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I’ve got a wonderful feeling, everything’s going my way.

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I can’t wait for tomorrow!

I’ve made everyday Valentine’s Day for someone but I know they won’t do anything for me tomorrow. It’s what I need to move on, though.

Gonna do something bold if I’m lucky.

Ugghh too sick to do anything for valentines day with my hubby. Hope he doesn't mind me sleeping it away this year, sorry dear. We can make up for it when I feel well agsin


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It annoys me that Europeans take Valentine's day serious. It's just a made up day like black friday so people could spend some money for love sick suckers.

>shoot text to qt asking her out to movie a few days ago
>still hasnt responded
>friends treat me like shit, constantly the butt of every joke but I as soon as I shoot back I get called toxic
>parents wont stop nagging me about dead end job
>said dead end job made a new rule that I have to stand around my station until 5 minutes before my shift ends
I should've never left my room

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It’s whatever you make of it. For me it means spending time with a loved one, not buying gifts and other shit.

Only girls care about it.

Got food poisoning from my work. Fricking sucks. Sucking it up and going to my shift tonight because I need $$.

Life is a cunt. Also huge midterm tomorrow. Stressed af.

Some people deserve to die, and it doesn't take that much.

I really think blaming your parents for your shortcomings is weak and a crutch, especially into adulthood, but I have to admit that my parents really went out of their way to make sure I could never healthily socially develop or feel like I belonged anywhere. Their first and biggest mistake was mixing together despite coming from two completely incompatible (and mutually hostile) cultures, though the problems continued.

>Move every ~3 years throughout childhood
>Give me a glaringly foreign name from my dad's homeland, but decline to raise me in any of that culture's traditions
>raise me as an atheist, then move to the Bible belt and send me to a Christian middle school
>let me stay at home with books and video games because I was a whiny bitch that cried whenever I had to do sports
>send me to jewish psychotherapists my whole childhood to deal with my "emotional issues", who then proceeded to enable my bad habits and put Freudian ideas in my head

Obviously I would never talk about this stuff out loud, and I love my parents dearly. I just needed to let it out somewhere.

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what if the person you love doesnt love you back tho

I've been depressed for so long that my friends think depressed, insecure me is the real me

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>enable bad habits and put Freudian ideas in my head

The worst one kept trying to convince me that I secretly hated my mom, that my dreams held the secret to my inner turmoil, and that everyone else was the problem, not me. Fucked me up, and took years to undo the bad coping mechanisms that I had developed. Still struggle with addiction to escapism and inability to reconcile myself with reality

God, why do I have so much anger and hatred inside me, I can barely tell where it comes from.

I never had a crush who reciprocated before, fuck I don’t know what to do with myself

You should be unhappy for the rest of your life you deserve to suffer

I miss you.

I lost the account that had a direct connection to her timeline, I'm never going to find her again because I lied about who I was and it's like 3-4 years now last I ghosted her.

I don't deserve happiness

job applications are not going well unfortunately

I miss you too.

I love her so fucking much even though I shouldn't. I'm gonna go insane when I"ll stop seeing her.


I deserve closure/revenge

I can't stand my coworker because she is old, neurotic, and slow as fuck. She is kind, and she means well, but I don't care about those qualities at work.

She even calls me kiddo when I'm 26 years old. Rude as fuck.


My friend says she's feeling suicidal and I know it's at least intensified because of her birth control pills

What do I do? I don't want her to do anything impulsive. Should I offer to spend some time with her? Will that even help. I did tell her to go to the doctor asap but otherwise not sure what course of action to take here

You should offer to be with her. That’s a nice idea.

I'm so disconnected with the world around me that I feel like even if I try I'll never fit in anywhere. I'll only ever manage to make acquaintances and never connect with anyone. I feel like whenever I'm around people I'm watching a movie and not actually connected to anything. And when I try to talk I just say what I think I'm supposed to say, like I'm a robot. I've been isolated for so long that I don't know if what I'm feeling is normal and everybody else is also faking it, or if I'm truly fucked mentally beyond repair.

I wish I'd had a regular teenage life. Now I'm 20 and I feel like I missed out on so many important adolescent experiences that I'll never be able to "catch up" with other people and be functional. I feel embarrassed with myself and my anxiety, which makes me further isolate myself, which makes me feel worse, and it just keeps repeating and I dig myself into a deeper hole. And on the occasion I try to get out of the habit something always sets me back again. One step forward, two steps back, etc.

