Have you ever broken up with your girlfriend for someone else?

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nah I just fuck both

So how do I convince him to cheat? They've been dating for almost five years. He's 25.

Nah, I’m not wired like that

Yeah. With my gf of 9 years for a big tiddy goth gif who ended up lasting about 9 months before I got tired of her bullshit drama.

I ended up becoming severely depressed, my drinking skyrocketed and I got fired from my day job for slacking off.

Every night I go to sleep listening to audiobooks so my conscience doesn't make me relive my mistakes. Every day I wake up back in this reality. Back in the world where I'm an impulsive bastard. Back in Hell.

Any fucking questions?

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Yeah, my relationship was stagnant, and this amazing lady came into my life, and it gave me the motivation to leave. Even if things don't see through with this one, I will have to thank her for pulling me out of stagnation.

Yeah... How did she convince you to leave her?

Broke up with my ex to have amazing kinky sex with a younger girl. No regrets: we’re still together after 7 years, no fights, awesome sex. Just fun every day:

Sometimes something better comes along.

My bf asked me to marry him so I broke it off with another guy I was seeing so I kinda did.

Cheating slut.

How was I to know which one would ask me to marry them? I dated my bf for 4 years and nothing and then he surprised me with a ring so I broke up with the other guy. He didn't take it well though.

Yeah and it wasn’t pretty, I did more damage than the one I could’ve expected, lied to a girl that really cared for me, don’t do it op, you’re not comfortable anymore? Break things up first, avoid the trouble

What attracted you to the goth gril so much that you decided to anull 9 year relationship? Also how old were you when you broke up with ex?

I did. The new girl and I didn't work out in the end, but I have zero regrets, besides feeling bad for my ex, who hadn't done anything wrong. I had just learned a valuable lesson about the type of person I really wanted to be with as opposed to the person I thought I should be with.

One of the best decisions I've ever made. Also, for what it's worth, I met the other girl first and was totally in love with her - I had no business getting into the other relationship. Never cheated though.

And this my friends is why you never go full retard.

>Women always looking for the next best thing

You are the enemy of incels, you know that? Whore

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Straight up left a girl for my current wife, wife did the same with another guy

what are you talking about. I'm marrying my bf of 4 years and not the other guy. I chose the best thing of course.

You don't get it

You were scouting for other dudes while you were with said bf. You choosing him represents a fulfillment of you desires to get married rather than make him happy. You are cold and calculated

How would he feel knowing that his girl was talking sweet things to other dudes while he was mustering the courage to propose?

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What? I didn't tell the other guys nothing, and certainly not sweet. He is great to be around but not in a relationship way. You act like I had two bf's and the other guys wasn't really just a guy I dated. But there was no guarantee my fiancee was going to propose after 4 years and if he didn't what would I have then? Nothing. Well, except another guy to go out with.

nice larp, neckbeard. got any other riveting tales?

Get the fuck over it and find someone else homewrecker

My 9 year relationship was off and on abusive. From both sides. Case in point breaking up was the right call. I just did it for the wrong reasons.

Big Tiddy Goth grill was fresh and new and interested in all my side hustle stuff. My gf of 9 years was trying to finish grad school in a town two hours away and couldn't be fucked to come visit me. Instead, I was the one who had to put in all the work in the relationship. Compound that with the fact that 9 year gf had severe body image issues and committed self harm like cutting, inducing vomiting and punching herself despite my constant attempts to stop her. Plus I was tired of her parents being oldschool Catholics watching our every love despite the fact she was 25 years old.

I wish things had been better. I wish a lot of things.


Every move*

How's that for a freudian slip.

I was fucking a skinny Dutch redhead over the fall of 2016 who I ghosted when I met an extremely qt black girl, who I was then fucking unprotected for a while.

Maybe that counts.

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You make it sound horrible yet in the first post it sounds like you really loved her.

Do you still love her? Knowing all that happened now would you do anything differently?

I probably would never have dated the first girl in the first place. She's better off without me.

I've never been attractive enough to be that powerful.

>Have you ever broken up with your girlfriend for someone else?

Yeah, she got indoctrinated by SJW politics in college, turned into a tedious NPC and kept spouting stupid libtard talking points. Only got worse when I said I liked Trump.
Dumped her ass. Family approved.

All Hail the God Emperor!

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