Are women even attracted to men?

Oh sure, it sounds dumb but it's something I genuinely wonder. We know that women aren't as visual as men. That's why female porn consists of twilight, 50 shades and those terrible harlequin novels. It appears that men are really just emotional toys for women. A woman might want security and comfort from a partner, resulting in betabux. Her emotional needs are met and they take precedence over the physical. Alternatively, she chooses a bad provider, a lothario, who challenges her and exploits her low self-esteem, daddy issues etc. but it has very little to do with physical attraction.

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Who is that

what's the point of this thread? go out more incel

Please answer the question. I need advice on this subject.

Women are whores and we like them that way.

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Who ever its says it is when you actually throw that image into a RIS.

You didn't ask a question, or want advice. Take your rant elsewhere.

Femanon here. I'm attracted to men and very attracted to the penis. I'm not a hyper sexual person either so it's not a weird obsession. I genuinely appreciate the male physical form and all you guys have to offer in terms of: protection, provision, and companionship. Emotionally, mentally, and physically. I'm sorry a lot of women don't value you and hurt you a lot. : ( Hopefully one day we can come together as a species without division.

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Atta girl

Good post user!

>I'm sorry a lot of women don't value you and hurt you a lot. : ( Hopefully one day we can come together as a species without division.
Personally I often think this is the biggest 'problem', I think a lot of people in general have trouble communicating well, and this causes problems obviously.
And that's not even taking into account real selfishness, lying, stealing, and malevolence.

I believe this world is very cold, and everyone tries to make fire somehow.

You are unable to empathise with people who are different than you and it shows. You somehow seem to think that the only type of attraction that's valid is the type of attraction that you personally experience. I don't really find men physically attractive, but you don't see me saying that men are vapid sluts who only care for appearances/sex since I understand that many things are different among genders. Yes, I prefer emotional connection to physical connection. It's a different type of attraction and I don't see what's wrong with it.

Maybe I'm just desperate after hitting my 20's and still being single, but I get a crush on pretty much any decent-looking guy I see nowadays. Hope that answers your question.

it sounds dumb because it is dumb
women can be just as depraved and sex hungry as men they're just usually a bit more subtle

No, attractive men get laid more often simply because they have better personalities...

for women sex is a craving
for men sex is an addiction

How about you just answer the question instead of giving smartass comments, retard

Beacause I dont have the patience to RIS it when YOU are the one who wants to know.

>Are women even attracted to men?

Overgeneralization but a decent one. Women are just fine without sex. OP could have phrased it more like are women attracted to men like how men are attracted to women? Fuck no. Women are attracted to men like how women are attracted to men. They like sex fine but crave emotional depth and social connection. An argument could be said anyways that guys search for the same, just in different details.

Women are capable of deep love like any guy unless she's some low grade trash. Once you know just how good life can be with the right woman it'll haunt your days until you have it again.

>Once you know just how good life can be with the right woman it'll haunt your days until you have it again.
Straight in the gut
On the other hand though it's not that bad really, some days are hard though.

Ah, there it is. Another one surfacing above the dark waters, to see the world how it truly is, only to find a dark and gloomy wasteland. There is no going back now. The more you learn about women, the less you appreciate them.

You're right, women are less physical and visual, especially about sex. Most women, unless they have a particular fetish, simply don't have any male body part that makes them horny. There is nothing that makes a pussy wet the same way looking at a picture of boobs/butts makes your dick hard. "But girls drool over muscular guys!" Again, not even about the sex, or the body. It's about the implied social superiority and affirmation of femininity when standing next to him.

The real appeal of like 85% of women is the world of the social, of society. It's in their nature: Throughout history, men have been the innovators and problem-solvers, and women have been the community-builders. So for a guy, a horrible consequence is cutting off his dick. An equivalent consequence for a woman is cutting off all social ties and potential for further social ties. It sounds petty, and ridiculous, and not even nearly equivalent or realistic, but welcome to the surface.

