Why do people get so upset about "cheating"...

Why do people get so upset about "cheating"? I always see threads here where people are freaking out because their gf had sex with some guy or something. The way I see it, sex is just a different form of a massage. You're just rubbing skin together because it feels good. What's the big deal if they do it with someone else? You're literally getting mad over nothing.

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Are you a woman or an underaged retard?

What does me being a woman have to do with anything? That says a lot more about you than it does about me.

Haha right?
Why go through such a fuss - it's not like they declared they're exclusive to each other in a binding contract or anything ahhaha

>In my view sex is just a massage
Some people aren't as autistic and anti-social as you are and place more of a value on sex as a form of emotional catharsis. Sex in itself is meaningless, sure, but it is whats attached to sex that matters. A good relationship is based on honesty and communication, so going behind someone's back and showing that you're not that interested in them is seen as a major insult.

Sound's like someone's boyfriend dumped them because they learned they're a cheating scumbag

I read a similar post to yours long ago. It was a stupid thread, then, too. The answer is:

Because a relationship is a social contract that comes with implied exclusivity. Both people agree to it, and the trust in the relationship is built with it. If one person breaks the agreement, they can't really be trusted anymore.

There's STIs and who-the-daddy issues too, but it's more about someone breaking the contract.

Its about exclusivity and owning that snatch.

More importantly though, can we get more those pics

So your reasoning is that it's a social norm? That's not an argument at all. You only think cheating is awful because you've been conditioned to think that way. There's no logical reason to get mad when your partner has sex with other people as long as they're using protection. They're just having fun.

This bait is of serviceable quality.

Forgot to add a
>you fucking retard
at the end, because I'm not sure how you could've possibly lived to be 15 or 16 and not realized the idea of a relationship.
>So your reasoning is that it's a social norm?
No, you retard. It is agreed, implicitly or blatantly unless otherwise stated (i.e. open relationship) that the parties involved will be exclusive. You think you're being smart, but you're not.

How would you feel if your wife came home to you after sucking off and swallowing 5 different random bbcs and then kissed you in the mouth?

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>They got a massage from another person
>therefore they are not interested in their partner
You realize how stupid that sounds? You said it yourself, sex in itself is meaningless. If you take away all the social conditioning you're left with sex being nothing but stress relief and relaxation, just like a massage. You're making your body feel good, just like a massage. It has nothing to do with breaking trust until you arbitrarily attach deeper meaning to the action.

It's a primal sign of disrespect.
The woman in that situation means nothing; her feelings, her intentions, her thoughts...none of it matter.
The man on the other hand knowingly banged another mans prospect.
It is the pinnacle insult one man can do to another especially if the two men know each other well. It is one of the FINAL primal actions where a man would regress back to being a chimp and taking and action to another man with the intention of killing him.
You literally need to be a man to understand what it feels like.

All you're proving is that you're a sheep who lets other people think for you. You can't make an actual explanation for why cheating is bad so you use the "society says so" response.

>you use the "society says so" response.
No, retard. If two people are involved, romantically, the implication or blatantly stated fact (i.e. "delete your Tinder," "we're going exclusive,") unless otherwise stated (i.e. "I'm not looking for anything serious," "I'm polyamorous.")

You think you're being clever, but you're not.

I’ve always thought cheatingculture felt super weird to me but at the same time I experience involuntary feelings of jealousy. Wish I could just be a caveman and run around banging people without caring desu

Again, retard, that's a social construct. The reason people take it for granted is because of deeply ingrained religious brainwashing that goes back centuries. When you actually think about it, it makes no sense to lose your mind over 2 people rubbing their genitals together for fun.

Contraceptives have fucked the meaning of sex up a bit, but most of us are still hardwired to abhore cheating. It's another man dumping his sperm into your wife or gf. Obviously now we have decent contraceptives, but for a long time, that resulted in you raising another man's kid

All it takes is a flippant post about sex and you faggots get baited into oblivion. Yeesh.

