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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I still have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>[insert humble (or otherwise) brag]
Fuck off.

>Why is there no new thread?
Just make one. You can use these macros:

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what the fuck is wrong with women

For women:
Would you date a bisexual man?


What are you doing for valentines day?

where to find anti-social, autistic, mean and hateful gf

all the girls I know are either nice or those pathetic bpd mentally damaged types. I want someone who is apologetically horrible and doesnt try to pretend to be nice to manipulate people

How much enthusiasm does a woman show in communication with someone they are interested in, or at least intrigued by? She’s also complimented my clothing before. We work for the same company. I don’t care about shitting where I eat. I’m leaving to go back to grad school soon anyway and she is my dream waifu. But I don’t want to embarrass her by misreading her. For all I know she could think that being really friendly with me is professionally advantageous to her.

Getting away from you so you don't beat them

Do girls develop harder crushes as tension increases? There is a coworker who has been checking me out, but I never noticed until she recently began saying small, work-related things to me. It seems like she wants me to make the first move, but I wonder if my cluelessness was what pushed her to start speaking to me (considering I was too shy to even consider speaking to her, until her signs became too obvious to ignore)

Working and then going home and writing

What mean things do you want her to do? Do you want her to criticize you? Can you give examples?

Refreshing a certain page.

God this sounds hot. I want a gf who mocks me and calls me a stupid smellly man

I'm worried I dont have sex with my gf enough. I'm worried she wants it mor but I'm not providing it. I've got a small penis and it can be embarassing to do things sometimes. How can I talk to her about this without having her think she needs to say its okay to make sure my feelings arent hurt.

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Imagine this: you’re a 21 yr old girl in college. A little reserved and keep to yourself. You end up dating a guy whose a few years older, has a stabile career, but has a young son. Considering the baggage and his obvious need for a wife, would you get cold feet or do you think the circumstances would encourage you to stay with him? The girl I’m into is in this situation, so I just dropped all hope, but now I’m getting mixed messages from her. She’s starting to get friendly with me and smiles when she sees me, which is not like her at all. She doesn’t know that I know her situation and I’m wondering if she’s trying to get out of it.

Disclaimer that I wouldn't if I suspected in any way that he preferred men and/or was grossed out by women. I would be hesitant to date a man who only had a history of serious relationships with men, and would definitely pay extra attention to his willingness to interact with my vagina and not be disproportionally grossed out by fluids.

Other than that, fuck yeah. I have a soft spot for male/male couples, disregarding any insecurity or pragmatic doubt I find it quite hot. Would love to hear a man I'm with talk about his experiences fucking and getting fucked by men.

>his obvious need for a wife

you are thinking of a repressed gay not a bi man

I work my call center job and at night I have this meet up for amateur writers where people can provide feedback to the 1-2 people who chose to share a text they are struggling with in some way.

Because I assume he’s looking for a replacement s/o because he has a kid. I have no idea what happened with the mother

Just because you're legitimately attracted to both sexes doesn't mean the attraction is (more or less) equal in strength. Besides even some straight men are weird about vaginas. I just want to only fuck people who love pussy. What else they love is a secondary question.

In just realizing how intimidating that situation might be for her and it’s starting to make more sense.

Just because you are a single parent dosent mean you are desperate to find a "replacement mother" thats kinda rude to assume.

Well I know if I had a child I’d want that. Ultimately I’m just saying that it’s a lot for a girl to step into.

Just initiate a talk about your sex life. It's hot to talk about fantasies and what you'd like to try. Start out from a positive angle and then provide an opening so she can voice requests or hang ups.

Having insecurities is 100% normal but it is something you ultimately need to overcome yourself. letting her know you have insecurities sometimes is fine but don't nitpick yourself and push her in the position of reassuring you. Hearing a beloved partner trash talk their body is quite unsexy and you don't want her to start associating your dick with hurt feelings and needing to tiptoe around you not liking it.

It's a learning process but you are going to need to achieve the kind of sex where you can tell and trust that she's having a good time. If you're not doing it already I would definitely take a little focus off PiV, for most any couple this can be really refreshing (also because it takes the kind of porn routine back to just exploring each other's body and acting on attraction/love) and will help you get to know each other's physical soft spots, but it'll also take pressure off your performance.