Women don't see relationships the same way men do, either (you can stop reading now if you ever want to want a girlfriend). The reason that they seem to care so much less about their partners than men do? Men care about the individual, the physical, the current and present. Women care about the social.


For a man, the reward of the relationship is the woman - her body, her companionship, her support. For a woman, the reward of a relationship is overarching social benefit of having a partner. Not only does it further accomplish the average woman's ultimate goal of "fitting in" with society (receiving delicious affirmation and validation), but it also proves her superior social status/ability/potential to other women, qualifies her as a higher social standing than when she was single, and expands her social sphere to include those of her partners. This is also the reason women will never initiate, or be decisive, or disagree with popular opinion, and always want a noticeably taller guy: It's all to fit in. It's all just because that's the way everyone else does it, and it's always safer and easier to have majority of society's acceptance and social power supporting you than it is to be true to yourself and your own beliefs and stand out for who you are and what you believe in. So in terms of relationships, it's a completely beneficial deal, but only provided her partner is of higher social status/potential than her (or other suitors). The reason women all love Chad is not because he's particularly handsome, or muscular, or charming, or even a decent person, but because he's Chad. He's the highest-social-status male. It doesn't matter who he actually is, or what the relationship with him would be like, so long as he holds the title of "most socially advantageous partner", women will fight over him like a professional wrestling championship belt. And only then, will they consider the other benefit of a partner: How useful he is.


>Maybe I'm just desperate after hitting my 20's and still being single

You're supposed to be single in your 20s. Jesus fuck get back to me when you hit your 30s.

>Are women even attracted to men?
Yes, but for women it works a bit different than for men.

For men, sex and intimacy is one of our biggest needs. While we might not literally die from lack of sex, complete lack of sex and romance can screw with your mind so bad that you might wish you were dead. Depression as a result of inceldom is a real thing for men.

For women, sex is more like a snack. Most women enjoy having sex, but they can quite easily go without it for months or even years in some cases. Women tend to have a higher need for validation, emotional support and attention rather than actual dickings. As long as a woman feels beautiful and desirable, she's OK even if she isn't actually having sex with anyone.

A lot of words for talking out your ass.

Depends if gay or straight. I’m bi. I have specific type and physically some men do fit that type. I would say that emotional connection can heighten the attraction, like as I get to know them find them more attractive. It’s partially physical characteristics and partly personality.
As far as porn goes I’d rather read porn but some hentai and physical porn does it for me. I’m really picky tho

Usefulness is the only thing a guy can provide beyond social benefits. Can you support her efforts in whatever she decides to do? Can you be her safety net and always be there to catch her if she fails at something? Can you help soak up her overflowing emotions and provide helpful support (and know when to simply be someone to listen to her vent or when to give helpful advice)? Can you be a protector, a provider, can you be the sperm donor she needs to achieve her next social-benefit-based goal of having a family (like all the other socially "successful" women)? If not, what good are you to her? You at least better have a unique and interesting and entertaining personality like a TV or movie characters, otherwise it doesn't matter what emotions you feel, or thoughts you think, or how "sexy" your body is. After all, you will never be one of the only truly desirable men for women: Celebrities.


While i would consider your viewpoint a bit extreme, the point you're trying to make is definitely true. Men love women for who they are. Their smell, their companionship, their support and last but not least.... their pussy obviously.

Women love men primarily for his usefulness to her. Women always look to be 'gaining' in a relationship. Usually either status, money or security (or all 3). That's why nice guys are so unattractive to women. It's pretty much because a typical nice guy has no use to a woman.


Attracting women is like picking locks, there is a technique to it but success isn't guaranteed and people with more experience will do better than the talented most of the time.

Gotta push the right pins in the right to unlock the pussy.

But then why do a lot of women get with wasters who don't improve their social position?

Shut up bitch. Don't even begin to pretend like you understand the hardships of the male gender.

