I look ugly in pictures

How do you fix looking ugly in pictures?

I like to think that I'm not THAT ugly and when I look at myself in the mirror I don't look bad but every time I take a head on picture it's just really ugly.
My face gets distorted, ears big, nose wide, eyes creepy.... If I try to smile my nose gets fucked up and eyes look like I'm a serial killer.

Used to post on soc a few months ago and every time I posted a head on picture where I was trying to smile I'd get a 4 or 5 telling me my nose / eyes look weird.

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use a different distance for pictures, preferably 5-10m even. close-up selfies are a no-go unless you're trying to look goofy

1. Proper Light
2. Not using the screen camera
3. Not too close
Pic rel was taken with a phone and just my window light
5. Avoid "bad" or "strong" lighting conditions. E.g bright sunny days. Look out for clouds or sunsets.

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I'm not talking only about selfies, even if my friend taxes a picture of me I look bad.
I'd still look goofy as shit if I took a picture just like you.

Stop thinking mirror you is what you look like, it isn't. Also, you study how you look in photos far more than you do of (and than) anyone else.

>you study how you look in photos far more than you do of (and than) anyone else.
Doesn't matter, I still get 4s and 5s on /soc/

1. Take a whole lot of pictures of yourself or have someone take them. From different angles and with different expressions, until you understan which expressions and angles favor you most.
2. Learn and understand what different focal lenses do and hw they affect a portrait. For example, if you want a picture of your face, it's usually better to take a pic from a couple of meters(yards) away and them cropping the face portrait. Your nose and more promminent features will blend in better and give a closer result to what you look like in real life.
3. Learn to pose. This implies knowing which facial expressions suit you better. Instead of an all out "friendly" smile, a milder smile might look better in pics. Have a set of "expressions". This is what models and actors do.

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Maybe a photo of you can actually tell us more about you OP, we can give some piece of advice but it would be better if we could see what we’re dealing with here

I don't know how to pose I think that's my big problem, my "smile" is always a half smile that distorts my face.
I already posted something about myself a few days ago so I didn't want to seem annoying, here's me.
This picture was taken by my friend yesterday, see how it distorts my face? Makes my big nose look retarded

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VERY few people look good when consciously posing for photos - that's why those who do get paid a lot as models.

Have a friend follow you around, taking pics of you whenever you're not expecting it. Look among them and you'll find that when you are caught being natural, some pics will be pretty good.

I feel.
I always looked somewhat good in the mirror
Then i realize what I see is literally reverse what everyone sees.
My real face is asymmetrical, distorted, crooked jaw.
Rip OP

You look half decent, it's good. Just have them take the picture from farther away and them crop to the portrait you need. Phone cameras have wide angle lenses that will make your nose more prominent.
Also, look at Jeff Goldblum portraits, you look like a young version of him.

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I don't like taking pictures at all, the one I posted here I took because I needed a new social media profile picture.
Feel you user
Never got compared to Jeff, had a guy over on /soc/ say when I grow up a bit and my jaw gets chiseled I'll look like Rami Malek.

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OP I feel you and apparently a lot of people do.

I'd spend time looking in a mirror fixating on every little flaw. I convinced myself I didn't look that bad. I saw myself how others see me and I look horrendous. One eye is a completely different shape from my other eye (thanks to years of rubbing it daily), it's lower than the other eye, my mouth is to the side a bit, my nose is large and crooked. It brought back memories of my mom taking a picture of me, looking at it then trying to "fix" my nose by trying to push it to one side while grumbling.
I used to use two mirrors to see how I really look and tried to move my mouth a certain way, or squint one eye, etc. It was exhausting doing that at all times when I was out and I'm sure I looked really stupid.

I confided in my partner about how I feel and they didn't even notice any of these flaws and claimed that I look good. I've confided in friends and have had a similar reaction. I still feel ugly, but as someone else said, you're probably focusing on it a lot more than others. Your nose is wide, but you look just fine. You don't look ugly. Your ears are fine, your eyes aren't creepy and you have a cute smile. You look normal. You're going to notice these things more than someone else because you see yourself everyday and fixate on it.

>I confided in my partner about how I feel and they didn't even notice any of these flaws and claimed that I look good. I've confided in friends and have had a similar reaction. I still feel ugly, but as someone else said, you're probably focusing on it a lot more than others.
This. When I was at my worst and had no self-esteem I used to constantly ignore compliments and think that they were wrong. Not that the person was lying or stupid, just that it wasn't true and that I instead knew the truth.

I feel great about my life now and I look back and laugh at how I used to think because it's utter nonsense. I still don't think I'm good looking, and I look weird in photos often, but when I get called handsome or fit by girls? Fuck man it feels great. Also as a guy you will generally look better with age, so don't fucking worry about it.

Well it's ruining my self confidence a lot which is needed to get the said partner.
It's a loop with no end and no beginning.

I just have no idea how to take photos for, for example, social media.
The photo I posted ITT is my profile photo at the moment and I feel bad about it, but then again the last one was even worse.

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fucking use different angles jesus christ, everyone has good and bad angles

well if you think so. I'm actually a photographer and got 700 likes with this stupid picture on dating sites. Not saying that it wouldn't be stupid, but it worked

Good Light is the most important thing.

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>oh no the attention whores from /soc/ don't like my photo
cry me a fucking river

You seem like a good photograph, why not make it a business

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I'll bump you for the Yotsuba friend

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Yotsuba is my friend.

We can share

No one has a completely asymmetrical face, user. Even celebrities.
Also keep in mind, we've never personally seen our faces flipped or from the viewpoint of others. So naturally we're going to think we're strange or ugly if we flip photos. Because it's so unnatural from what we're used to.
Also who knows, maybe outside the mirror we actually look better than we know. That's just hopeful talk, but don't take your appearance at face value.

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>Stop thinking mirror you is what you look like, it isn't.
It is, you retard, do you think reflections are some magic voodoo stuff? Photo you isn't what people look like because of lens distortion.

Well the thing about us not knowing how we truly look is right but then all the effort we put into our face can be meaningless.

Yeah but you're flipped in the mirror.

>lens distortion
Not an argument. Seriously

You're used to the inverted image in the mirror so that's not you
Photos also aren't you because you're frozen still in them and that is unnatural, movements are also part of your appearance.

If you look better in the mirror you'll look better in real life as well.