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I'm almost 24 and it didn't get better for me. I am helplessly alone I feel

Yeah I texted her if she wants to do something to get her mind off things

I know it sounds mean but I realise most of the friends I have have some mental issues and depression, not sure why... I'm not even the biggest ray of sunshine around myself. It's scary and frustrating when I worry about them offing themselves

There is this one person who is a very close friend of mine that I have the most irrational feelings for, it's a complete roller-coaster. It feels like some kind of obsession and I don't know why the hell I am like this. I never let any of that show but I don't think it's any good so lately I have been thinking of ending this friendship even though we have been friends for so long. Simply by slowly distancing myself from them till it reaches a point we hardly talk anymore. Yet the thought of them forgetting about me and not caring about me anymore makes me feel awful but hopefully I will eventually get over that.

user I'm in my 30s and I didn't get to experience shit people do as adolescents until my late 20s. It doesn't matter whether you do things. Some people peak early, some are slow burning. If you can, stop pressurising yourself and find joy/passion in even the little things. We have one chance, wasting time being miserable and feeling sorry for yourself isn't useful. Don't be a faggot.

I feel sorry for them to a close friend and not ever know why. Why can’t you talk to them?

Shut up you prick you don't know me or the life I led to give me such specific advice that means nothing to me because it doesn't fit in my situation.

I'm right now peaking and people want to be close to me, they have always wanted to be close to me but only because they love the image I give off rather than the person I really am that is my goddamn issue.

What should I even tell them in that case?

Tell them about your feelings. Why haven’t you?

I cant fucking relax today no matter what I do.
We got into that fucking dumb ass fight and I cant stop thinking about all the dumb shit you just left me with. You can't just walk away and pretend I don't exist after saying that kind of shit.

Will you marry me?

I could be there tomorrow

You won't though, why do you bitch out of it user?

Yes of course. I love you more than anything.

Because I will seem like an unreasonable retard. But then again, you are probably right, they need to know the truth.

In june i was at some exam. I saw stunningly beautiful girl. I wanted to approach her afterwards, but i chickened out. Now 7 months later I am still thinking of her. 22 year old virgin fuck....

I’m a lawyer and I hate my life and my job and plan to either quit and join a coding boot camp or throw myself from a bridge.

I want you to know how much I love you but I don't know how to express it meaningfully.

The reason I really hope you do is because I feel like someone I love is doing this to me and I don’t want to lose them. If they do leave at least I’ll understand why.

Why can't you do something interesting with it? You're in a position to help a lot of people in a way not many others can. Revamp your career and do it without self-imposed restrictions.

i feel empty inside constantly and feel like it is impossible to change myself. i would kill myself if i could but I am, for some reason, caring about what the damage i would leave being. most of the time i dont recognize my own feelings

Same but keep going, tell me more pls user

It’s not like that. Law cannot be an interesting profession under any circumstances.

When you get here I am going to suck on your tits until you cum. Sexy little shit! Always teasing me.

I gave a coworker I haven't seen in a long time a hug. She hugged pretty tightly and for a few seconds. After that, I stood there gazing into her eyes and wanted to kiss her. I wasn't horny or anything; it just felt so nice to embrace a sweet girl like that and I kinda missed her.

I was having a smoke and this other coworker sat next to me. She had her smoke in one hand and her other hand wrapped around my shoulder. I could feel her fingers brushing my back. I stood there frozen, petrified, yet I enjoyed every second of it. That whole time, I was thinking how heavenly it would be to rest my head on her breasts.

Then theres that other girl who keeps making sexual jokes with me. I never know what to say. I just stand there speechless like the dumbass I am.

Fuuuuucking giiiiirrrrls. You have any idea what effect you have on shy, timid, lonely boys like me?!

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you are handsome. enjoy it, fucker...

I WISH I WAS A NORMIE. I act so superior and like I don't want to be around them and it's my choice to be alone but I want to be one of them.

All weed does to me nowadays is cause intense bursts of anxiety and self loathing where I examine any interaction I've had in my entire life, following by an intense sense of guilt and shame.
And by intense, I mean whispering shit like "holy shit why the fuck am i like this i just need to take a knife and stab it into myself"
This is something that I would never actually do, and haven't ever even had the urge to do, but it's how my brain reacts to the idea of socializing.
Even benzos don't seem to stop it happening.

I guess this is as clear a sign as I'm ever going that I need to quit weed. For some reason I still force myself to try it, thinking that next time it'll be just like the old days, but it never is.

When we’re not speaking I literally feel like I might die. My heart feels so strange like it will just stop beating. I can’t breathe. My throat hurts. I don’t know what to say to you.

After dealing with her, I have a newfound appreciation for girls who rejected me and don't want to be friends but are still kind to me when we run into each other.

i have to rewrite this because i accidentally copied over it. i don't know what to do with myself; i try to change myself but nothing seems to stick. people dont want me around and i feel like shit all the time. the feeling of not being able to live the life that i want makes me feel caged up. im sad for all the time that i have wasted and angry at myself for the all chances i threw away. im stuck in my past and too scared to move on... i feel like i need someone in my life that i could talk to, but i havent had a friend like that in such a long time. I cant tell my friends now because i dont trust them and dont want them to be a burden of my problems... i feel like i have so many that they would just want to leave eventually. my family would just worry and use my problems against me. i need a best friend, one that genuinely cares for me. i havent had the connection with someone else in so long that i am forgetting what it feels like and it is scares me enough to stop looking

She's wayyyy out of my league. Her not replying for days at a time kinda hints that she's not that interested in me, but a man can hope.

