How and where do I get a friendless clingy aspie gf?

how and where do I get a friendless clingy aspie gf?

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Stop watching anime faggot.

How about no

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Easy if she's fat.

Stop fantasising over us we are nothing special just retarded

You can't. Autism shows up overwhelmingly in men, and the few women that get autism will unsurprisingly have higher quality men chasing her.

You think you want that. You don't. The last thing you want is to be someone's sole source of emotional contact.

>Autism shows up overwhelmingly in men
Not really accurate. Autism rates are slightly skewed towards men, but the overwhelming differential tends to even out as you get older. Girls tend to slip through the cracks early as their difficulties are dismissed as "just being shy" and they get enough social training to fake it until middle school or so. Then the hellscape starts.

>the few women that get autism will unsurprisingly have higher quality men chasing her.
Thats going to depend pretty heavily on where the executive functioning and social skills deficits fall. The skinny, weird anime cutie with terrible social skills certainly exists in the wild, but she's not any more common than the girl who doesn't bathe or brush her teeth regularly and weighs 300 pounds. The quality of men seeking girls on the spectrum is going to vary, as theres kind of a steep drop between 5s and the 1s.

I just looked it up, in 2015 autism is 5x more frequent in boys than girls. Our as low as 3x more frequent. Regardless, the disparity is huge.

Don't give OP hope for his pipedream, it's a fool's notion.

OP's hope is a pipe dream.

That said, I'm an licensed clinical psychologist, I work primarily with adolescent, he location I work at is about a third kids on the spectrum, I do a significant amount of testing, and I'm ADOS trained.

There is absolutely a sex ratio in autism diagnoses, but both my professional experience and the research suggests that its over-stated. Theres an interesting Danish study that showed the disparity dropping from 8-to-1 down to 3-to-1 in 15 years, which suggests that diagnostic difficulties are playing a serious factor. Theres also the very real problem that we don't really know what the hell autism is and we've only started seriously diagnosing it in people without verbal delays since DSM IV. I'm not yet 40 and the Asperger's Syndrome diagnosis had come and went in my lifetime. You're talking about a field of study in it's infancy.

So you agree with 3 to 1. That's all you needed to say.

I'd say its going to settle closer to 1.5 or 2 to one over the next couple of decades.

Is it wrong that I want a girl like this too? I don't watch anime but this type of girl seems appealing.

not op but thats kind of the appeal. two retards growing to be less retarded together.

I mean I'm two of those things: autistic and clingy. So 50% is better than nothing....
You're a guy.

Its gonna move in the opposite direction.

why? doesn't have to.

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At the suicide hotline or clinic.

Me and my bf are autistic and we are great together, he’s functional in ways that I am not and vice versa

When a guy is shy and awkward it's cringe and pathetic. When a pretty girl is shy and awkward it's cute and preferable. In conclusion : The clingy aspie girls are all fucking chad, as the aspie girls have options while the aspie guys do not.

I envy you two greatly

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women live life in fuckin ez mode, it's retarded.

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I love shy and awkward guys though! I crush on them so hard

I hope you find something similar user, I really do !

>So you agree with 3 to 1.
That's not what he said fuckape. Your illiteracy is nobody's problem but your own.

You don't date them.

girls like shy guys such as pic related

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Your problem will be that she will have insane expectations from years of watching TV and reading books AND probably be a fuck up at reading you and your interest.

whered you find your bf

that guy is ugly

if anyone male or female wants a bf hmu on discord BLesS#4632 im cute and a vers :*

wtb e-gf for 1 (one) day

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