574 applications

>574 applications
>9 phone interviews
>4 in person interviews
>0 offers

How am I supposed to repay my cs student loans at this rate?

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with those sweet jugs, tootsie pop. come on, let us have a look.


Just default on your loans. Seriously, what's the worst that can happen?

You must be pretty shit. I got my first job after like 4 or 5 applications.

Work at the college for 10 years and the debt goes away.

Citibank was actually responsible for legislation during the 2007/8 chaos that makes it next to impossible to discharge student debt.

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One application, three interviews for it and a job at a bank as a .net dev. Feels good man

Take my advice.
Go back to graduate school before your loans go into default. If you don't, you'll go into default which prevents you from being able to take more loans out. If you are jobless for too long, they won't even consider you. Hell, even if you don't finish the graduate program, you are much more credible applying to jobs from one than you are being a NEET.

Also, stop posting imagines like this. It shows your mind is in the gutter.

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well, it utterly fucks your credit and if you were defaulting because you lacked the funds to pay, good luck ever buying a house or even a car at anything less than Tier IV nissan financial credit lmao

Jesus Christ.

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oh i forgot, your wages get garnished until you die

Can't garnish disability payments.

you don't qualify for more federal aid if you owe shit tons of federal aid already, that includes social security

Did you go to some buttfuck nowher shit tier cs community college? Asking for reference.

stop being a leech

That's not true. They are obliged to provide SSDI.
Stop penalizing people so much that they have no other choice. See

I'm at 143 applications out with 4 phone interviews so far. Its only been a month and a half since I started putting out applications. So far Florida and Ohio are the ones that look promising for landing something.

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You'll be fine. You can always just ask a relative to sign for your house and you pay while they transfer the deed to you once it's paid off. And as far as cars are concerned just get a used car or again use a relative.
Defaulting on student debt is the best way to cheat the system

you can't ha ha

You can't default on student loans

Nobody wants to hire you because nobody knows you.
Skills come second. Didn't they teach you that in school?

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Those are 100% shopped. She has done nudes or near nudes before, they're like kid's pancakes

So much this. Skill only comes first of you're absolutely exceptional, for us lowly humans we need connections.

Become a hitman who takes contracts exclusively on HR and recruiters. You'll be rolling in cash. Everyone wants those fuckers dead.

you mean only angry bitter jobless neets want them gone
and they have no money lmao

holy shit this post reeks of normalfaggotry and reddit
fuck off OP

HR faggot detected. You gon get killed just like you deserve, asshole.

Start networking. Jobs don't come from degrees, applications, and interviews. Jobs come from people that need employees. Find people that need employees and work for them. I'm a software developer, I have a GED and no degree, I've never applied for a software job, I met people that do the work I wanted to do, then I was asked to work, or I asked them to help me get work.

>574 applications

Man, my last 2 job searches I did 3 applications each. I can't even imagine researching what 574 companies do to customize those cover letters and getting nothing in return.

Are you fucking me?
300+ applications literally lost count and dont have the original spreadsheet

Where the hell are you applying to get 500+ applications anyway? Or are you just getting super desperate and applying around the world. I'm only applying in Southern California and I'm only at like 50 apps and I've pretty much comed the area.

I'm somewhere around 300 or so applying for jobs anywhere in New Zealand over the last 18 months or so. Wasn't keeping detailed records before that.

>le CS is worthless thread #21873553464091
you discord shitters really need to kill yourselves

Something's wrong with your approach OP. Either your resume is absolute dogshit or you're not good at doing interviews. Probably both.
I mean, I hired for an entry level software dev company within 2-3 months of sending out applications. It was the first in-person interview I went to, and I didn't use a reference.
Maybe start taking improv classes.

Nah, were just well overdue for a mass HR killing. The incompetent fuckwits are reaching new lows of ineptitude.

> 574 applications

wtf.. dude. OK I tell you how it goes:

> make a github account
> write a simple library, wrapper, tool or whatever and push it into the public
> make a promising README (most important step)
> go to stackoverflow and search for the problem that your library, wrapper, tool or whatever solves
> advertise your shit
> see the delicious github stars incoming
> in your next interview mention your open source stuff

"Oh wow Mr. user!! We need people like you!! Please take our 6 figure salary!!"

HR is mostly roasties. The best way to get them to like you is the same way you do with any roastie. Act like you're attracted to them (and maybe you are, but you're probably not going to fuck a coworker).

Leave country and work elsewhere

Start sucking dicks instead.

Not OP, but that's what I'm trying to do. HR is still garbage in other countries however.

Just look like Chad bro
vid very much related, 9:47 onwards

Unironically start thinking up viable self employment ideas. It's your only chance at this point.

Just save up enough money to live like a loon in a forrest

Like varg for example

I did this, to no avail so far

Or Ted.

Any success so far with that?

does it matter

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Yes of course. I've seen countless people being hired on that basis. Including myself. The best part is you can talk about your own code/projects in interviews. How could that not be a great start.

>education isn't free
wow what kind of a shithole country do you live in

Create a startup. Talk to people. Do you have a LinkedIn? Do you include it in the resume? Get a side job while you look for proper job. Look overseas

who is she?

>Also, stop posting imagines like this. It shows your mind is in the gutter.

do ALL mericans live on borrowed money?

I don't, but it's pretty hard to do anything without borrowing money.

>countless applications
>1 phone interview
>2 in persons
>0 offers
i fucked up as well.

