How do I accept that I will never have a SO?

How do I accept that I will never have a SO?
>inb4 you can user if you just try
No that is blatantly untrue. I am one of those cases where there is 0 hope for me
So what do I have to do to accept my fate as a genetic reject

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Funny, I made this post that you screen shotted. Jow Forums is a small world.

Anyways, my point wasn't really that you have to be conventionally handsome, although you will have a harder time if you aren't. I don't believe men can just "personality" themselves into a relationship. I think at the end of the day, what separates a friendship or "friend zone" from a relationship that's romantic and sexual is, obviously, sexual attraction. But it's not as much about being a chad as it is at least "approaching" her physical preferences or ideals. It's actually quite frustrating, because it means so much of dating is out of your control. I think most people are fairly normal and would make at least decent relationship partners, and their willingness to go there is usually hinged on physical attraction. That attraction is based heavily on primary caretakers in your life, although there may be exceptions, but overall people have a "type" and are usually unwilling to stray from it. Most people who pair off are really just at or around average. Their faces are nothing special. Don't be fooled when a woman is obsessed with one particular guy's looks over another. He might be really good looking, but a lot of the time it's just a normal dude who brings something to the table. Again, the most frustrating part is this is out of your control. You can actually be a really good person and some people aren't going to want to sleep with you because they have a type, and you're not it. Anyone who tells you it's because you weren't alpha enough or didn't have enough game are just bullshitting themselves. Nothing is "wrong" with you. You're just not their type.

You didn't explain why you will not get a SO.

To add to it, don't put too much faith in concepts like being too needy or too interested or not aloof enough, or too aloof. These are often attempts at conscious, logical rationalizations for why someone isn't into someone else. Unless you really ARE blowing up her phone, but even then, that's an exaggeration more often than not. Subconsciously, it's because you didn't really attract her strongly enough (because she didn't like your face or overall appearance) and it's hard for her to handle a guy who's really into her that she's not into back. If a guy she was attracted to did all the things she claims are too clingy coming from the guy she's not attracted to, she not only wouldn't mind, she'd probably really enjoy it.

Pic related is all you need

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>4.5"x5" penis (erect)
>Average AT BEST face
I am and will never be anyone's type

Stupid post

That's it? Weak excuse. Men exactly like you describe have got SOs. What's the real reason you're not telling us?


Why is it?

Because it precludes him from posting his own "advice" which is already contained in that screencap

Is the post wrong? I don't see the issue. This is kinda the foundation of self improvement. Being a "better you" isn't just that, it's becoming someone else. That's why people say fake it til you make it. Some people aren't good enough for society as they are. I don't want it to be true, but it is. Do you disagree?

No, not at all. Your are 100% ± 10% right. This is why I've saved the image; because it contains such distilled truth, it's as if Plato reached entitlement and posted the absolute form of truth in an imageboard post

Stay bitter. Kek

That he's not willing to settle for a woman he doesn't find attractive, obviously. Which makes sense.
Relationships take lots of time and effort. Imagine committing tons of time and effort to a woman you find ugly, whose company you can't stand, who only tolerates you because she's as desperate as you are. Sound like a happy relationship? So many people I know basically just got a girl so they can get laid occasionally and they see time they spend with her as a chore. Just... no.

I fucking hate when people use the "but that's becoming someone else" cop out. No you insipid fuckstick, you're not becoming somebody else. You're still fucking you. You do not have a different car just because you chipped it and got better tires. If you are so terrified of becoming a different person then youd better kill yourself immediately, because you're going to be a different version of you in a year or two and apparently that's horrific. You're not the same person you were five, ten years ago. That's a bad thing? The fuck? Has your continuity of consciousness stopped? No? Then what is the fucking problem?

>when adopting interests and fundamentally changing your character traits is still you being you
That's a leap of faith I'm not willing to take, my dude

>That's a leap of faith I'm not willing to take, my dude
You will stagnate. What a way to live.

>You're still fucking you.
That's the real issue. It's not about "becoming someone else", it's about putting on an tiresome act.
Some women walk around on their tiptoes, speaking in timbres three registers higher than their natural voices, pretending to be borderline idiots, wearing painful clothes and a heavy, itchy mask of powders and oils on their faces. No wonder they go nuts after all that.
The black pill is the real truth. Be yourself, unironically. And if "yourself" involves dying a 70-year-old virgin, so be it. Better than the alternative.