Ya, see, before contraceptive I totally would have agreed, but now that we have std tests and contraceptives readily available to us, there are zero downsides to having fun with other people. If you're a guy who would lose your mind if your gf cheated on you you're honestly pretty insecure.

You're simplifying it as
>You only think it's bad because society says so
No, it's bad because both parties have agreed to be exclusive to one person unless otherwise stated. If someone is lied to in the context of sex, myriad issues crop up: STDs, child legitimacy, trust as a whole.

Nobody gets to have it both ways because then nothing will actually get anything done. Nobody gets to walk in and out of relationships unless otherwise agreed upon because trust cannot exist in that world.

Oh fuck off. You incels call any thread with an unorthodox opinion bait. There hasn't been a single logical explanation as to why having safe sex with another person besides your partner is inherently wrong.

>There hasn't been a single logical explanation
>both parties have agreed to be exclusive to one person unless otherwise stated

I'm not arguing against the fact that an agreement exists, I'm arguing against the motives behind that agreement, because there are none. People tear their families apart and scar their children for life simply because one of the parents rubbed their genitals against another person. Makes no fucking sense unless you view your life as a soap opera.

I mean, I sort of find it hot (never done it though with a gf), but I have heard there's a risk of women becoming more attached to the guy who's fucking them, and leaving you. It would take a fantasy level of trust if I ever even considered that hotwife shit

If it wasn't shameful you wouldn't have to hide it.

And yes, just "not mentioning" it when the other person is in a position to assume mutual exclusivity counts as hiding it.

>People tear their families apart and scar their children for life simply because one of the parents rubbed their genitals against another person.
You're simplifying it. It's more
>You said you were working late, but you were fucking that slut?!
>You said you were gonna watch the kids, but you went out and fucked [name]?!
Cheating is inherently built on lies. It's in the name. You cannot have a relationship, nay, a life with someone that supports itself on lies.

To go further: This idea you're spinning can only survive if you admit that you're okay with being lied to. If you are, then there are other issues at play.

It's a roastie cunt thread, everyone get out

You are either baiting or absolute scum
Sleeping around destroys you mentally. If you have a high partner count, you’re worthless.

Contraceptives are the devils creation

There’s gotta be an easier way to say you love cock user

Everyone lies at least occasionally. People only make a big deal about it when it's about rubbing genitals together.

>are the devils creation
See, this is exactly my point. The cheating stigma is entirely religious indoctrination.

Run, run back to your safe space where you gargle cock AND balls

Less talkey more sandwich makey

you're a fool

Also daily reminder that all women are NPCs and you aren't going to have a meaningful conversation with a single one of them.

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I know you like sausage so I sliced some sausage up so you can have sausage on both ends of your body that way you can sausage while you sausage

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>This idea you're spinning can only survive if you admit that you're okay with being lied to. If you are, then there are other issues at play.
So you are okay with being lied to. Gotcha. Thread can die.

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And henceforth user was named See-Saw-Sage for his ability to take two sausage alternating on both ends and also for his newfound ability to not bump threads

Because sex is special and the only person I want to nut in my pussy is my partner.

If people in a relationship agree to fuck other people then there is no issue.
If you agree to only fuck your partner, then fuck other people, you've broken your word and proved youre not trustworthy.
Why would another person want to stay with someone who is unable to stick to their word?

I don't get this reference. Haha sausage is slang for penis very funny but what is the point of this? Is it supposed to invoke some kind of reaction? They say the left can't meme, and that's because the left is comprised majorly of women.

>any thread with an unorthodox opinion
Yeah that’s literally what bait is. Make a thread about something obviously controversial and sit back while the replies roll in.

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me you little bitch? I’ll have you know that I

You have to not believe in what you're saying for it to be bait. An opinion being unpopular doesn't make it bait. Galileo wasn't baiting people when he told them the earth was round.