I dont belive in any of this bullshit. Woman is image of man and vice versa. The god didnt created complex being for a man just to suffer his whole life so he can procreate. In fact everyone here making this deal as hard as possible. The whole "just go and talk to girl" is right. Just go and talk and then make deal to make children. Swear help and protection for your bloodline and any woman will be wet wanting your dick.

You are all living in some kind of mind prison where you are deliberately picking some kind of ultra hard challenge when there is none. Trusting a jew. Divide and conquer propaganda. Western women are whores. Westen men are betas. Stop with this illogical shit. You know it's all propaganda.

God doesn't exist bro

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then just pretend he does.

Sounds like your mind just hasn't been poisoned by the corruption in this world. Men and women need each other. For the obvious reasons and also some less obvious ones.

Pretty much this. God given rights are pretty much the premise of enlightenment era thinking which brought the wonders of democracy/republic. They aren't perfect by any means, but no other form of government conceived by man has been as good. There has to be something bigger than man that gives us these rights. Otherwise other men can take them away.

man up faggot

Real democracy doesn't exits bro

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So should I die alone?

@florenslilium on instagram, russian instagram hoe

if you really are asking this, they absolutely do, just look at mirin threads on fit or other places, im pretty sure there is a girls mirin subreddit
but the thing is, its not as important to them in the long term, its been proven time and time again that its just not as much of a requirement as it may be for men, and thats just one of the many differences we have between us


based and patriarchypilled

I know it's not really a bad thing, but the people around me certainly make it seem so.

Men are attracted to women's bodies.

Women are attracted to what a man can do, and their body. But over time it shifts to what the man can do, and less about his body.

> Money, power, talent

Idk what kind of women you’ve been hanging out with but you should probably get out of the house and socialise more.
My boyfriend is the kindest and sweetest man I’ve ever met and I am so in love with him. I’d go as far to say I’m infatuated with him. Not because of the security he brings me, I bring that for myself. I work 40 hours a week to support myself and keep a roof over my head and I am very much independent. But I love coming home to him every day. He is my best friend, I love hearing him talk about his day and about his interests and I think he’s the most talented human ever. I just love him so much.
As far as physical attraction, he literally drives me crazy, his skin is so beautiful and soft and he smells so amazing. And honestly I think about his dick constantly.

Idk, maybe the issue is guys not going for independent women? Maybe independent women appreciate the physical more because they aren’t relying on the guy for security and protection? I’m not sure.

redpill too strong on this one

Either your boyfriend is an abnormally physically attractive guy, or you are the exception.

With my ex, if I told her I was too tired to have sex and tried to go to sleep, she would literally sit on top of me and whine until I fucked her. If I came fast she would act all pissy for a while. It seems like she enjoyed sex but I'm guessing some red piller is gonna write an essay response telling me how wrong I am and how it was all an elaborate facade.


>womyn are shallow whores and aren't capable of love
>womyn only want emotional comfort and connection and don't care about looks

pick a fuckin argument already
which is it?

>You are too ugly for them?
>You have nothing to offer them emotionally?

I think they're just not attracted to you, dude. Maybe take a shower, work out a little, get a personality?

You can tell an angry roastie wrote this.

What is legitimately the best way to meet womyn these days?

You’re just attracted to thots.

Based and redpilled
We need you as much as you need us

"She's" probably a tranny.
No self-respecting woman would be on Jow Forums

Kek, okayyyyyyyyy

Men are pretty much disposable to women. Even if she's middling attractive she can jump on tinder or walk into the nearest bar and meet dozens of potential sexual partners. We're a commodity to them and nothing more.

Kek, ooookaaayyyyyyy

Prove me wrong.

