The wife has completely lost interest in sex

The wife has completely lost interest in sex.

It's been a couple years of this, and I've approached the topic multiple times. Told her I need sex, it's a big part of the relationship for me, and I'll do everything I can to make her happy, etc...

Is there anything more I can do...?

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What's her reasoning for not wanting sex?

nine times out of ten, when a relationship reaches a death bed, it's cause one of yous is actually really bad at sex and the other doesn't want to flat out say it to your face

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>not in the mood
>wants to do other things

I'll do literally anything she asks me to do. I'm in good shape and my penis is big.

Suggest couples counseling/therapy. If she is against this, she will be sabotaging the marriage for unknown reasons, and at that point it's time to talk divorce.

Bro, stop begging for sex. It’s pathetic! First, work on your “desirability”. Join a gym, get some new clothes, new hairstyle, etc. But do not let her think that you are doing it for her! You just feel like doing it. Shrug your shoulders. It’s no big deal. This might do the trick if she notices that other women now find you more desirable (a woman needs her man to be desired by other women to feel attracted to him - she doeen’t want to be stuck with a loser!). If she’s still not interested then start to slowly unravel your life from hers. Go out for drinks with the boys, be “uncontactable” for short periods with vague reasons why. She needs to feel like she is losing you. That mught do the trick. If all that doesn’t work then give her a firm and final ultimatum - sex or separate. It’s not unreasonable. It is an essential part of the relationship.

Oh, and be more forceful. Women don’t usually walk around the place feeling sexy. They need to get in the mood. But they cut you off before you can get them in the mood because they’re “not in the mood” right now. Make sense? Of course not. They’re women. Don’t make sex about her. It’s about you cumming. That’s it. All she has to do is lie there. Sell it to her like that. No effort required on her part. She can just lie there and then go on with her day. She won’t just lie there though. When things start she will get turned on. The thing is that things need to start before she gets turned on. She needs to understand that.

Suggesting therapy is just a way to sugarcoat divorce...


Also compliment her and shit sometimes.

Prostitution does not count as cheating. She will understand, provided you married a japanese waifu like we told you and not some american stacy.

>What's her reasoning?
Tyrone, Jamal, Rashad....

Read the book love languages. Speaking love will lead to physical engagement because both of your desires and needs are being met.

Sounds like she might be having an affair.

What did she say when you came to her?

She doesn't owe you sex, but she does owe you a straight answer, and the fact that she's not really giving you one is not a good sign. I like the couples therapy idea upthread. It sounds like you want to save this thing. Let's see if she does too.

When either something serious in her life has happened or she is stressed this happens but more than that she might just not feel any passion or spark with you anymore. Maybe she views sex as something she had to do for you and not a fun activity to do together. Idk about men but sex sucks if you don't like the person. She has an issue with you. Maybe it's already over if counseling hasn't helped.

always wear a condom

Go see

How was sex at the beginning of the relationship & when did her libido die? Is there a specific moment or life event that triggered it?

These are important questions. If she always had a low libido there might not be much you can do. If her desire died suddenly then it might have to do with you (you got out of shape, you aren't as romantic as you were at the start of the relationship etc.).

kids, you have no clue about women

Time to cut lose. You want different things. It’s okay to realize you are in different places in life even if you care about each other.

Maybe you can suggest sleeping around with other women?

Literally go out and fuck other women dude.

Don't actually fuck them but be in situations where you can. Be in a state of fitness where you can. She isn't fucking you because she doesn't feel like she NEEDS to.

>No one else wants to fuck him, Why should I?

Not one of them but enlight us then

Nigga go out with your single friends, see how quickly she chiefs the sloppy.

If you think she's having an affair, put some valuables in your room and set up a spy cam. If she finds it and asks, you have plausible deniability.

Sounds like she’s having an affair.

Move your valuables and assets to safe boxes abroad, open overseas bank accounts and move your funds to a non-disclosure country.

After this, pay a professional to follow her, get the evidence you need, apply for divorce papers before confronting her. When the time comes, set up a nanny-cam and confront he with evidence of her infidelity. She may threaten you, try to blackmail you, all that good shit. Doesn’t matter, you’ll have it on tape to present as evidence for your infidelity case.

After that’s done, move on and rock hard.

based trips, redpilled post

Two different possibilities.

1) she is ill either physically or mentally. Maybe burn out at work?
2) she is cheating

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