Valentines Day

Hello friends I need advice. I do not really know what is normally expected of me on Valentine’s Day. I am 25 and this is my first Valentine’s Day with someone to spend it with. I really don’t want to fuck it up.

Pic related is what I plan on bringing. In all it’s:
>a bouquet
>an elephant plushie
>warm mittens (she always complains that she is cold)
>like 15 pairs of novelty socks (she said she likes that kind of thing)

Is there anything else I should get?

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;_; so sweet

;_; so sweet

A condom maybe

Like any gift OP, it depends a lot on the person you're giving the gift to and what they expect from you. All in all though, I'd say you're sitting on really solid ground - its more than most people would get for Valentines Day and it shows that you care and were thinking of her, which is really the point of the whole exercise.

Any girl who turns around and tells you that all those gifts aren't good enough probably isn't worth turning into a Valentine.

I think you did fine user.

I bought my fiance the same thing pretty much, but with a teddy bear. She just sent me a picture holding both in her hand. Made me feel special

Yes, as I said this is my first time having a valentine and my first relationship longer than about a week. I feel like I need to buy her things to apologize for how bad of a person I am. She is willing to spend time with me despite who and what I am, so she deserves things, if that makes sense. That's why I feel like this isn't enough. She makes me a better person despite being such a bad one.

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You clearly put in a lot of effort and that's what counts. If she's someone worth dating she'll see that.

Hey user. The reason that you suck is cause you have no self confidence, you did great.

Sounds like you put thought into what you got her, so you did great.

I’m a female and I do the same. It’s a bad idea. You wouldn’t believe how much I’ve bought him. I feel so indebted to him because I admire and love him so much.

Sorry I meant to quote your follow up post.

woah are you sure you should spoil your new girlfriend like that ? personally it would be hard to believe but if i had a gf that i just meet a week ago maybe i would buy her one thing of what you buyed like the ugly mitains but nothing else seriously.

You did great. Very thoughtful with the mittens and socks. If shows you listen to her :)

No I mean this is my first long relationship. Me and her have been together for 10 months.

This thread is so wholesome, makes me miss having a gf to be romantic and sweet with.

Hey now that’s not a good way to think. You seem like a really thoughtful and good person, you don’t need to reward her for spending time with you. I think her spending time with you is her own reward

looks great OP! Anyone would love to get this.

Write her a letter too. On scrap paper not even a hallmark, and give it to her after all your gifts and when you two are settling down after the night of gift giving fun. Tell her in the letter exactly how you feel, how these physical gifts really mean nothing to you, and how they can only scratch the surface of the intangible gift you truly want to give her; your hard work and your devotion. Your fullest heart.

agree but as a girl i really like keeping cards or nice parchment paper with notes and sayings for later on, maybe OP could do that?


God bless this thread.
Hope you guys are happy for a long time.

This thread is so cute and wholesome I’m fucking crying what the hell

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why am I crying, user you're a good lad

that's good mang, don't overdo it. i usually do flowers+stuffed animal/gift+card.

also, from your follow up comment, just wanted to let you know that you can't buy someone's affection with gifts (at least someone that's worth knowing).
if she likes you, it doesn't matter what you give her, it's the thought that counts.
you sound like you have some confidence/esteem issue. this is not a dig at you, i was the same way. you seem like a thoughtful and appreciative boyfriend, take pride in that and be more confident.

You’re such a beta bitch it’s fucking pathetic. Once you show her all that pussy shit you got for her you know what she’s going to think? “Aha I got user in the bag now, he’s had a over heels for me now I can do whatever I want and run over him.”.

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this but unironically

I mean its fine OP, but you went too far. Flowers would have been enough, you could have given her the other stuff another day. Dont invest yourself too much if this is your first gf.

He didn’t go far at all. Buying her jewelry or something would have been too far. I thinks his gifts are very thoughtful and simple.

Lol. isn't this the nerdy middle child from Modern Family? All I can say is nice butthole.

>being nice to your significant other is a foreign concept
Get off my board nigger

>a nigger's valentine's day

hearty kek

How did she like it OP?

She liked it a lot, we had sex.


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Good job. I recently gave up on shit like Tinder (the only reason I'm on there is because a close friend met their partner there) and I've taken to prowling IRL, eg in cafes, supermarkets, book stores, market stalls etc. Maybe next year I'll have someone to spend it with.

How did you meet your gf?

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Where did you get the elephant plush? It's really cute.

I don't know, this seems like too much for any girl, especially considering that girls don't even put in half the effort that guys do and are just offering their holes to cum in. And guys like OP will make bitches even more entitled now.

I met her on OkCupid