>phone interviews
Why do they do this?
It's almost like they don't care about you enough to see you in person.
If a company tries to do this shit with me, it gets fucking dropped.

they're pretty busy and have to sort through like 50 applicants out of the 3000 they already culled through

it's just a preliminary phone screen, they want to filter out retards who lie about being able to program

phone interviews
in person interviews

I see these type of things posted here frequently.

The tech industry is trying to import H1Bs in the US to fill the many outstanding vacancies, among other reasons.
If you are having a tough time getting a job but have a good resume then one likely reason is "cultural fit" which is a more polite way of saying you come off as a sperg.

Imagine you're a hiring manager, and you ask a question like "Can you tell me what's wrong with this code" and you respond with "jeez, what idiot wrote this..." and then I ask you questions about your proposed solution and you get defensive then you are likely to be a problem for the company.
Companies are organizations of people *working together* to get something done. If you I think you're going to be hell to work with, why would I hire you? You might be able to burn through tickets like no ones business but if you cause people to leave the company because of your obnoxious personality we're losing a lot of ground keeping you around.

Further, hiring and firing is expensive so if you think a person is going to be a problem to work it is best to err on the side of caution and not hire them.

If your problem is that your resume isn't strong enough then you can pick up certifications and do side projects to beef up your resume since neither of those two require you to already be employed.

Kill yourself incompetent HR scum, before someone rightfully bashes your head in themselves.

This user has nailed it.

Disgusting samefag scum. We all know that even following all your "advice" HR will invent frivolous reasons to not hire anyway. Kill yourself.

>what is a bra

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>large company contacts me
>"you seem like a good fit, pls interview with us"
>pass programming challenge
>fail phone interview
Do they just blindly spam all programmers they can find?

>Do they just blindly spam all programmers they can find?
yes they do
everyone knows it

>we just hire A players;))))) like the blog told us ;))) our CTO is a code artisan

I really wonder about their actual goal.
Last month Fortune 500 tech company writes
>we really liked your github, pls interview
>phone interview goes OK
>make it sound like it's a done deal
>they ghost me
Remember, THEY contacted me out of the blue. Something's wrong with HR, as if they had a quota of how many interviews to conduct and they just pick random GitHub profiles
I don't even take them seriously anymore

I have yet to graduate, I have never even actively looked for jobs yet, yet I got 4 offers this week alone.
And no, I'm not American. No debt or other shit.

How does it feel like to live in a third world country?

Offers to interview or actual contracts?

>Remember, THEY contacted me out of the blue.
last monday some dude had me drive a pretty fucking long round trip for an interview in person for a job way under my skills (which is no problem, mind you, I just need a little cash atm), mostly using a smole brane software and excel work
an interview for which I never asked, a friend got us in contact

had me do a personality test and then an interview and everything was going great and he asked about my degree and I told him I had none
from this point on, he didn't ask me a single question, quickly introduced the company then told me he'd call me only to tell me I "didn't pass the personality test"



You think most people here know how bras work?

Not even women know how bras work.

>fell for the CS meme
>so hard he got loans
>no jobs after 570+ applications

Time to become a mason/bus driver/train engineer/plumber/any other bluecollar in-demand worker.

I have a job and I'm not even done yet. They are literally asking me to come work for them. The fuck are you doing.

Who hurt you?

Not really, just make more money

i have about 100 applications
countless phone interviews, i think HR has nothing else to do
2 interviews
first interview went good, they said they would contact me to tell me the results but i got ghosted
second interview they were really rude and elitist, especially when i didnt gain a year in php experience from when i applied to when they interviewed me

Don't being a sperg is kinda expected in computer related stuff?

what if im objectively ugly, like a 3/10?

>Dropped out of college two months ago
>3 applications
>1 phone interview
>1 in person interview
>Got an internship offer with a good chance of being hired full time after that
>Rejected a job offer before this one
How can you be so uninteresting that nobody cares about you?

If you're making THAT many applications and getting nothing, then either your skills are bad, or your CV is bad, or you're just not putting enough care and attention into making a cover letter which actually caters to the job description that they've posted.

You need to change something. You studied CS, computer science? Okay so there's probably particular languages you did. So apply for jobs that mention those specific languages. Talk about your specific experience with those languages.

It sounds very much like you're just spamming applications to anybody and everybody with not a care in the world. That's a really fucking stupid waste of time. It is much better to apply for just 5 jobs, if they are very suitable ones and you make a well-crafted cover letter which targets each one specifically and talks about your specific skills, than to spam your CV to 100, many of which probably require things you don't have, and where you are not doing a proper cover letter that sells yourself.

Also those interviews, were they with big companies that lots of people want to work at? Go for small companies. My first proper salaried job after uni was at a small company. It was awesome. It's much more fun working at a small company because you get to see more aspects of the business, there's more variety to your job, you work alongside everybody in the business first-hand, and you're not just a cog in a corporate machine.

Also you might have to relocate. I relocated to London for that job (web dev by the way, so similar to you). That's because London is the heart of that industry. The best companies are there. Lots of little small businesses are there (and big ones as well of course). If you're in the US, then I guess NYC, SF, Silicon Valley, Seattle, but even other pretty big cities like Atlanta, Austin, etc., will have tech sectors.

What state

You're not, you're supposed to make a marginal dent in them while they follow you around for the rest of your life. As long as you're in debt, you're sure to keep working. As long as you're working, you're helping your exec's get rich.

You need to walk in with big dick energy to those interviews. Walk in like you're about to fuck them good. Don't be a tiny dick weakling

Yeah probably like 80% that are in perpetual debt, whether it's a student loan, healthcare costs, mortgage, etc.