>Cheating is fine
>I'm a woman

that's some first class bait

Monogamy is usually just a personal preference. If you agree to only sleep with your SO and then you cheat, then you're just not trustworthy enough for a long-term relationship

That said, if both partners agree to be in an open relationship than its not really cheating. At that point its a non-issue.

We don’t know OP’s thoughts on the matter so your point is moot. Although I don’t know how someone could read the OP and think that someone wrote that in the hopes of a serious, rational discussion.

I have a 6 inch banana dick I like girls to gag on.


Agreed. Feeling like you own a person and that they aren't allowed to seek pleasure with others is like slavery with extra steps.

>You're just rubbing skin together because it feels good.
Because that's just wrong and we have something called chemicals, people imprint on each other when they have sex. I know a brainlet uggo like you who can only get sloppy seconds and has to tell himself how great cheating is wouldn't understand this.

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>It has nothing to do with breaking trust until you arbitrarily attach deeper meaning to the action.
People like you are a cancer on any society. Please, as soon as you can, shoot yourself in the head.

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Its a violation of trust
If its just skin touching skin then great, ask for an open relationship

>why do people care if their gf cheats?
>What does me being a woman have to do with anything?
It's like they aren't even trying to hide it anymore.

nothing at all ignore all these incel virgin loser betas

Do you put your plums in, too?

it’s a mutual agreement tho. don’t see how it’s slavery lol. ask for an open relationship if that’s what you want. not hard

Either there's a lot of cheaters on here or you guys are bigger trolls than /b/. Although given the hateful, vitriolic posts that make up most of Jow Forums, I think I know which is the case.

I don't care if you want to be a cuck but don't try to rationalize it so pathetically.

Cheater here.

It's because we betrayed the trust of someone who loved us and who, in most cases, we loved. Whether you choose to believe the trust we attach to relationships is arbitrary is meaningless, if you enter a committed relationship with someone you're saying that you're not going to do things behind their back. If you want to fuck someone else and do it without your partner being okay with it, it's betraying the trust they had in you. Trustworthiness is a trait that is necessary for a healthy social environment, and if it's known that you betrayed the trust of someone you loved (or claim to have loved) then people know they can't trust you.

However, the big reason that most people get so aggressively angry about it is because cheaters are usually represented as extremes, like the wife having a long-term affair, or as the guy who gets a kick from playing multiple women. Most people don't really understand that a lot of cheaters are just irresponsible and weak-willed dumbasses who cheat, realize what they did is unforgivable, and usually don't do it again.

However, you probably knew that and wanted to get a bunch of (You)s from insecure cheaters trying to rationalize their behavior like retards

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This is vaguely related to the thread and I didn't want to start a new one, but my ex cheated on me and I've been wondering about relationships in general because it was my first one and I have little experience beyond casual stuff and sex.

When you start dating/seeing/screwing around with someone, is there meant to be a point eventually where you become committed to one another/explicitly talk about being a couple?

During the breakup I distinctly remember her saying that we were 'dating' for two years - not 'in a relationship', or 'together', just 'dating'. Dating to me doesn't necessarily suggest committment to someone, but at the same time we loved one another and for all intents and purposes and to everyone on the outside were a couple; we just never made it official or had a moment where we talked about it (there was nothing on social media, at one point about a year in I remember calling her my girlfriend in front of someone else and she seemed slightly shocked by it).

Am I overthinking or is that abnormal? I'm trying to learn as much as I can out of the whole experience but this has always puzzled me.

you seem innocent enough
>When you start dating/seeing/screwing around with someone, is there meant to be a point eventually where you become committed to one another/explicitly talk about being a couple?
You are overthinking, but always remember to make your intentions with someone clear in this case "relationship' not just 'dating' people do this shit so that when things go south they have an easy way out. The entire point of a relationship is that it is based on trust and without that, it is always doomed to fail. Learn from this and move on to someone who won't leave you feeling like this.

Sounds like you had kind of a piece of work for a gf, user. If you acted like a couple, screwed like a couple, spent time together like a couple, and were together for two years, she was your gf.