Honestly I don’t know why I’m asking. I should just let her go. I just have trouble finding women that I actually feel compelled to date

Not going to twist my words here: I think men who are good fathers are on a supreme level of hotness, I very much want children and would be open to raising a child that isn't mine. But there's no way in hell that I'd allow myself to be noiselessly written into someone else's family life at twenty one. Dealing with an ex wife, with all the challenges of being a step parent (hugely ungrateful role), with a partner who cannot take things day by day and enjoy the kind of freedom that is normal for people my age.

If I have to guess she feels attracted to you but not ready to take on all these responsibilities. And if you have your son's best interests in mind you don't settle for a schoolgirl who begrudgingly overlooks that you have a son so she can date you. Even if she wants to that, if she wants to go for all these responsibilities without being 100% in that in itself is a dead giveaway she lacks the maturity and common sense to be an actual partner for a parent.

Thanks for the tips on that I will try to talk later
As for insertion we really barely do that because it slips out because of the size so often. When we do stuff like playing with her nipples I can tell she really enjoys it and we have taken time to do things with ourselves in the same room too.

This girl I'm dating is very clingy.

I've recently started staying the night at her place recently during the times we hang out, but it's messing with my sleep schedule since she likes to stay up extremely late and get up extremely early. I'm not someone who can function well like that, and I've got lots of schoolwork to get done and constantly feel exhausted the next day trying to do it. I've talked to her about going to bed earlier, and she acts like she understands, but then she'll constantly keep waking me up throughout the night and ask random stuff, or get annoyed at me for not cuddling in my sleep (even when we cuddled for hours before that).

Starting valentine's Day, I want to tell her that I can't stay the night anymore unless it's on a day where we don't have school. Is that a dick thing to do on valentine's Day or is that okay? I'm worried she'll get upset at me

Okay that's good. If she gets on top she can also use your erection as a sex toy, shorter dicks are best for hitting the g-spot this way (with minimal effort) and many girls prefer grinding/sliding motions in cowgirl but don't do it (often) because the guy gets less out of it than an up-down movement. Think of instead of scratching a cat, your hold your hand still and allow them to come to you and rub up against you how they deem fit.

Before you initiate talking make sure to think about whether you would be open to using dildos and/or a cocksleeve. If she does miss penetration it's best to not be caught off guard by any suggestions so reflect on that a little.

There's also lots to explore regardless of physical acts - maybe she'd like the thrill of doing things in front of the window, or get a mirror and watch yourselves, maybe she'd like to talk dirty or play out fantasies, to be tied up and teased, you name it. The more you branch out the more you find that you might enjoy!

Thank you that grinding, etc is a good idea and I will be ready if those come up. I wouldnt be against using those and would like to actually be able to be inside of her even if it did use a sleeve on myself. She has mentioned being tied to the bed before so I'm actually hopeful for the future now user. Thank you very much.

It -is- intimidating, but more so, she's twenty one, she's free from parental supervision for the first time in her life (maybe even since VERY recently, depending on when she moved out), legally ordering a drink is novel for her, all her peers are focused on self-exploration, creative pursuits, staying up all night dancing, hooking up with different people. A serious relationship with you would mean that her life as it is will be over, and she'll never again get the chance to be young and careless and not owe anyone an explanation. That's a LOT. Being a step parent to a child that's not yours, dealing either with grief from a widower or with a loaded dynamic between the co-parents, that's already a whole lot without the additional factor that she's at an age where most people are not even ready for a serious relationship without kids in the mix.

Sorry if I didn’t make it clear, but I’m the third-party here. She’s already with the guy who has a son and I’m getting the sense that she’s having second thoughts. If I’m wrong, then I’m happy for her, but if there’s any chance of being with her then I want to go for it

>girl I've been with for about a month (not "official") caught a bad case of the flu
>was in bed all day yesterday
>today I showed up for a surprise visit
>since we won't be able to spend Valentine's together I took flowers, her favorite pastry and a letter I wrote for her
>she nearly cried
>we were watching a movie and the dude calls the girl "my girl"
>she says "I'd love it if you called me "my girl""
>I said "Why, are you my girl?"
>She said "Yeah, and you're my dummy"
>she calls me dummy all the time
>I even signed the letter "From Dummy"
>tell her I'm really happy she said she's mine and I'm hers
>she says "I'd still like to take things slow if that's ok with you"
>ask her what she means
>she says she's been really happy with me and that I'm very sweet to her, but to just keep going slow, like we've been doing

Is her saying these things a good sign? We've already had sex and went out to dinner with her parents. Is this already a "sure thing"? What do you think she means when she says she'd still like to take it slow

You're welcome. Everything you said so far sounds quite good. Good luck and enjoy!

