Self-Pity Thread

Valentine's Day is almost here. Bask in self-deprecation and post your lonely thoughts.

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I don't feel the need for a gf or even a wife. Because girls in general are too dramatic and emotional for me. It may be different for you and that's great but know that there are thousands that live happy lives with just there Bros and family :)

I forgot valentine's day was coming until my mom mentioned it. Her advice (which I didn't ask for, mind you) was to just ask girls out.
It's good being alone


>made a little love basket for my oneitis
>has novelty socks, her favorite candy, a chocolate rose, a stuffed dog (her favorite kind, a husky), and a little heart-shaped box with her name on it
>wrote love poems on scraps of paper to put in the box
>I’ll see her tomorrow but I know I won’t have the nerve to give it to her
I want off of this ride. I hate that I love her so much when I know she’ll never be my girl. It’s been over a year since she rejected me. I just want to let go and move on but for some fucking reason i can’t.

Sounds rough. I wish you the best, user

>Like christmas; valentines day is a corporate cash grab
>little to no money anyway
Life could be worse

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I got arrested last week for taking flowers to a girl.
Needless to say I won't ever bother doing that again.

Jesus fucking Christ...How did it go so wrong? Do tell.

Met once, felt a connection, 2 months of social media BS, ghosted, called at work, accidentally "internet stalker", she called the cops, had to sign an apology, more social media BS, went to see her with flowers, she called the cops, got arrested and cautioned.
I ... don't fucking know.
Dangerous game, i'm now a criminal, gg.

Don't do it. Trust me

Yeah, it's pretty clear and sensible that you should get cautioned by police after doing that.

i enjoy being lonely

I went all Jow Forums for naught

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You know what I don't feel sad or lonely. I have a good life. I have friends. I've had plenty of dating experience both good and bad. And I just don't feel like I need anyone else to make me happy today. I treat myself all the time.

Plus it's my exes bday so I'm going to be reminded of him regardless. I refuse to let it make me sappy and pitiful.

Cheer up!!

Maybe chill on those poems bro

Bruh rejection is that; the final nail in the coffin. Smoke some weed, grab some brews amd try to forget her. My HS obsession ended up getting knocked up and it took 2 years to get over that. Ot takes time but you learn to forget

It's really all in your attitude guys, I'm alone too and it doesn't bother me at all. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, I will be buying chocolates and a card for a nice girl I know, who's also alone.

Like instead of just hating myself, and doing nothing like you guys, I'll actually contribute some happiness to the world. Make someone elses's valentines better, because I know how bad the sting can feel when you're alone. That would make it all worthwhile. Meanwhile, you guys choose to suffer in vain.

So my advice is to improve your attitude and be altruistic instead of selfish. If you ever suffer in life, make it worth something, don't suffer for no reason.

And give to the world. Just give give give. It feels so much better than taking.

Yeah, live and learn, I accept my mistakes.
I broke my own rule of using social media at all.
Also missed the memo on things not to say over the phone, the implication of police contact and flowers-as-a-hate-crime.
Fuck this shit society and what its become.
I suppose my only option is to resort to tinder.

>had a girl drop what seemed like mad hints to ask her out

the fuck is wrong with me, everything was set up for it and I couldn't break free of just the normal teasing and joking I do with females

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>missed quints as well


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I've pretty much accepted the fact no girl will ever be interested in me.
I think I will also start cutting all my friends from my lfie because I can't handle how envious I get because they have gfs.
I'm already waaaay past the point where it's socially acceptable to have little to no romantic experience anyway, it's my big shame and if anyone finds out they will immediately push me away anyway.
The only thing left to decide is how to an hero, if I want to take normies with me as I do it, etc etc.

Good fucking job user
Why don't you steal his girl while you're at it?

>having friends

fuck off try having none, cherish the fact you have friends you imbecile

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I 'sort of' have friends, I didn't have any untill a few months ago when I decided to try and stop being a shut-in and hit up an old friend from my school days.
Only to be subjected to the torture of having to appear normal to him and the rest of his group.

I understand this pain but at least you have something. Think how much easier it is for you to pretend to be normal if you have an old friend and his group to hang out with. A lie is easier told when it is based in truth.

In short, cherish that, you niggerine faggoti.

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To add on, I was a retard who pushed away the few friends from school who were worried about me. One even thought he was to blame or that he had done something for me not wanting to do anything with him when it was all me avoiding him out of shame and insecurity. A guilt that remains unpaid and I'll probably never get to apologize to him let alone see him.

Cherish your 'friends', be content, and take a little happiness from that to discover and find new friends.

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I don't think they give a single fuck about me though, I'm only there because I happen to find out about their plans and they're too polite to not invite me once I know.

I hate my life. I’m 26 and never even hugged a girl. Can’t even find a girl to talk to.... can’t get a tinder match. Nobody is interested in me. I’m just an unattractive guy who isn’t catching the interest of any woman. Valentine’s Day is always the hardest.