Most adults don't need to say "d-do you wanna be my boyfriend? UwU" after they graduate high school because it's pretty obvious when you're in a relationship. As far as "becoming" committed, that depends on the relationship in question, but once you've met parents, each other's friends, gone on several dates, had sex multiple times, you're pretty much in a committed relationship. Also, if you've said "i love you" then yeah it's committed.

p.s., dating, in a relationship, and together are for all intents and purposes interchangeable.


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user the thread's about cheating in a relationship, not cheating on your diet with low-quality meat cuts

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Shes a flappy girl, in her flappy world.

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Archer is honestly not a very funny show

If you are truly in love or even innfscuated with someone you don't even think about other people.
If you are using them for sex or validation or to make yourself feel better then cheating doesnt morally harm you because you're a fucking whore


Great answer, user.

>people do this shit so that when things go south they have an easy way out
This is what I've always assumed about it, and it's what makes me understand how she could do it/how she mentally squares it. The relationship was dysfunctional as fuck and we ended up bringing the worst out in each-other, so I don't really feel like I can judge her for doing something shitty. I even don't really have any feelings about it or blame her at this point, I just want to use it as a lesson to learn from. The whole thing made me seriously sort my life out, and I now have a career and money and happiness, so in a way I'm actually pretty thankful.
>Sounds like you had kind of a piece of work for a gf, user.
I guess yeah.

good for you user, keeping pushing forward

It's because we, for thousands of years, lived in time of harsh resource scarcity. All the men who didn't care about cheating died off, leaving behind only men who do care. Women, inversely, had to be loyal, or else they would be cut off from the love and providing from their man (which absolutely meant death). So our very survival hinged on this strategy. Remember the ice age lasted 40,000 years.

Until very recently, when the Germans and Americans refined agriculture and discovered fossil fuels, at almost the same time, creating a massive abundance of resources and an explosion in global population. Democratic governments quickly shifted to socialism and now women can sleep with, and hypermagistically pleasure-seek with the finest men they can sink their claws into. This new strategy produces the highest quality offspring.

However, because it was such a genetically recent change, men and women alike still have the old K-type sexual selection genes dominate in your minds(meaning, resource-scarce). Well, most of us do. That's changing now.

So that's where you are, OP. You're caught in the middle of a changing world.


>What does me being a woman have to do with

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whats love got to do with it?


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would you like raising the child of another man while getting told it's yours?

You break trust with cheating.
But if you just talk about and being clear with what you want; open relationship, or poly. World is full of them. This thread is useless.

its not the sex, its the lieing and misleading
plus STDs
you are either a teenage idiot or some sorta sociopath if you dont understand the feeling of being betrayed

If 84 replies in nobody else has done it, I'll do:

>OP: ''what's the best way to get attention on an internet forum?''
>make a bait threat telling random anons that your girlfriend cheating on you is OK

Never mind the incels and the otherwise perma-butthurt.
You're not wrong.

>implying chimp reactions are correct
>and not bonobo
k cool

weak bait, but just to have it said: if my wife ever massaged someone skin to skin I won't be married anymore

This is what it comes down to. It's life or death for men. If you value your life and want to live on, you would care.

Also sex has serious effects on the female psyche, including mystical effects we don't understand yet.

>""mystical effects""

i dont know about you fucking niggers but my relationship's exclusivity is very fucking explicit

hard pass, you sex at dawn misguided nut
>yur bait is terrible but here I am

the motives behind the agreement involve
>exposure to risk
>pooling of resources for combined gain without third party interference
>not adding additional complications to a relationship
>sex as an exclusively shared experience to increase intimacy
>pair bonding
>non-competition and security within a relationship
>replacement fears

fuck off tripfag


Begone Thot

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I'm a 27yo male in a relationship in which we're both okay with having sex on the side (as long as it is just physical). We both have sex with other people around 4, maybe 5 times per year.


Hey pair-bonding dude how's it going? Remember that thread you got BTFO to oblivion? I sure do. Now back to Jow Forums retard.