Don't get your panties in a bunch. You are misunderstanding. What people see of you and what you know of yourself are different. That's why 3rd parties call it a transformation while inside you would just see growth. New people would not know the old you and if you told them they might not even believe you. You don't actually become a different person but you can effectively do so, at least as far as the outside world is concerned. Who said I was afraid of changing? I've done it.bim just explaining that the other user is right. Sometimes you're not good enough and you better change because the world is indifferent. Everyone wears a mask, might as well wear a good one.

His responses are calling anyone a liar and swearing over his misfortunes. He's not here to get a better life or advice, don't bother.

I gotta admit whenever someone bitches about their height stopping them from getting laid I remember this one pint-sized lad who had girls lining up for him.

On top of that I later discovered he was transgender (girl to guy). He didn't even have a penis lol, had great game, and this dumb shit is complaining about having one in the first place

If a 5'0" dickless guy is getting laid left and right and someone with more can't, fella should probably check himself.

Exactly. That's the entire fucking point. Some people are inherently not meant to succeed.

>If a 5'0" dickless guy is getting laid left and right and someone with more can't
By desperate, undesirable women.
Better no sex than sex with whales or nutjobs

Are those women good looking? The ones who line up for a five foot tall guy? Just wondering.

Fucking beta virgin BITCH

All I've gotten in terns of advice here is lies, unrealistic promises, and platitudes. Nothing of value and nothing that helps me

What, being told to become attractive, interesting, and confident, while still being yourself isn't helpful?!?

You can't become attractive. You either are or you aren't

Can you not sense my irony in that post?

Sarcasm not irony, but yes I just figured it was worth stating

You got me. I'm tying the noose now. See you guys later

actually you were told to give up several times
see seems like you don't even know what you want to hear

I didn't say to give up. What I basically said was my own two cents and ideas on cutting the bullshit.

Nothing wrong with wanting to improve your life, to affect it in as many good ways as you possibly can for yourself. I just think guys get sold on a delusion that if they just work out a little more, get a little more confident, and have some more "game" they will never feel the pain of romantic rejection ever again. And unfortunately, many of the reasons you get rejected are out of your control. The solution is not to "give up" so much as it is to realize all you really *can* do is put in an effort and be willing to face a lot of rejection and disappointment in life, because the dirty secret, the "harsh truth" (as I made that post and as it pertains to the thread I posted it in), is that the vast majority of people go through it in life. As much as I wish the solution to getting a gf was "just working on your confidence and having hobbies bro", the reality is even after all that you can still get rejected. I would know. The answer is not always to "keep working on yourself" and throwing confidence and personality darts at boards until you land in the center. Sometimes, you just need to meet more people, and you need to WAIT and be patient.

I don't want to give up. I want soild proof that I have a chance

To emphasize my point further, I'll say this.

I know a lot of single guys, who get rejected constantly, and also do rejecting of bad women. These guys have a lot going on with career, "social status", are not lacking in the department of looks, etc. They're not MGTOW, they're not Red Pill. They just can't find women that not only want them back but aren't a dumpster fire. As much as it sucks to feel rejected and like nobody wants you, fixing and improving all these areas of your life don't necessarily make it better. If anything it makes it harder, because now your self esteem has improved and you don't want to settle on someone who's not good for you. You don't need to date an opposite sex version of yourself to be happy, but you cannot date someone who makes you miserable either. You just can't.

Attraction does not concern itself with how good you are "on paper", it doesn't make you feel sexual tension for someone who simply doesn't resonate with your wounded inner child, or remind you of a primary caretaker, or give you things you've been missing etc. Some people wise up and realize "attraction" aka that "spark" is incredibly overrated. People in the east think westerners are insane for placing so much emphasis on how someone "makes you feel", because they recognize how maddening it is and how fleeting it is. But since most people feel like they can just do everything on their own, the only real incentive for them to be in a relationship is if it feels amazing all the time. It's accomplished through delusion, or putting up with someone because you feel drawn to them, no matter how bad for you they actually are.

Do you expect us to provide proof that *you* have a chance? How can we possibly provide that? All we can tell you is that some people are born to die alone OR that you need to acquire confidence, attractiveness, and the ability to be interesting. Your choice, amigo

>I remember this one pint-sized lad who had girls lining up for him.