You're an incel, nuff said

>being a reasonable and optimistic woman
>posting on Jow Forums
This website is South Africa, and you are the friendly tourist from New Zealand.
Kindly move along before you get raped by a pack of kaf... er, a pack of virgin neckbeards

Y-you too

My exgirlfriend would describe me and our relationship like that. It legitimately was, everyone said we were the ideal couple. Then one day she went cold, a week later she left and tried to gaslight me as being the problem. There was a new guy in the picture, someone she deemed to be an upgrade of me. All of our happy memories over the years, gone. A switch in her head flicked and I was dead to her. Women are soulless.

Yup, sadly women are incredibly fickle. They're adept at painting on a smile and convincing you everything's hunky-dory. Then one day she comes out with all this repressed shit and tears your heart out.

Women are exhausting. I can see why some men prefer to see escorts.

I mean... I'll say I'm attracted to men. But it needs context. I've always fantasized about them being my boyfriend or husband, so yeah like you said, taking on a more emotional role. That said, men looking a specific very aesthetic way helps. I get these fantasies about Steve the Ripped Puppy Saver and not Nigel the Forum Warrior, you know?

I'm exactly the same as this user - I work and fully support my boyfriend, who is an unemployed uni student who recently moved into my house with me.

I creep him out when I'm stoned because my favourite thing to do is just watch him. He's incredibly physically attractive to me (but he also fits my weird niche type to a tee.)

What/who does he look like?

He's a 6'3" chubby Filipino boy with eyes that twinkle when he smiles and a great ass.

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hurr durr incel comeback

>user tries to show support and appreciation for the male gender
>Gets mad
This is turbo autism

so you settled for a guy just because hes tall, then cope by saying he's "wierd/niche"
you prove just how little we should regard womens' opinions on men

>but it has very little to do with physical attraction.
You're bluepilled.
Bitches throw themselves at attractive men.

the exact same thing you said about women applies to men as well.
the only difference is while all women like to be dominated, only weak men like to be dominated because they are used to it.

glorious non sequitur

>non sequitur

I advise all of you to stop browsing Jow Forums. The mental illness it will cause to you is not worth it. Men and Women. All of us are different yet so similiar. You have dick? Okay. Women have vaginas. It's better to ignore absolute mind tearing propaganda from liberals "feminism, race mixing" and also from Jow Forums "white women are whores/traitors go for asian girls". If you dont want to get schizophrenia it's still time to leave. Go outside and meet girls or boys.

Trust me some people here hit 30 and are still virgins. They have been on for Jow Forums for more than 10 years. Their minds are full of fear. This site is controled by MK ultra CIA faggots they are all programing you. Hide pictures they will cause you mental illness. Im not joking. It happend to me.

Here's the good news OP. I don't think you are gay since you cannot imagine why a woman is attracted to a man because you aren't.

But you are so wrong. On occasion I see or meet an attractive man and I cannot get him out of my head and can't sleep for days thinking of being with him, even once. There have been times I made an absolute fool of my self to have him. My head wasn't doing the thinking, nor my heart but my little princess.

that just shows that you're obsessive. it doesn't negate which properly summarizes that your form of """attraction""" is not about the man but about his status and vulnerability. you will never love anything as much as men love women

you make good points and agree I don't want an embarrassment of a man by looks or deeds but I do not believe men know what love of a woman is at all. Men possess and women nurture and support. Men want arm candy and bragging rights and women a stable and safe place to sleep.

>Men want arm candy and bragging rights and women a stable and safe place to sleep.
Literally the opposite you stupid cunt

Fucking cute.

This girl is 15.

Perfect age

You need to go out more and meet some women, m8.

No, the best is when she is 1 yr old

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I have a theory that women would be as visual as men if men didn't look like the back of a horse's ass 90% of the time. We already know that women love men like Chalemet, etc. Science tells us what people do, not why they do it.

Girl here and I know this is anecdotal, but I think you're right. Men (just like girls) can gain a few points on the attractiveness scale by getting fit, a good haircut and proper hygiene. I've seen unattractive guys turn fucking gorgeous by working out and shaving.