I never had that but it sounds like you know what you need then, good luck finding it again if you had it already once

i think i am you in a lot of ways. you have to quit man; people will tell you its fine to use but they dont have your mind. eventually if you keep using, your mental just gets worse and worse. it doesn't matter if you lose friends over it, you need to get out now. do it for yourself or anything else in this life that you remotely care about. weed is not godsend for everyone.

you are in love

ask her out if you feel like you have a chance. try to not care about the result and more so on the side of what your 'self' may gain from the courage it takes to confront the fear of rejection by someone you place an arbitrary amount of value on

I'm trying to, but it takes awhile when she only replies once every couple days or so.

what do you need user? i can talk to you on discord if you want

stop talking to her for a bit and see what she does (1 week minimum). ask yourself if you like her just because she is pretty? are you idolizing her?

I don't know what I need, everything or nothing. I deleted my discord and any social stuff.

I'm sorry for being such a recluse when you just want to help but we can talk here if you want to.

My girlfriend and I haven't had sex in two months and I'm extremely frustrated about it but I can't tell her that.

thats fine, i know what that is like in some ways. start off with what you think you may need

you can and you should. make it less about the physical thing and more about the emotional aspect to the relationship

I know :(

Nah that’s too obsessive for love

We've only started really talking (we met in a class last semester), so she'd dump me like a rock.
There's no real problem here, though. I do idealize her like every man interested in a girl does, but I'm old enough to know how to keep it in check.
I'm building up to asking her out, not a problem. She actually does talk to me, which is a good sign, and she was a slightly flirty in class. So I'll shoot my shot and if it fails, it fails.

Not that you're asking, but she's a well-off girl from a small southwestern Asian island and she's cute as fuck. I'm just a normal introverted American boy who grew up poor in a big family and tend to have terrible luck with the ladies.

I think I need a partner in life but I also think I need to be stronger on my own.

then be happy that you feel this way about someone; lots of people dont. try to take a step back and look at your situation. try your best not to put them on a pedestal and treat them as valuable as you are

I came to uni to make friends, relationships, get a social life etc

now Im here I realise I dont have the tools to do that, and if I did Im not really interested anyway. I dont want to make new friends, I kind of liked this one person and wanted to date them, but Ive gotten over it now I guess

I dont know why Im still here. Im not making friends and I really dont care about getting a degree

You misunderstood. I’m fine being away from him. What I was describing is how I feel when we’re not speaking after an argument...

i get where you are coming from but i think you while it is normal to treat someone you find attractive differently than someone else, it doesnt mean that you should. if you treat her like normal she will respond much better, 100%

try doing something everyday that builds strength, because you will need that when it comes time to meet someone and build a relationship. Whatever you may be afraid of, like maintaining eye contact with someone for an extended period of time or opening up to someone that you can trust or whatever fears you are running from is a good place to start.

Those things are not an issue at all, I'm training myself every day. I'm a fighter


That just makes me think it’s you for real.

I got mild tinnitus from going to a nightclub and I was going to start taking earplugs until my flat made fun of me

Your flat is a moron. Don't be a moron too.

I am so sad because I am horrible at everything I enjoy doing.

you're all corrupt. You all had a choice and you chose to take advantage of people.

You are not the good guys.

Ugh i love you so much.

I miss you so much. I wish we could have continued to be friends. You were so important to me. This is for the best though. You were always on the defensive and it was hurting me. I just wanted to be friends.

Did you tell them they hurt you?

I fucking hope so

Let's do this!
Very likely I got the job, it doesn't pay great but it leaves me with time. I went back to school.. I let myself get stuck in a rut, it's time to pull myself out out of it.
The only bump in the road is my gf, she's trying to support me bit at the same time I can see she doesn't like the fact that my time is going away from her.
I need to make a living, I need things to pursue. I lost a year of wages, and no income because she kinda dragged me down a little. If she doesn't like it, she's free to go.

Is it bad that I feel like I can live without her? I love her, she's a little tender around the edges and I want to help but it's hard sometimes.

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In a roundabout way I kinda did.

But no. I didn't say the words "you're hurting me".

I don't think he'd care. Last time I told him he made me cry.... well he got very pissed and bit my head off. He was so mean. He even said "I guess I'm sorry". I care about him so much. But I know he doesn't really give a fuck. Maybe I've been deluding myself this whole time that we could be lifelong close friends.

I'm gonna go cry.

My friend is the same way. I’m not allowed to express my feelings without him giving me the silent treatment. It’s actually made things worse because now I hold things in until I snap. I love him a lot though and want to work it out. I just don’t know how. Maybe you can bring it up to him in a neutral moment and not when he is hurting you or have you already ended the relationship? I feel like crying now too ;_; I’m sorry you’re hurting.

Wow, two whole months. Soooooo suffering

doo doo doo doo dooooooo

fucking morons have the nerve to accuse me of autism

how am I supposed to tell when i'm over you?