EVERY time, there's always someone who uses this shit example

I too have a "pint sized lad" friend, and mused over how he was able to get so many girls. One night I went out with him and saw how it works. It's a total numbers game. He bothers 100 women and maybe 10 of them fuck him. Sleeping with 10 girls sounds like a lot when you don't have all the information, that he got 90 nasty rejections. It works for him because sleeping with girls is LITERALLY all his sense of self needs. Rejections brush off him like water, and he won't stew about them for days to come like I think most self-aware people would. He is totally lobotomized in this aspect.

He's not "wanted" by these girls, he just gets lucky, or they get drunk enough. Probably all of them regret it the next morning. It comes as no surprise that he's a total failure when it comes to real relationships, all of which are miserable start to finish and only there does his "lobotomized fuck machine" brain show signs of being hurt and rejected. This isn't for a lack of trying btw, like the "careless casanova" trope or whatever, he genuinely likes these girls and invests in the relationship, but they leave or cheat on him because his sexual attractiveness is seriously stunted by his height and so there isnt a great deal of passion -- they're settling.

This matters because despite what you bird brained normies think, bitter incels don't want sex, they want to be wanted. AKA what normal people get in decent doses their whole life usually without asking. It's no different to telling a black person racism doesnt exist and that they just need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Check your, dare I say it, privilege.

and before someone calls me a bitter incel, I'm actually a normie myself in a happy 5 year relationship. I just understand how this shit works.

stop wallowing in self pity, there are happily married people who are conventionally ugly as fuck. you and the girls you meet are shallow, find someone that isnt shallow. stop equating your attractiveness and whether or not you have a gf to your self worth

Yep. It was like this with my ex. I wasn't fully attracted to her. Cute face tho... but I was MISERABLE.

90% percent of population eventually gets married at some point.
Unless you’re 20-35 year old man in a more rural area in China were men are truely incels because there’s not enough women thier age group, then your fine

Now will be happy with that person or want stay with them is the question. Because divorce has been up but that can be because it’s more available now vs stuck in a unhappy relationship the rest of thier lives.

So take your damn time for your own sake

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How can there be more "never-married" men at any given age range if women aren't sleeping around with older men?

>mfw I'll either be apart of the 7% or I'll be some whore's last stop at the cock carnival
I'll take the former desu

i'll post some advice that'll actually help you

Get off this website for good. Spend more time outside, stay away from adv, redpill, b and all similar cesspools.

if you can, stay off the internet

you're a human being deserving of love, and all this stuff is doing is making you feel even worse about yourself. ask yourself, why do you keep hurting yourself this way? why do you keep seeking validation that you are unloveable? Im telling you right now you're not

Supposedly I'd look good if I was skinny but I used to be skinny and I still had terrible luck with women. Probably because I have Asperger's. There's no shortage of websites online warning women against having a relationship with a man with Asperger's. Also I have bad job so that doesn't help either, since women don't date men who make less than them.

>human being deserving of love
Oh hun. I'm neither human nor do I deserve love, attention, or care from anyone but myself. Fuck off with this feel-good bullshit

yes you are user, i'm genuinely sorry you feel that way

Spending your time being awash in ignorance helps no one.

Or maybe older generations were more likely to get married....

You were given solid proof and you rejected it. Stop lying about wanting advice.

literally this

But Boomhauer is attractive within the realms of the show, though.

>But since most people feel like they can just do everything on their own, the only real incentive for them to be in a relationship is if it feels amazing all the time. It's accomplished through delusion, or putting up with someone because you feel drawn to them, no matter how bad for you they actually are.

Yep, this was me with my abusive, alcoholic, drug addict ex gf. I derserved better than her but she found a weak spot in my soul and exploited and ran it dry for nearly 3 years, now she’s on to the next guy just like that. All the time and energy I put into her chasing lies and delusion, wasting my talents and future.

It’s only been 3 months since our break up but I can still feel her hold on me. Some nights I wake up in cold sweats, I’m fucked that bitch ruined my soul. I’m just glad I didn’t get her pregnant.

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>That's it?
He's 5 foot fucking 1, dude. That's a death sentence in my country. Try to be a little objective, at least.

Which country?

>How do I accept that I will never have a SO?
Give it time. It'll happen eventually.


Can you prove I am? I'm the one dealing with reality here. You're making bold claims about my constitution. I can tell you, factually, that I do not deserve love, care, or attention from anyone but myself, and that I am not human (though to a lesser extent... off you accept homo autisticus to be "human" then maybe I am)

Not "off"

>Give it time. It'll happen eventually.
This is a meme. If you're out of uni with no experience, it's pretty much over. On the bright side, it doesn't sting that bad when you're older, and as it turns out, there's plenty of men (and a few women) who are destined for this sort of thing. Exercise, good mental health, good job, none of these things really will change anything since attraction is largely based on things you can't control.

t. 29 years old

Lots of pajeets and changs that height in your country and they get pussy.

