Hook up society

Why is it that in today’s society it is so encouraged for people to have casual sex? I’m not talking about sex within relationships, but I mean specifically casual sex. I just read an article on “Why you should be hooking up at least once a month” and other shit. It’s all over the place. Why? Why? Why do we encourage others into risky behavior that has the possibility of effecting others?

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It's human nature to reproduce.

With women, they're biologically inclined to seek out the strongest men and reproduce with them. That's how they had successful offspring.

Men are inclined to stick anything anywhere they can fit it. Spreading multiple seeds is their survival strategy.

Combine that with the lack of having to actually take ownership of your actions (i.e. Contraception, Abortion, Mandatory Child Support for bad decisions), then you can literally do whatever you want.

If a woman has casual sex and gets pregnant, then she can take the guy to court for half of his paycheck for 18 years because she was a dumb slut who couldn't take her pills correctly.

Would you rather it being a taboo? And let youngsters go blindfolded to different risky scenarios? You remember why our parents and grandparents got married at a very young age? Because they couldn’t wait or keep it in their pants, had multiple kids and cheat because they didn’t know what they wanted, it was like that and everyone did it, actually having information and being with others allow you to know what you like and what you don’t

It also allows you to get STDs. Everyone seems to forget that.

Yes if you just fuck without protection, have you ever heard about that?

Yeah but condoms don’t stop herpes and syphilis

Jewish media profits off an unstable and sinful society.

Pick up a copy of Mein Kampf.

You and OP are a couple of angry virgins

I’m not a Virgin

I've fucked around 30 women.

And I'm currently married with kids.

Just think, why does the media push certain images and ideas. The root of any effort is money. So follow the money.

But hey make your own conclusions.

How many dudes did your wife fuck?

Condoms feel awful though and often hurt.

I for example have phimosis, I can't use condoms, it's very painful.

then don’t have sex?

Yearly and why you fucked that many women you sinner?

Yearly what?

I’m not the user who fucked 30 women. I don’t have casual sex.

Dozens probably.


But I like the sex.

Yeah, but you might like shellfish too, but if you develop an allergy to it you will surely stop eating it

Maybe you can let people enjoy what they like? I mean I don’t like to smoke, I won’t bash on smoking companies for supplying...
Like that old saying goes, live and let live

Smoking isn’t promoted in my country because it’s deemed to be risky. Casual sex is the same.

Most people I know that hook up are insecure. They fuck up committed relationships so they settle for hook ups. It displays why they can't keep a relationship because hook ups are reckless. You have no clue who that person is, their intentions, or what disease they have. If they act that way out of a relationship they're going to destroy the relationship by acting a fool or making foolish choices. Their insecurity gets the best of them and they react poorly.
Vicious cycle.
They just need to sort themselves out.

Hit all the right marks.

Yes, because then it'd be hot and exciting rather than "I'd rather be playing video games."

I wish I could give you a big explanation but frankly its just degeneracy and hedonism.

It’s almost like someone is trying to destroy western civilization

because we keep being told that we always come first, consequences don't matter and sex is like the best thing ever
all that starting from a young age and there you have it

Syphilis yeah, but herpes I can live with.

People act like cavalier attitudes towards sex are something recent, but they're not.
Men (especially wealthy, powerful ones) trying to bed side strange, some side strange happily being side strange, people cheating on their spouses, unprotected sex with prostitutes; these were all the norm for thousands of years.
People have always been dirty fuckers; it's just that through education and the widespread sharing of writing and ideas we're all much more aware of it.

It wasn't okay to tell idiots they were fucking dumb anymore, and back in the 80's unhinged leftists started saying shit like
>monogamy is antiwoman
>romance was invented to enslave women
And that's slowly boiled down into
>only losers have monogamous relationships, fucking strange is good for you
Despite the fact that absolutely no culture in human history that's ever been that open sexually has ever survive or been healthy. Even the most sexually open cultures that just fuck around and raise whatever kids happen in a communal effort still form long-term romantic pairs.

It's literally just a dumb ass phase for society to move through, probably towards some kind of asinine idea like
>interacting sexually at all is oppressive to someone

You're so stuck up your own ass.
Absolutely no one is talking about infidelity or adultery around otherwise monogamous pairs. They're talking specifically about the attitude of not getting into a relationship and just having casual sex instead. It's a completely different thing, and a relatively new phenomena in Western culture. It's not even decades old yet, let alone thousands.

maybe because unlike you loser fuck not everyone is a fucking incel virgin

I would like you to source your claims about civilizations, or at least give example to such. Would love to have those as examples to give as well.

Geezers, it's just a magazine. They're trying to sell you a lifestyle that seems trendy and fashionable whether or not it's actually practical.
>Why you should be hooking up at least once a month
Is pretty similar to
>Why you should be holidaying on the French Riviera this summer
It's just advertising itself as being more knowledgeable and trendier than yourself, hence causing people to want to buy the magazine to see what they're missing out on.

I mean it is kind of dangerous because you get people who go way beyond their means to try and chase this impossible image of perfect decadence with credit cards, eating disorders, STDs and shit.