I know that you're jk, but kys.

As a fellow woman, stop gold-digging. Be independent. God damn.

Thank you.

Aaand fuck you.

Eh. You all would make good points if you relied less on pseudoscience.

Thank you.

>Attracting women is like picking locks
Spoken like someone who has never picked a lock or a "woman" in his life. Picking locks is easy. Jam the key in the lock. Hit it with a hammer. The spy shit that you see in movies is stupid as fuck. As for women... You're deluded.

Because people are lying to you about women. They're (gasp) ordinary human beings who make different choices instead of being a collective hive mind.

God does not exist.

I can spend the rest of my life without a man and not die. Men are not water. Men are not food. Get over yourself.

Again, thank you.

Stop asking people to make choices for you.

Again, fuck you.

And again we have another sane person.

And we're back to the bullshit.

What the fuck, my dude?

Another sane person. Hurrah.

And we're back on the shit.

I think that this is a good closing piece. You're all insane.

Literally not even going to fucking reply to it
Neck yourself you roastie slut

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Is this @ me? I have never had sex with anyone, which means that I'm not a roastie, but I wasn't expecting anyone to reply either way. I don't expect much from boys who dropped out in 10th grade.

"shit insecure roasties say"

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On a real note, which weird fucked-up world do you live in where women NEED your house/money/whatever-you've-convinced-yourselves-that-you-have-despite-reality-claiming-that-you-don't? More women get their high school diploma, go to university, and live on their own earlier than men. If you're meeting dependent women, you're the one chasing them.

Do you like living in your bubble where people who disagree with you have extreme flaws? I can't have had sex yet. I'm 18 and I'm moving to a nunnery soon. But, I'm sure that you'll find another way to convince yourself that you're right and I'm wrong. I know for a fact that I'm not a roastie and I sure as fuck don't need some incel to tell me what the pussy that is attached to my body looks like.

Could you advance the discussion? as a Femanon would you care to elaborate about this stuff or is it just giving your one line opinions and that's-that?

Now, it's obvious that Jow Forums is the worst place the human race has ever created when it comes to discussing relationships, but that's exactly why some more work in your thought might interest everyone involved?

assume for a moment that all men are pigs and all women are sluts, this adds to the discussion because sometimes it's important to have an opposite perspective, we grow by encountering opposites.

Turn off the oven, fellas. Roastie coastie getting a bit too toastie.

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Men are about what they see and do.
Women are about how they feel.

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If you genuinely think that all men are pigs and all women are sluts, I pity you. The only way that 100% of a 3.5 billion portion of the population could all have one of these two traits is if it is genetic and the only way for it to be genetic is if it is absolutely necessary to the survival of the species. Women don't benefit from sleeping with multiple men because they could get pregnant. Babies are an investment. If they're fucking everything and not considering seriously, they could end up with a retard baby that wasted 9 months of resources. If anything, men are the sluts from a scientific perspective because it benefits their chances of having offspring (Maybe not in the long-run because one well-tended offspring that both parents love has more statistical chance of survival than ten sperm cells that grow into malnourished, neglected children). But, with our caveman biology, yes. Men benefit from being "sluts" and the fear of women being sluts comes from the fact that men don't HAVE to invest resources, but they've decided it will probably benefit them in comparison to other odds. So, imagine thinking that you're investing in a baby but it's not yours. Again, this is irrelevant because we have DNA tests, but sure it might worry you where future loyalty is concerned. If you're treating pigs / sluts as synonymous, then you're calling the whole population promiscuous and that's a question of society and generation which requires data to push off of in terms of arguing for or against it once you consider its broadness. If you're calling men cruel by saying pigs, yeah, this forum would definitely be evidence of that, but I know plenty of men who I am very close with who act like normal humans. So, I refuse to believe that. Are some people insensitive because they've never been called out on their shit? Yeah. But, most people are normal.