Need some advice, bros. I have a fetish for bandaged ankles...

Need some advice, bros. I have a fetish for bandaged ankles, and while I always considered this a weird but completely harmless kink, my ex-girlfriend acted like it was the most disgusting thing in the world when the topic of kinks came up and refused to discuss the issue further. I'm now hesitant to ever bring this up again in the future with another girl and just feel confused. Was she overreacting or is it really that weird?

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yeah it's oddly specific and not common but it's not like peepeecaca or diapers or choking or whatever else.

I guess just don't bring it up like as soon as possible, ease into it like just do vanilla foot stuff first.

Unfortunately for you it's weird. You're not any less of a man per se, but that's the brutal truth that you need to hear.

For me? It’s clowns.

It’s rather specific and non-sexual therefore weird whereas wanting to jam a tongue deep inside someone’s poop hole ain’t even ‘taboo’

>It’s rather specific
>and non-sexual
I guess, but I also think anyone could see the inherent intimacy in taking care of a loved partner who is (or is pretending to be) lightly injured.
>whereas wanting to jam a tongue deep inside someone’s poop hole ain’t even ‘taboo’
It's not fair, bro.

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Definitely weird but not disgusting. She had no reason to freak out on you.

Wouldn't bother me at all if a partner had this kink. On the contrary, it'd be super easy to facilitate and wouldn't gross me out and be a turn off - an easy way to make my partner happy? Perfect!

Thank you, user. That's really nice to hear.

This.....All Day. Your ex was getting freaked out for nothing.

It's weird but not so much in a way that it's disgusting or unthinkable as it is a curiosity to why you like it. I wouldnt be ashamed of that one and it shouldnt be a problem unless you want the ankle bandaged due to an injury and not just like RP or something. As long as it's similar to sexy lingerie or something I cant fathom why there would be an issue

Yeah agreed, don't know what your girlfriend is smoking. Maybe she's like picturing it like you want the bandage bloodies and grotesque? I mean I really can't fathom any other reason she would be upset about this.
I too would be grateful if my partner had such an easy kink like this. My ex is an extremely heavy sub, and yeah I like being his dom and all but it's a lot of work man. This? Let me spend 20 mins getting ready and bata bing bata boom.

Do ease into it, but don't be afraid to share this kink with another partner.
Some common fetishes that are far worse:
>Hard BDSM
>Diaper play (non-poop)

I’m turned on by watching my boyfriend drink massive glasses of water. We’ve all got something. The right person won’t care. And it doesn’t effect anyone negatively so it’s fine.

I came here to reassure someone that they shouldnt be ashamed, not to be kink shamed myself

Is there more to the story?
Being disgusted over such a tame kink is rather odd.

Did you go into detail as to what exactly you'd like to do with it?
Maybe she thinks about it as a foot fetish and is disgusted in that.

Sorry :(

I've been kink shamed myself, I usually find it helps if you can find other people that enjoy the same thing. Have you checked out Fetlife?

This is so fucked, think of someone looking at you like you look at people for having fetishes like pegging or diapers. Honestly I've never gotten into BDSM, but I'm glad that people can enjoy it. I have a "stranger" fetish that I'm sure would make other people gag, I get it. But I'm kind of sick of people who are into BDSM downgrading anyone who they feel is weirder than them to make themselves feel like their kink is any less "weird."

Tell me your fetish. I'm the user they kink shamed so I wont judge

Lactation, being nursed basically. I know it is a hard thing to really facilitate and enjoy, I've only any really been with one partner with milk, but I really enjoy being able to nurse without milk and outside of sex. It's not all about the milk, I do miss having it though

That's about the least offensive fetish I've ever heard of. She was absolutely overreacting

That's not all that weird, seems pretty common actually, you're fine dude