But it's not really a "hook up" culture, it's more just mindless hedonism to distract from the world going to shit.

it's basically Huxley's "Brave New World".

Well, did you read the article? Presumably it contained the answer to your question.

>Why is it that in today’s society it is so encouraged for people to have casual sex?

Fucking hell if you struggle with this, your heart is going to break when you read a history book

I have no idea, but I've got a bunch of Adderall XR that I'm not using anymore and I'm willing to trade some of it to get inside of a college girl. How do I make this happen?

>It's human nature to reproduce.
It’s not human nature to be degenerate

I understand that the idea that "everyone in the past fucked all the time so it's no big deal" is a popular sentiment but I think people are vastly overestimating how bad the casual sex was in societies where its more controlled. Of course there's still going to be sex out of wedlock and all of those kinds of things in a more strict society but the thing is there's still less than where its free and there are no consequences.
If the speed limit is 45, and everyone drives 50 on that road anyways, people might argue that you might as well make the speed limit 50. However, if you do that, everyone will just start driving 55 on the road. Do you understand where I'm going with this?

>It’s not human nature to be degenerate
ok steve read out the history of mankind from beginning to end and say that again

Human nature to reproduce, yet we have birth control? Give me a break, by that it seems casual sex should be almost non existent.

But we're already at the stage of removing a speed limit and life hasn't ended because of it.

Destruction doesn't happen all at once. People think that when small things get bad it's okay because it's just a small thing. But small things keep happening and then eventually there's too much. It's not something that is easily seen just by looking around.

But what kind of calamity is coming? Jow Forums ceasing to exist when all incels finally get laid?

I'm not going to predict a calamity because literally anything could happen. But its pretty clear that having a bunch of men who can't get sex and have the internet to understand the true nature of women usually isn't a good sign. It's not just sex in the ways that our quality of life has declined but the hedonistic nature of man being completely fulfilled by industrial technology will be our downfall. Fat people having orgies in public is the future.

>The true nature of women
What they do in fact enjoy sex as well and only used to pretend to be quiet, frigid and happy in servitude when society kind of forced them to be reliant on a man?

There isn't a true nature to women outside of them being surprisingly similar to men after all. The only thing getting destroyed is the old attitudes towards women and for good reason too, women are expected to be independent in all other ways now so why should they dedicate their life to appeasing some sort of image that as a wife they couldn't have possibly had eyes for anyone else ever?

>understand the true nature of women
men on Jow Forums never cease to amaze me. women aren't some crazed demigorgons that you need to unmask. no one that is well socially adjusted thinks that way

They aren't demons, they just like to act like demons.

>the true nature of women

>They made it known that they like cock! And not just my cock either the demons! ;__;

I mean if you're a woman, this society is great. It encourages hedonism, and makes sure that you're never held responsible for anything. But for men, it's not a good world. I know I can't change your mind because you're either a woman or some guy who fucks a lot and likes it, but not everyone benefits and you're not entitled to telling us that we should just accept it.

>But for men, it's not a good world
>or some guy who fucks a lot and likes it

Life has its bad and good points for both men and women.

i just got a red bump that freaked me out and i love you for sharing this

You need to know how much men dumb the mother of their child alone

Only reason I don't partake is because I don't want to catch something and I wouldn't trust someone I just met if they told me
>I'm clean.

He's right, for the guy who likes to leave a kid or two in every town he visits before leaving, it is great, but that doesn't exactly appeal to rest of us who aren't narcissistic sociopaths.

>Girls have it so easy now!
The phrase "the grass is always greener" comes to mind. Literally it's just that the law will back the mother in a divorce because that's typically who the children want to live with.

So it's bad for men AND women?????

You're just at level 2 redpill, there's many further, deeper levels to go newfriend.

No. Because I don't need to blame all women for some of the shittier aspects of my life. I can take responsibility for my own actions thank you very much.

Yes, it's not intuitive, but it is a pretty simple dynamic once you see it. If you're a woman, technology and hookup culture is great because you have more initial choices. But if you're a man you don't necessarily want more initial choices, you want more scores. So now men who are among more choices now have to compensate for the additional competition of getting that score, by beating everyone else to it, in other words trying to get the score faster which degrades the quality of scoring for everyone and results in hookup culture.

So some men have to try really hard to get sex? Wow what a dark and scary future, this really could only exist with Tinder..


See your entire framing of this as a matter of getting sex just shows how our society has shifted towards thinking of dating as a source of pleasure instead of as a source of long term happiness which is by far a more rational way to think of it.

Jesus christ when was the last time you had a male friend. This is absolutely not how they think.

Millennials have less casual sex than previous generations. OP is a bitter retarded incel.

I disagree, I think people are more aware of the value placed on long term committed relationships. People used to get married in the olden days just because they wanted to fuck, that's why people used to get married after only knowing each other a few months back then.

Now people aren't expected to make a commitment to sleep with each other, it opens up the possibility to find their "one" in their own time and not being pressured by curiosity to get married.

Also there is some sort of statement made when even though you could fuck literally anyone, you'd instead prefer to commit to this one person.


