I like a girl

I like a girl.
I need to stop liking her. It's making the uni classes that I see her in pretty insuferable.
What's the best way to stop liking her?
I'm not ready yet to consider romantic relationships with females, I'm working on it but I'm still socially awkward and overweight.

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pls respond

Don’t bottle up your feelings, I know exactly how you feel, but it’s better to be honest with yourself then not. Use her as motivation to get fit and to stop being an aspie

Turn love into hate. It has worked for me in the past, but it's kind of a dick move if you do it intentionally.

Yeah, well, I'm working on it as I'm trying to improve myself in general from 'fat shut-in neckbeard' to at the very least 'passable normal person' level, but it doesn't happen overnight.
How do I do that?

Try to avoiding her as much as you can and forbiding yourself to look at her in uni classes before it's too late imo. She'll slowly fade out your mind if you success doing so.

First, consider Second, consider this: she probably is a virgin (meaning other men have used her), she may already be in a relationship (you'd be rejected), she may not find you attractive (you'd be rejected), you realize women are as foul (if not more so) than men, and you realize that what you're feeling is a primal infatuation that is much different than real love and not worth the effort of maintaining.
Basically, look at things pragmatically and stop romanticizing this girl, because in all likelihood she's a whore

I think it's normal that a girl around 19 isn't a virgin, I don't care much for that.
But you're right for the other things. I'll try to think about those every time I'm in that class.
Just need to keep reminding myself she'd rather get fucked in the ass by all the Chads in the class before she even aknowledges my existence.

I would suggest getting to know her more, because there is a big chance that you'll stop caring her the way you care right now. Knowledge is the #1 infatuation killer, #2 is space-time.

That said I'm infatuated to someone and I'm completely scared shitless to the point that seeing her passing by the other side of the street is enough to trigger panic attacks in me. I have no idea how to deal but to wait until it goes away or my body somehow gets used to it.

I have no idea how to approach her enough to get to know her more.
And I really wish I could avoid her. I started seating in the very front in that class so I don't see her, but I do end up looking towards her direction sometimes since the fucking instructor likes to walk all over the place.

Imagine her to be a lovely work of art or a pretty tree. It is OK to admire and appreciate her beauty, and to let that enrich your days, without committing yourself emotionally

I just had an idea - I can't use it in my case because I'm an employee and she's a student - but it could work in yours.

Next time there is a group/pair assignment, why don't you ask her if you can join her group? I were you in this case I would write it in a piece of paper and ask for people to pass it to her (I would have a stroke before opening my mouth if I were to talk directly to her).

There might be a group assignment in this class sometime this semester.
I can't do it in a way that's too awkward though, since I gotta keep up my fake normie facade. Also, I'm older than almost everyone there so I have to appear 'serious'.

>I'm older than almost everyone there so I have to appear 'serious'.

You don't have to, you just want to. Drop it.

Pretty much this, my man. And just because it's normal doesn't mean you can't criticize it, or find it disgusting.

What do you mean?
Everyone there is around 19-20 and I'm a former shut-in neet that's 25. Isn't it expected to be more 'serious' and more 'mature' because I'm 25? Fuck, i got no idea how some normal my age is supossed to act like.
Why would I be disgusted by someone having a normal romantic life, getting a partner at the normal age of 16-17, etc etc. I don't live in the US, the sluts who slept with hundreds of dudes by 20 might be the norm there but aren't the norm here.

Hey dude, I'm just saying if you learn to find it gross, it makes ignoring whores a lot easier. I'm trying to advise you on the question you posed. Why are you getting defensive

I didn't mean to come out as defensive, I just always found other fellow lonely loser's obsession with getting a 'virgin gf' really ridiculous and delusional.

>Everyone there is around 19-20 and I'm a former shut-in neet that's 25. Isn't it expected to be more 'serious' and more 'mature' because I'm 25? Fuck, i got no idea how some normal my age is supossed to act like.

How serious or not someone is depends not just on age but personality, experience, etc. There are also moments when you need to be serious like when addressing someone in a professional way or working on a group project but there is no obligation to be serious with your classmates during the break.

"Just be yourself" and work on reading the situation so you minimize the chances of saying/behaving in a inappropriate way.

Yes, setting "virginity" as a desirable traits marks you as not only stupid, but 100% delusional. I'm suggesting viewing a lack of virginity as gross, not because you want her, but because she's a whore.
I only become infatuated with faces anymore. Women as a whole disgust me. And not because I have experience. No, quite the opposite. I have filled in all gaps (that's to say everything) with a negative image of what women are and have effectively become immune to liking anything other than their bodies

Well, I'm not quite as bitter. But maybe I should become like that, since I need years of self-improvement before I'm 'dateable'.
It would probably save me alot of dissapointment.

If you please yourself like that

Why can;t you ask her out?

Yeah dude. I never set out to be bitter, nor would I call myself that. Its just my mechanism for dealing with isolation but also natural desire. If I wasn't horny all the time, I wouldn't have had to create a reason to dislike women

It's because you see her everyday.

Go to the gym and work out. You don’t have to kill yourself, go at your own pace. Don’t be self conscious, loads of overweight people do it. If nothing else you will feel better after it

I really need to hit the gym.
I really want to as well, but I keep procrastinating.

Whenever I need to get over a guy, I just daydream about the perfect boyfriend until I fall in love with that image in my head. After I while I lose interest since it's only my imagination anyway, and I'm free from having a crush on the 3dpd guy as well.
Hope this helps.

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