How do I stop hating black people?, I hate them because they are rude and breed too much...

How do I stop hating black people?, I hate them because they are rude and breed too much, it’s a shame because East Asians are dying about and niggers are going to become more common, it’s disappointing to see an interesting and beautiful culture die out. I was born in South Africa and I think my hatred of them comes from the fact they are ruining South Africa. I don’t mind educated blacks so much, but I still would never date or sleep with a black.

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Here's the thing

Everybody naturally hates them cause Africa really is shitty and they committed a lot of genocides

now forgotten and their kids probably shouldn't know about, but they DID DO THE MOST FUCKED UP STUFF

All their kids are going to have to watch now to see torture porn

Sorry that's the wrong site, but their is a video of an Asian pretty girl in a collar getting raped and I mixed that with Blacked cause they only did it cause ghetto culture

In South Africa there is a lot of violent crime against whites, but the Afrikaners are the problem, they deserve to be ostracized from South African society as punishment

Oh do tell

people are people
lot of good examples bad examples
in each race.
dont be so nieve.
take a black history lesson.
go to nba game.

Also remember that white people are currently in the lead of conquering, enslaving and murdering other races.
Maybe read more history?

Fuck, I don't know why I am making a serious post, but fuck it. I hate it when anons say bad things about my race or call me names. But, at the same when the topic is not about race we have a good conversation. They have even helped me at times, now these people could be of any race or nationaljty white, black, Mexican, Indian or whatever. In the same way in the outside you could find both good and bad people of any race, but unlike on an anonymous image you know their race. I have stopped thinking about the concept of race completely, i only care about individuality, right now. Race doesn't matter. I am only going to judge based on what kind of a person they are.

Oh boy. I can't wait until you find out that whites are actually the unwelcome illegal immigrants and that they are only in South Africa because their ancestors forcibly colonized it and stole all the land. Egg on your face, OP.

Racism and being uneducated goes hand and hand.
No one is surprised


replace the word black with white and see how meaningless what you are saying is.

Meet some black people and get to know them more than surface level.

Everyone knows that you fucking idiot, but remember Rhodesia? Those apes wouldn't know what to do with a country without whites. Look at SA now overrun by communist niggers calling for violence against white farmers for years now.

Well then, so another thread falls into stupidity and racism.
Good job being a lesser human

I honestly don't give a shit, I'm not OP either. As long as I'm not doing KKK shit or getting in random niggers faces about it, who cares what i think inside?

I have a rant from my mind the other day for here

I'm not racist in that I think any race deserves to exist over another. There are some amazing black people in the West and some amazing African women living their cultures and men trying to protect animals there.

However black people like to be victims. Nobody stops them from exceeding vut they always complain that aby faikure is never their fault, that they don't have flaws and are forced to do bad things, and they go to all non black countries for opportunities and scam and rape people, and always complain that everywhere is racist against them. They could enjoy not being minorities in Africa, so why choose to go where there are other people and cultures and complain? And when minorities are in Africa, anyone not black, they get scammed and raped there too. Yet you cannot call Africa racist nor can you call out racism from Western raised blacks.

There is this huge double standard because black people want power just like everyone else. And if they lose and can't take responsibility then that is everyone elses fault for protecting themselves. If the positioms were switched so you think the black majority countries would let poor white and asian immigrants come in? No way.

I don't believe they are inferior genetically or deserve death. But they are the same humans that are flawed and they are culturally different and should respect their place while others respect their own.

In short the culture of black and African men is misogynistic and disgusting and the culture of many black women is ghetto. But there are respectable people among them hust as there are dishonorable people among other races.

I've experienced prejudice from every race but I've only experienced actual racism and actual disrespect from blacks.

funny thing is I'm black and hate black women especially, they are usually loud and obnoxious, sometimes the men but they cool when you a fellow brother.

I guess my point is try to understand black people by hanging out with them at least find decent blacks that are normal.
Maybe sleep with a nigga.

>guy wants to be anally violated by the bbc

hey, eminem managed to do it.

Thank you Jow Forums for helping me enlist in the Air Force

no problem samefagged.

hes not a tripfag, so anyone can post under his name

I have no idea what this means..
but I'm not a guy though.
Women get harassed a lot by creepy Nigerians living in US, Europe, and Asia.
I have at least 5 separate incidences of being followed and touched in public.
It's just reality.

Stopping making generalizations would be a good start..

>East Asians are dying

1. Hang around people who aren't racist who can tell you when you're making racist comments
2. Think over what you say, correct yourself in your head
3. Wait for your brain to rewire itself to this new way of thinking, that's just a matter of practice. It goes a lot faster than you might expect tough.

They are the lesser of all race (red, white, yellow, and black). At one point, red was the master race, colonized the world, and mixed with all the others except black.
We hate blacks because they mostly aren't human

>Africa really is shitty and they committed a lot of genocides
I spoke to a girl once, who was a super hippie, she did a peace mission in Africa. She said (and I forget her exact words), Africa is like a dumping grounds for all the immoral waste of humanity. All the worst things people do, the worst of the worst, happens there and it's just one big pit of evil.

