Had rhinoplasty almost 2 weeks ago

Does my nose look too feminine?

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No, is ok

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You have body dysmorphia. It looks fine, it was probably fine before. stop now before you get out of hand


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My septum was massively deviated before and it was the main reason I had the procedure. I also had a septoplasty in the process. I was just a bit concerned that the tip might be pointing up too much and the bridge a bit curvy, both making the nose look more feminine.

Looks like shit desu, way too pointy and smooth, they fucked up

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I like it. Show the front.

No, it's cute. I wanna get one too, was the recovery very bad?

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Front looks alright, don't want to post for privacy concerns.

Recovery was not too bad. The worst part is the 10 day sore throat you get from the general anesthesia tube that's put down your throat. Took light pain meds twice a day the first 3 days (5mg hydrocodone/325 Tylenol) but endurable. Sleeping elevated sucked for a week, I couldn't sleep longer than 4 hours at a time and made my neck sore. And you wake up with terrible dry mouth because you can't breathe through your nose because it's swollen. It takes a month for most of the swelling go down and you look like an alien at the beginning but it takes a year for 95% of the swelling to go down.
I'd only recommend one if you have a noticeably deviated septum or a large dorsal hump or breathing problems. And don't play a sport where your nose can get hit. And if you are able to stay at home for 10 days (no work or school).

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Nope. In fact it doesn't even look like you've had surgery. You must have a had a good surgeon.


you look great

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Well just the fact that you decided to change your own temple (body) screams something more severe is going on in your brain right now, not your appearance.

Just my honest opinion.

No it’s suits your roundish face really well. It is kind of cute but I love guys with cute noses. I don’t see it as feminine

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That doesn't sound too bad, and considering it was only two weeks ago your face doesn't look swollen at all.
I have a hump on may nose, so getting one is justified, I'm just a bit worried how my friends/family would react. Was this an issue for you?

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The swelling is more noticeable from the front. The glabella area is a bit like the Na'vi from Avatar. My smile is temporarily altered and my lip extended but it should go back to normal in a month. And the tip should hopefully drop a bit. My slightly conservative family has been cool with it. I do look noticeably different after going from a middle eastern nose to this. If I were you I'd tell them to not change the profile of the nose too much if you're a guy.
I haven't talked to any friends about it yet since I've been swollen at home the past 2 weeks. After seeing you a couple of times with your new nose, they'll adjust. And if you went back to the nose you have now, they'd react the same. Their brain gets used to seeing you a certain way after a while so it's not a big deal. The only ones that will pay a lot of attention are the ones who are already insecure about their own nose.
Oh, it was performed by an ENT who does cosmetic surgery, so I'm confident my nose will function well in a month or two. Be sure you have the funds for it as well. I had to pay 1500 upfront to the hospital and 300 a month for a year to the surgeon through financing.

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do you have pre surgery pics?