Ahh yeah I definitely got that all confused. Well as you understood I think the chance that she'll get second thoughts is huge, it is hard to anticipate what exactly you're getting yourself into if you don't have kids yourself.

Having said that, many people stay in bad relationships for a long time, and being in his child's life (if she is) can definitely make it more difficult for her to extract herself without feeling like a terrible person. I would make do a hail mary and let her really feel you are into her, but I wouldn't sit around passively waiting for her to come around. And if you do try and she does shoot you down, respect your own time and feelings and back off allowing yourself to move on and develop feelings for someone else.

>What do you think she means when she says she'd still like to take it slow
She means don't overthink like that statement is bound to cause you to do and just keep doing whatever it is that you're doing. Don't start trying to make big romantic gestures or put more effort in, she wants to enjoy it in the moment and not think about the future.

Obviously she likes you a lot and it sounds to me like yeah she hinted at becoming a couple. I'd guess that she means she doesn't want to spend all your free time together just yet. Maybe you want to get back to her and double check that she does want to be exclusive - it would be shitty of her to act so vague about it if that's it, but you might want to rule it out.

If you get another chance maybe ask "what would not taking it slow look like" and she could give you a better idea.

Great advice, thanks. I’ll try to keep things moving along and we’ll see what happens. I’m definitely the type that proceeds slowly with this, but at this point I have nothing to lose.

what's ur favorite body part on a guy - if any?

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It's hard to pick one but I love the stomach. Especially if he has a full happy trail blending into pubes.

Honorable mention for hands.

I have a female acquaintance. I want her to have my children. Is there some subconscious, natural connection between two people that can be felt before you even fully know each other? Or am I a weirdo.

If I can't pick the face, then the chest. Maybe arms as well.

Thanks for the replies. So basically, just keep doing what I've been doing, no pressure, just keep being sweet to her and flirting 24/7 and hope for the best?

Yeah sure. This is "love at first sight" pretty much. A strong physical attraction paired with an emotional receptiveness and conviction that this person is kind, like you, and so on.

Having said that, just because you feel this way about her does NOT have to mean she feels the same way. Nor does it mean that just because you are certain from the start you'll also never change your mind or fall out of love if you do get together.

what about these parts do u like? Can you go into more detail?

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First poster. Ultimately it's a feeling but I'll try. Seeing my male friends' happy trail when they stretched (you know, lanky teenagers and their shirts) was the first real life sneak peak I got from the bodies of guys my age. That no doubt plays a part. It is also in part emotionally charged, I guess because you feel many emotions prominently in your stomach (like butterflies or the feeling when you skip a step on the stairs when you fucked up) which to me makes it more intimate/personal than e.g. the back which is also very beautiful. I also love that you can feel the guy laugh there.
I am into both chubby and slender men and while I do love playing with stomach fat this is not necessary, I also love a flat stomach. And I love bodyhair and hair on the stomach looks so suggestive, like a reminder of all that's down there.

As for hands, I find them very pretty bodyparts period, and there's the romantic connotations of unique fingerprints or reading a lover's palm, but the biggest thing there is that I love being held. If I daydream about a man his hands on me is the most natural, most instant, most recurring image. It comes before thinking up any act or scenario, it seems like the core of sex to me, just those hands reaching for your body. I also looove masturbation so knowing he pleasures himself with those as well is just the cherry on top.

My bf wants me to sit on his face and smother him with my thighs tomorrow. I'm overweight so how do I d this without hurting him? He also wants to do shots of of my belly button but I don't know if that's a good idea?

thats so cute user. my stomach is ticklish so be careful with some (maybe all) guys, unless you like that sort of thing.

Go for it. You don't actually rest your weight on him during facesitting, you just kneel over his face. If you have issues supporting your weight that way for prolonged time, position yourself so you can lean against the bedroom wall a little for extra support. And I don't see what could go wrong with taking shots off your belly button, other than some getting on the bed. Go have fun!

Realized that kneeling isn't really the good term, hovering over his face, you know what I mean. You prop yourself up on your legs, is what I meant. The smothering can come from pressing down on him without actually putting your full weight on him.

If he loves ass, you can also do 69 with him below you, and you turned around so your ass is right on his face, then grind into him.

