were born into the shit part of the business cycle. Every generation ever born that way has had a seething anger that they have to make do with less than their parents did, ultimately resulting in more poverty, more war and more disease. Eventually, when so much fat has been trimmed from society that no more can be, people will burn everything and everyone down and we'll all build something up again. But there can never be any settling for less when the result of settling is that some people starve. Bread riots break kings and topple empires. If hard work cannot provide for people to have a roof over their heads and food to eat, the only alternative, eventually, is to pick someone else of greater means and take their roof and their food to eat.
In the meantime, people will stew and be angry, because what the hell else can you do after you bust your ass all day long and nothing improves?

Crazy how people will still act surprised that they can't get a job in the US these days.

user you have to be 18 years or older to post here.

Seriously, what the fuck are you on about? Take a step back and relax you've got more problems than I do currently.

Not him, but he's right. There's a reason that an actual left wing movement has become a reported thing now when compared to even 10 years ago.

>be me
>Trade school
>Will graduate w/ no debt
Universities are a fucking joke.

yeah m8, I went to Uni back in 2009, graduated in 4 years with a degree in Economics because I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do.

50K+ in debt, jobless, living at home. I am worthless.