Can't. I'll end up going to Reddit to fulfill my internet needs, and that's a fate worse than wizardry.

No, they're 5'7", 5'4" at the shortest. I've only ever seen two men under 5'5" with partners and I have literally never a seen a man under 5'1" in this country.

Everyone ITT spent so much time trying to convince me I have a chance only to prove that I don't and neglect the main purpose of this thread

No I wasn't

What do you want? Look at yourself. A whole thread dedicated to what a victim you are.

Who the fuck wants you? You can't even stomach a fifteen-second staring contest with the mirror. You want someone to shoulder that pro bono, and for uncounted years of their foreseeable life? You want them to commit to you in the way people commit husband-and-wife?

None of this seems, ooh... obsessive, selfish, oblivious...?
Threads like these, and the character traits that lead you to make them, keep you single.

And again you deflect and push the blame on my personality. Address the real issue here my height.
Also don't pretend like you know me from my posts, because you don't

Then just keep fucking crying on Jow Forums you useless tit
Just keep fucking crying and pissing and moaning.

Who the fuck wants you? You're a whiny little piss-baby
>You don't know me!
I know enough. I've had my five seconds and that tells me you're unattractive because you're a whiny, desperate baby.

Come on, hit me with another excuse, I know you have a fucking ton, you goddamn piss-baby

Then what should I do? Is my height really not that big of an issue? I want to be better, but Everytime I believe in myself something comes along and ruins that

What a faggot. You wanna talk tough but when I actually aks for advice you are silent. None of you bastarda are here to help anyone except your fellow normalfags with your stupid normalfag problems

If you want the ritzy version I'll give you that
But the short version is if you're constantly failing, fucking back down or buck up. If you think your height is a tough sell then make it up some other way. But if you think it's a tough sell, then being a lil bitch about it is just going to hit you with a double negative and you're two-for-O on the checklist and you're already making most girls turn up their nose on first sight because what they're seeing is a bunch of self-pity and self-loathing right away. It's not flattering

Here's the problem, you constantly have judgements and reservations about other people so even if someone looks past the self-loathing, they don't find some heart of gold that cracks wise and breaks down philosophy, they see some dickbreath who shits on other people because they experience success they have to fight for.
It doesn't matter if you succeed or not because they're going to peel back layer after layer and see another dumb thing after another. It won't matter how much effort someone puts in because you haven't put that effort in yourself. You call them 'normalfags' and shit and you want a girl to what, be charmed by that? By your short-sighted judgement of people? What if they'd seen so much more fucking suffering than you but their 'normalfaggotry' was just their way of smiling and bearing that?
Of course you didn't fucking think of that, because you're a fucking rube in the first place. Jesus Christ man. If you want anyone's pity, don't fucking EVER be this GODDAMN PERSON Holy SHIT I cannot stress how fucking ugly that shit is. Friends, girlfriends, fuck it man your own parents are gonna turn a nose up at you if this is the kind of fuckboy you wanna be

>Then what should I do? Is my height really not that big of an issue?

So stop being self-loathing and then what? How much extra work will I have to put in? Would it be easier for me to just learn to be alone

>Give it time. It'll happen eventually.
Evidence suggests that if you've never fucked or been in a relationship by 25, you're almost guaranteed to remain alone until you're 50.

Your attitude is miles worse than OP's you seething retard


It's from a 2009 article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, but it's referenced here (and is a better read):

How do I fix my attitude

Your OP question is how to accept that you'll be alone. I'd say the best way to go about it is to distract yourself from it. I'd recommend watching more pornography, get into anime/hentai if you aren't already. Find some hobbies that take up your time but don't expose you to women (or real women, at least).
How old are you, OP? I'm only 28 but I'm pretty sure at this point I'm never going to be in a relationship. It sucks but I can deal with that, there's lots of cool things I'm probably never going to be able to do. I still live a better life than a lot of people on the planet.

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Therapy mostly. This is a self acceptance issue. Its the same as guys going bald thinking they can never get any women and obsessing over it. Meanwhile other balding guys who accept it get women all the time. There are plenty of men the same height as you who get women all the time.