Haha I am quite ticklish myself and hate the sensation, that's not what I'm hoping to achieve sexually, but so far I've lucked out as two out of two partners were both not ticklish (there) and comfortable having it touched elaborately. Gives a girl hope!

Thanks. Should I shave for him even though I normally don't and he likes it that way?

Nah, I don't see why if it doesn't bother him during oral otherwise. If anything the position makes you spread open more naturally so the hair is more out of the way. He might even be disappointed if he expressed his preference for it and is caught off guard by you shaving. I wouldn't worry about that at all.

Are you bigger than him?

Girls do you like to be (playfully) bullied by your bf/the guy you like?

He's taller but I'm quite a bit heavier than him.

As long as he's not mean then yes sometimes.

How do you bully someone without being mean?

As in, friendly banter at the right time? Surely - keeps the relation lively.

Hands! God, I love playing with a guy's fingers.

Playful teasing, small punishments, light BDSM. Like my bf taunts me that I have a big belly but I don't mind because he's usually spooning and caressing me when he does.

It's a really delicate balance. I love being good-humoredly teased and at times it can be refreshing if a guy does a bit of banter (in the sense of good-spirited, but having some truth to it). But I don't want to feel bullied/negged. I don't want to feel like I have to watch my every move because if I do anything remotely weird/funny, like crumbling while eating or sneezing or whatever, he's going to give some smart ass comment, that gets old really fast.

Obviously making sure you stop as soon as you can tell she's not sharing in the fun is key. But even apart from that it depends on one's self esteem and many other factors whether it hits the teasing or the bullying spot for them. This is absolutely something you want to start very very gently if you don't already have a dynamic where it happens.

No, but teasing can mean different things to different people!

My best friend loves guys who can roast her like nothing else, since she's that kind of personality too. I have the humor of a wet sponge and wouldn't look twice at a guy who teases roughly.

Sorry, the post must have been misleading. She’s already in that situation with another guy. I’m a classmate of hers and she’s starting to give me signs. I was wondering if there’s a chance that she’s backing out of the idea of co-parenting with that guy. Makes me feel better about the situation though, so thanks.

Girls, would you survive being single for 31 Valentine's Days?

Probably. I'm only 2/3 in, and so far never cared.

Should I ask a coworker of mine I've had a huge crush on for a while out? I know it's normally not a good idea to date people you work with, but the company I work at doesn't seem to mind that as we have a couple of colleagues that are already couples and they even added a box in the office for Valentine's day where you can write a note to someone you like and they'll give them out to the person you wrote it for tomorrow. So should I go through with it?

You should wait for her to make the first move so you don't embarrass yourself.

Can you trust your intuition on a potential significant other? Does the brain see what it wants to see in things like eye contact with someone or can you really subconsciously communicate a murual desire with someone without words?

If this is a thinly veiled "girl looked at me, does she want the D?" question then no, you can't trust your intuition.

How to get over oneitis without cutting her out of my life

If you know them well and think they would enjoy it then yeah. If it's some random girl you've never talked to then I'd advise against it.

Your intuition? Yes. The problem is that overthinking will muddy things up. From experience, you’ll see what you want to see if you’re infatuated, and start projecting those feelings onto the other person, making it seem like there’s more to the relationship than there’s is. I do believe it’s possible to build a “psychic” rapport with someone and unintentionally manipulate their feelings, or at least set the gears in motion. They may pick up how you feel on subtler levels, but obviously this isn’t a reliable way to go about things.

No. It’s someone I interact with on a regular basis

Go up to her, look her straight in her eyes and give her a firm handshake, champ.

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Yes your intuition is pretty good at reading signals. You've been learning to do it since the moment you were born. Assuming you are reasonably well socialized and not an autist who has never had any friends, your gut feeling on a matter is a fairy reliable yard stick.

On the other hand your emotions do tend to interfere with it. It's called confirmation bias. You like a girl and your intuition becomes almost compelled to see the things she does as positive indicators of her interest when she doesn't intend them that way. This is where being able to manually and objectively assess social cues comes in handy. A girl does something, your gut says she likes you, so you take a step back and look at what just happened, what she did that made you think that, and make a call on whether or not your gut is right or is leaping to the conclusion you want to hear.

