What drugs legal or not would help the socially inept succeed in life?

What drugs legal or not would help the socially inept succeed in life?

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define succeed

Having friends
Getting the girl
Getting the job
Not end up homeless

friends weed
girl booze
job caffeine
not end up homeless sobriety
u can't win every fight with outside help

>girl booze
>job caffeine

This. Possibly MDMA too, but you learn less from the experience. It's difficult to learn anything from most other drugs.

naturally produced
by your body
by exercise, lifting and
not masturbating.

Avoiding certain foods, sugary drinks,
drugs and alcohol will help.

Practicing speaking by
interacting more with people.
Cultivate a sense of humour.
Interesting people are often interested in the other person.

Find your passion and be passionate about it.

we talking A Girl, or The Girl, coz if you wanna fuck, booze is your best bet, if you want some sorta soul mate, then fucking I dun think drugs or alcohol have anything concrete to offer. and I you don't think caffeine is good for work or study, then your off your fucking head

this cunt may have said it all douchey, but yeh he's more or less there. , work out more, avoid sugar drinks, talk to bitches more freely, never ever censor funny. interesting is a tepid word, find the fun people. yeh find the shit you love and do that shit more often

Are you drunk or esl?


synthetic psilocybin, its legal and can be bought online. Just as long as you don't kill yourself in an anxiety attack.

Doesnt that make you hallucinate?

After seeing what synthetic marijuana does to you I'm inclined to assume using synthetic psilocybin is something akin to injecting formaldehyde.

>concession: the post


This, MDMA and booze are the answers top of the list.

LSD can have mindblowing effects on anxiety, depression, PTSD etc. It can also fuck you up in ways you can't imagine.

Alcohol is great in social situations. It lowers your inhibitions and makes you fearless and more fun. It's why university students drink alot, go to a club and take someone home to fuck.

MDMA is a party drug. I know so many people on MDMA or have really intense 12 hour relationships because of the drug - I know one guy who proposed to a girl he met and she said yes. They didn't speak the day after, lmao.

These are all fun vices and can really help people out, even if it's just temporary confidence. Is anyone here genuinely socially inept? If so, reply, tell me what's wrong and I'll tell you what I did to help myself out.


Alcohol just me in a vaccilating state of depression or rage.

You're misinformed

Shit nigga I've taken 165 tabs, 4 ounces of shrooms, and countless ounces of grass over a two year binger, it was lit af but the hallucinations can get pretty wild sometimes especially if you mix substances shiee I remember one time I took 7 tabs and 3 grams of shrooms alongside 5gs of weed for my deportation party (I got deported from the us shortly after on an unrelated matter) but I blacked out standing up and ended up in a golf course 5 miles away without my shirt, idk how my friends let me get that far but allegedly I started making fun of one of them for being a Jew and then proceed to fight them and just ran like a retard until I got to previously mentioned golf course... But acid made me a lot more social and I met some cool folks and started working in a logistics team for a cigarette manufacturing company

Overall rating 9/11
I strongly recommend LSD at Least twice in your life
(Twice to be sure you like or it don't)
Also if the LSD tastes like metal or blood spit it out immediately because is not real acid, it's research chemicals

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This helped me alot.

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