There's this guy at work I really like and he's a bit older than me but he's always flirty and calls me his future wife(he says wifey but I dunno if tjust a slang thing or his accent) but yesterday it was really empty in the store and I kinda rested against him but he pushed me away and told me to chill out?

I was really embarassed and he pointed to the cameras and said "HR"?

I don't get how he's serious when he says so many flirty things but gets scared just cause I was leaning on him?

I feel so awkward just thinking about it because it feels like I completely misread the situation I thought he was gonna ask about valentines day.

I'm working again later tonight with just me and him. Should I just pretend nothing happened and act all professional or should I apologise?

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Don't worry. No one will attack you. In fact, if HR saw the tape, he'll probably get fired. Problem solved

But I don't want him to get fired?

He might like you and just wanted to protect the both of your jobs. Like if the tapes are randomly reviewed. It's not good if two people, who are the only ones running a store, are acting super flirty and like they love each other. It's unprofessional.

Ask him what his plans are for valentines day. And when he says nothing, either give him big eyes, or ask if he think he should spend it alone, or with his future wife.

Well, maybe he shouldn't have sexually assaulted you?!

Trip fag's actually giving decent advice. That's different

He is moving within the limitation of what’s safe for him. Not you.
Also calling you his future wife as a co worker is creepy too, but if that’s what your into... enjoy.

why are you women so dumb, he just didnt want any trouble with HR
tell him you like him and you wouldnt mind being his wife, then he will ask you out

Are you retarded he outright rejected any physical contact just to avoid a problem like that the flirting part is not sexual assault nor does it appear on the tape

He obviously likes you because if he didn't he would know he could use the tape as evidence to make a sexual assault claim against you. Guys are methodical and know they need evidence for such claims. If he's trying to make sure there is no evidence then you're basically having sex and he wants you to have his children.

He calls me his future ex-wife sometimes, I dunno how to explain it but I'm not the only one who laughs when he makes the jokes.

I don't wanna scare him off even more but we both do have days off tomorrow and friday?

Maybe I'll just mention how my day off will suck because all my friend's are doing things for valentines day or something.

Your company have a policy about coworkers dating?

9 times out 10 jokes about being a couple are the ultimate form of flirting.

>because all my friend's are doing things for valentines day or something.
Take more control.
Ask if he's doing anything for Valentine's day and if he says he isn't ask him out for a drink because all of your friends are busy.
This gives him a yes or no instead of hoping he figures out your smoke signals.

I get super anxious even thinking about saying that no thanks.

I'm being facetious you dumb whore. I am insinuating that if this became an issue, he'd likely get in more trouble than you. I'm playing up the idea that women can do no wrong, which is mostly true.
Basically I'm saying nothing will happen. Especially to you

If it was the other way around, he would be fired, jailed and raped by Tyrone. Are you happy with that, you succubus?

Great things in life take work.

Like every guy out there, he's scared shitless of losing his job for daring to exist near a female.
You created this, enjoy it.

This thread got super bitter super quick thabks for the good advice though!

If the title allready includes #metoo what do you think will come from it?
It basically had a rapey undertone from the start.

The picture in the OP went very well with the undertone of the thread.

Also, if you want advice:
Don't date someone from work. It probably won't end well.

Also also: why is this the third "thisguyfromwork"/thread that I see today? And all of them include the fact that tomorrow is valentinesday.

I was gonna put how I thought he was being paranoid but I thought that maybe he didn't actually like me and I forgot to remove it.

Just straight up tell him that you really like him and ask, why he pushed you away at that day.
If it was because he doesn't like you in that way or if he just was scared that he get in trouble with the boss.

If you are a girl it's not that hard to ask that stuff. Even if he doesn't see you as a potential partner, he probably will be nice to you.
For guys its not that easy. If a woman tells you off you most likely will be seen as a creep and you have your reputation at work ruined.