Girls, another girl here so asking the same gender oops. Do you often pretend to be pregnant when in bed or looking in the mirror? Is that normal or very weird? I don't actively wish to be pregnant or have children other than in passing thoughts, but sometimes when I'm laying on my side (with or without my boyfriend) I get happy pretending I'm pregnant. I just want to know if other girls who aren't looking to have kids also do this.

If a guy asks a girl if she wants to grab some drinks, and she says "As friends, right...?", does that mean she's not into him?

That's absolutely what that means.

At least she wants to be friends?


Grills would you let your best friend take your boyfriend as her date to a wedding? A wedding that you won't be attending.

Hell no, what the fuck? That's so weird, ask her to take you or find one of her guy friends that doesn't have a gf/bf.

Yeah, that sounds normal. I'd also wait in the other room while he sleeps with her and would pay for the taxi when she has to go home.

I would be mad at my boyfriend for even agreeing to it, and my friend for suggesting it. What an assbackwards fucking situation. Are you stupid?

God yes. I mean, someone who is more into women than men, though.

Hanging out with my friends talking about how I hate all these made up holidays while feeling like shit I didn't already ask my crush out properly, only asked him for a casual hangout.

Varies greatly from person to person. I'm mostly more shy around the person that I genuinely like, and can be more free (which might come off as flirty) around the guys whom I basically consider the same as my female friends.

Yes, if you think Valentine's day is a thing, then it's definitely a dick move. Just tell her the day before or after. (This from a person who loves sleep more than anything else in the world.)

If it's a guy I like -- every little bit. Otherwise it depends on the guy. I like some guys' foreheads, other's collar bones or forearm muscles. A toned upper back can be heaven, too.

Google smells and partner (= yes, there is a connection)

I have a few specific subjects I'm sensitive about and can totally start to hate a person if they tease me about those. Most of the time I like it, though.

Idk I've only been single for about 22 out of 31 Valentine's days.

Masochist? High five.

Ehh. Maybe when I was very young? I surely stopped since I have a relatively active sexual life, now I'm more scared of getting pregnant, so not fun anymore to think about it.


You guys don't trust your best friend and boyfriend not to cheat together?

Alright, get cheated on and be backstabbed.

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Not samefag, but this isn't about trust or cheating. It just does not make sense. Why don't all 3 of you go? I don't understand.

>gf's best friend gets invited to a wedding
>she asked me to be her +1 because she "hates being single at weddings"

It's not like we're going to fuck. I haven't told her but it's not like we're even going to dance. I fucking hate dancing and am willing to be a stick in the mud about it every time.

My gf said it was okay and I just felt like it was weird. I think I'll still turn her down based on all these replies though, since I'm now guessing that's what my gf wants me to do.

There aren't enough men in the world for her to find her own?

It actually didn't happen to me. It was some guy in my class. I feel kinda bad for him, but I guess that means I have a slightly better chance with her.

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>I have a few specific subjects
Mind sharing?

I wanna answer a gril's question. So fire away.

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Why do men who can't really grow a beard (patchy, all neck no cheek, chin straps, etc) try to grow beards? Can they not see it looks like shit?

Girls are you ever intentionally "standoff-ish" towards a guy you are attracted to, or are you openly showing your interest from the get go?

I only met this girl once at a small party, and I thought I felt some chemistry, but she acted a bit... hard to describe, confrontational?
She didn't pull back and talked with me normally when we sat beside each other on the bed, there was a tiny bit of playful wrestling even (took off her sock and teased her as she assumed a fairly... sexual position, might have been unintenional though).

She still was a bit confrontational the whole time, acted like she actively disliked like me a bit. But then really nice and playful other times.

I didn't ask for her number in the end of the evening, gave her a hug and said "nice meeting you", she just said "sure".

I am asking, because normally when a girl likes me, she gives me the classic signs like laughing at dumb things, playing with her hair, grabbing my arm and all that.
She didn't do that. I don't wanna make my ass out of myself when I see her again, chances of which happening are pretty good.

At what age is it weird to not have a gf?

to many of them it is them still trying because it is the MANLY thing to do in society. So they try to be MANLY, and refuse that they just can't grow hair there. others just do it cause they don't want to shave.

All the time. Relationship shit is just a society push for shit, not really a thing.

why do women act like putting on cologne (just calling it that because explaining what a fragrance is difficult and time consuming) is a sin against humanity? I've asked ladies across the internet and it seems like they just don't like it because once upon a time a guy they didn't like wore it.

what gives women, why do yall hate cologne universally as a concept?