The reason people hate blacks from what I can tell are for the following reasons:

- Perceived as having low intelligence or low IQ
- Most times visually unattractive, undesirable or intimidating
- Quick to be violent, loud, aggressive, egotistical and emotional. This is all compounded by the fact they tend to hang out in groups (as seen in gangs) more than any other race
- Well known for theft, drugs and drug trafficking, gang wars, man slaughter, complaining, sleeping around, not fathering their children and chasing money

Jow Forums has cultivated a wariness in me around black people. I tend to be afraid of them and avoid them. I'm aware there are exceptions on an individual basis, as there are with all cultures and peoples. As a collective group however they regrettably tend to fall into many of these common stereotypes.

Every race and people are different, and I think they could possibly be having a hard time adjusting to a western environment. Perhaps they would function better in a different kind of society, possibly one that's more organic. They could also be a victim of a political conspiracy keeping them outraged with slavery, news and media keeping them in a halted state of progression.

I don't hate black people, I just want to avoid them whenever I can. I hate hating people and being racist. I hope that their bad reputation and common negative stereotypes will change over time.

Black people that are not from America seem friendly and warm. I typically don't like black Americans the most.

I think it's fine if you don't like black people OP. just don't be disrespectful and hateful by calling them the "N" word. You're more civilized than that. Think about the facts and just keep your emotions out of it. And think about how you can get the situation to improve rather than hating needlessly and making it worse.

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You're not the only one OP, we're used to it by now.

Most racist thing I'm willing to admit: white people and black people are scary, everyone else is just normal imo.

I don't want to be racist, in fact I think everybody should be judged as an individual. Someone's personal qualities are what matters - their race doesn't matter.

But you mentioned how in Africa, fucked up stuff happens. That is true. I have seen videos on Jow Forums of vigilante killings taking place in Africa, where people have huge concrete blocks thrown on them, then they are often tied to something with chains, then doused in petrol and set in flames. It is pretty gruesome. Of course other parts of the world see acts of barbarism too. The developed world does, of course. And I have also seen videos of dogs being boiled alive in China, another horrific practice. But I don't think you would be able to get away with a whole group of people carrying out vigilante murders in the street in most developed countries, by throwing concrete blocks at them and setting them alight.

I guess the point at the end of the day is that every race of people, whether it's European or African or Asian or anything else, have committed extreme violence and extreme injustice.

you know nothing of history. 90+% of current day south Africa was uninhabited when whites arrived. mass immigration started from other parts of Africa because of “white man’s” commerce

>you have to fuck with your brain in order to not be racist


OP - would you hate them equally if their skin was green? If so - could it be that you hate the culture and not the skin color?

>he thinks it's about color

My question stands

Half black half white here,

I feel black people are more wild, and our culture is more wild in nature. White people feel more domesticated to the "greater good" if that makes sense. What really convinced me is what happened to canine skulls over the course of domestication compared to the differences between African skulls and Eurasian ones.

I know it's likely pseudo science but still, it explained a lot to me when I was trying to differentiate between my "black side" and "white side."

Also, is it a black thing to stare down people in the street? If I make eye contact with another black guy, I make sure to never look away first, when I do it to white guys, they almost always look away instantly unless they're evidently blackified(wiggerised or w/e). This is the kind of shit that makes me think blacks are just wild versions of the Eurasian races.

P.s. I know in western culture wolves are glorified but I only used the example cause of the image I saw. I'd rather have a goldren retriever watching my baby than a wolf.

>Who were the Khoikhoi?
>Who were the San?
>Who were the Xhosa?

South Africa was inhabited, but Bantu(the type us westerners see the most of in sports, film and music) blacks were relatively recent immigrants and were not native to the area.

The white demand for black labour did substantially increase SA's Bantu population though, it's true.

nigga, some black people are hilarious


My family has had our house broken into multiple times and my aunt was carjacked in broad daylight

watchu tellin me 4 nigga

Fine. If the greens inherited every trait the blacks have currently (dumb, aggressive, etc) then yes, I would hate them the same.

Stop being racist

>I think it's fine if you don't like black people OP. just don't be disrespectful and hateful by calling them the "N" word. You're more civilized than that. Think about the facts and just keep your emotions out of it. And think about how you can get the situation to improve rather than hating needlessly and making it worse.

How about complete removal of blacks and other minorities and ship them back to home? There wont be any problems after that or with racism. How does my plan sounds? Or perhaps is this too racistic for you?

>inb4 white ppl were racistic towards other white ppl

Non non my friend. That was hate for nation not race. Nationalism is stupid but white supremacy is not.

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people in general are shitty, regardless of race

That said, to answer your question
>How do I stop hating black people?
the answer is simple, make more black friends. Obviously, as I said people in general suck, but you might end up with one or two decent black friends, and that may redeem your racist view.

We're all racist on some level, it's in our nature to focus on our differences, but we as intelligent humans should strive to overcome our innate prejudices.

>and that may redeem your racist view
Kek. Liberals are complete cult and you dont even comprenhend it.

Get rid of one problem, another takes its place. Just live your life, NEETboy

>Get rid of one problem, another takes its place.

Such as? I agree Country have always problems such as teological, ideological or economical but if you change demography it aint coming back you know?

> Black Hawk Down -> Air Force
do you have your wings yet fairy?