Not how they think lol. My best friend was a purebred Chad, and I guarantee you the post I made is a case study on his way of thinking and to some extent my own, the guy would bang a girl every weekend but could not hang on to a relationship past 2 years and left plenty of hurt and destruction in his trail, pretty amazing to watch up close I'd highly recommend it.

And have you ever considered that the reason why you're a virgin is because you're the kind of person who takes spiteful enjoyment at seeing women get hurt?

Not a counterargument

The usual incel argument is "I only hate women because they are bitches and whores and reject me".

Ive heard the PUA's who do best with women are usually sociopaths - they know exactly how people work and precisely what reactions to provoke in order to get what they want.

They look like normal people on the outside since they are very socially in tune, but if you see what they actually think of people its very scary.

Okay let me put it in the form of a statement.
You're an asshole and girls don't like that.

Girls love assholes, I should know. You argue like a woman anyways, so I know I can't get through to your narcissistic mind.

Well after seeing all of that I consider myself better suited to avoiding those kind of situations than I otherwise would have been, not like I got some kind of pleasure out of it, that's fucked up and I'm amazed that was your reading of it

>its very scary
True, but by and large he was doing the best with women out of all my friends, which maybe speaks to how we could all be better

Girls don't love assholes. You obviously don't know jack shit. If they did you wouldn't be a virgin.

No they like arrogant pricks. There's a difference, arrogant pricks really like themselves and feel endlessly comfortable around others while saying and doing things that make others kind of like them too.

Being an asshole is the kind of person who gets jealous instead and retreats into bitterness to blaming everyone but themselves like a child.

Amazing how you must have proudly written this thinking that is a valid, successful and articulate counter-argument.

No because I'm not in politics. I actually considered it more "calling it how it is".

A guy who was excellent with women told me.

Don't listen to what they SAY, rather watch what they DO.

You're changing the definition of asshole. A child can't be an asshole because they don't do shit. An asshole actively fucks up someone else's day because he knows no one else will call him out.

How it is through an anonymous online board? This isn’t a public facebook argument.
I have been called a virgin incel who will never get girls so many times for holding more traditional views, and as soon as I reveal myself to be a straight woman in long-term relationships only, I get no more replies from these people. Not religious either so save the related insults as well.

Because it's fucking fun. Are you retarded?

But incels live to try and construct a world where they get to be meanies to girls for not kissing them, Mostly by trying to convince all men to despise all women.

That's an asshole by your definition.

>When I reveal I'm a straight woman
Like that changes anything, you're still an asshole for enjoy women being 'punished' for sleeping with your Chad friend instead of getting themselves hitched while young and dumb.

>Why is it that in today’s society it is so encouraged for people to have casual sex?
It's to break down the unit of marriage. It's a political goal by socialists.

Marriage and the family unit is the smallest form of civilization possible. You can make a civilization of many families, but you can't make a civilization of many individuals (see below). It's like water, H2O, with two hygrogens and an oxygen bound together, you have water. You can have billions of these molecules in a glass. And then you have a glass of water. However if you break down the molecule into only a bunch of Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules, then you don't have water anymore. And even if you put it in a glass, it's not a glass of water anymore.

So a family is the smallest form of society. This is because we're conscious, sexual creatures, who live in a universe that contains time.

So when you break apart the family unit, there is only one discovered type of society possible in it's place: slavery (or more modernly: communism). This is a functional society wherein everyone is only an individual, and you can freely live out an egotistical life according to your whims and nothing higher. It's possible, but it's only a matter of opinion which society is better.

>Mostly by trying to convince all men to despise all women
Ok sure, but who convinced you to despise all incels? If it needs to be said, Elliot Rodger was a fucking psychopath.

What's the point of trying to save a society of hedonists when all they want is hedonism, no matter the cost?
All that can be done is wait for society to break down.

Look I made the post you're referring to, not that person. I only phrased it that way to make light out of a dark situation, to be honest there is nothing I could have done to break the Chad spell, he was just that fucking good with women. Which is why it was so amazing to watch, like a car accident, I didn't enjoy seeing it the way you're implying and in most cases it was too late anyway.

>Communists want you to stop getting married so they can enslave you!
>Become a fascist and feel the freedom of living to pump out tomorrow's little soldiers and working yourself to death to provide a home big enough for all of them

Ah piss off Peanut Butter.

needs moar lube

I'm communist.

>Ok sure
That's the reason why.

He murdered 8 people in cold blood

Yeah this is pretty much what happened with me and my ex. She was a whore outside of the relationship so she ended up going nuts and ruining everything we had.

Because the activity is not that risky...
it’s also a sign of freedom of choice.
And you defined a relationship traditionally, but in modern society you can have deep and meaningful relationship that only contains hooking up. Or fucking around, fwb, poly etc.

Good thing is that if you don’t like it, you don’t have to do it.

No you're not. The emancipation from needing to be married to be accepted by society was to liberate women as individuals in their own right rather than either the property of a husband or being considered "on the shelf".

It's nothing to do with diving people, destroying long term commitment or fooling people into placing themselves above all else in a way that somehow also makes them more easily enslaved.

Yeah but the response to the idea that incels despise all women and want all other men to join them was
>Ok sure