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Upvote, Jow Forums doesn’t fix being a broke college kid

low-key asked my crush out for valentine's day over a text, I was prepared for her to say she was busy, didn't think she'd just not reply lmao

really glad I made it sound very casual instead of going all lovey dovey

at least I'm going out for beer and burgers with my buds today, bitches ain't shit in the words of Dr. Dre (PhD)

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>it's my big shame and if anyone finds out they will immediately push me away anyway.
If anything, they'd try to help hook you up, ya retard



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I haven't had feelings for anyone for nearly a year, I haven't been able to really meet anyone during either. I really don't feel lonely cause I don't have anyone I wanna give these emotions to. Makes me feel kinda sad. But like a sadness you can accept.

is there a way to just physically and mentally batter my self so I don't feel anything while remaining functional to do everyday things

i dont like what i feel each day i would like to feel it no more

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>tfw the woman I dated turned out to be the equivalent to stepping into a large minefeild and the fallout was so massive
To all you lonely anons, I wish I was back to being single and feeling lonely, all the fucking drama I went through because of meeting her almost drove me insane (she didn't tell me she was still dating some other dude and as a result everyone hates me even though I'm the one who thought she was single). Trust me you don't want all the fucking drama that comes with dating.
Happy Fucking Valentine's Day you hopeless romantics, I wish I could still call myself one

Oh and oh and sorry for all the f bombs in my post, I'm still uneasy months after the situation descalated, my reputation took a beating even though she lied to me saying she wasn't seeing anyone behind my back

In what planet do you live where being a virgin loser at 26 isn't a massive red flag and a sign that something is very wrong with a person?
Normies know this more than anyone. There's a reason 'virgin' is one of the most common insults used by normies.

stem master student. however I am poor and have to live somehow. due to my days of depression I have a 3 year gap in my cv that I dont know how to explain away. my grades are only average because I studied very little. never had a job outside of uni stuff like teaching assistant. so even though my uni is ranked very high I wont land my goal job. currently living in shared flat and its terrible. the others live like pigs. I am miserable. thanks to my minimalistic lifestyle I have 20k saved up over the past decade. this should last me for some time. but I wont find a solo apartment for less than 1.5k here, prices are way too high. and people dont take me anyway because I dont have a stable income.

I dont know how to proceed. try to get a decent part time so I can get my own apartment? that will delay finishing my masters and be very draining on me. but it will help my cv and allow me to move out. even if I rush my masters now, I dont have exams left but the theses I need to do will take min 8 months. I am scared. my life is so bad right now I worry I will fall back into depression and everything will be ruined. nobody I know and trust is willing to start a new shared flat with me. they already have their own homes. living solo is the only option. I care a lot about finishing uni quickly because of the depression delay in my bachelor. I am sick of everything and want to move on in my life. I finally want to have a real home again and I want to have a job that allows me to live not in misery

its annoying. I finally got out of the abyss but the damage caused by the depression is still everywhere. as if dealing with depression isnt bad enough. even when you barely survive life is thrice as hard afterwards because depression makes you lose everything, not that I ever had much because my entire childhood was messed up

every day is a struggle. yeah I gotta keep moving forward. its just hard for me because I am weak

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>due to my days of depression I have a 3 year gap in my cv that I dont know how to explain away.
say that you went abroad with friends and family or something like that for some portion of time, and that you had to help with some bullshit chores in a family business of an uncle or something like that.
Someone will believe you

Dude you're clearly not that bad looking, probably just insecure. Get more confidence, talk to people. Being social is a skill you get better at.

Funny you should post Shadow in that particular scene of SA2 when he got over his human-loathing literally seconds later.

Leave Chadow out of your incelish ways.

>met girl online
>hit things off
>eventually tells me she misses her ex
>low-key know that this just means she isn't into me like I am
Eh, for the first time, this didn't even phase me. We moved pretty fast and I've visited online crushes before, but I honestly feel like I don't need the kind of validation required to do LDR shit. Not to mention, it's inconvenient. I escalate and go for the goods when a girl is local, but coordinating a visit with someone much farther away while still keeping her interested is hard as shit

I'm just gonna bite the bullet, finish getting in shape and hop on Tinder. Not even upset. Too many good things going for me.

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How old are you senpai?

No retard fuck you for being so dense. When a person calls the police on you that means stay the hell away and that there is a negative chance of being with them, meaning you will only get negative results. The problem wasn't you giving get flowers, chicks love flowers, your problem wasn't getting the message.

Me @ this thread

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Holy shit this never happens. It's a sign user go for it.

Give me a fucking break asshole, youre practically Chad lite. All you need is a haircut, a little muscle and a good sense of humor and you're good to go.

Seriously, how the fuck do you even find a gf? How the fuck do normies do it?

Noone knows. It baffles me, especially how effortless it is for them.
There's a guy in my 'friend' group that's short and fat with an average face and he's been dating a literal 9/10 titty monster ever since she was 15.

I feel nothing and at this point there is no chance of changing it my fate is predetermined



I’m asking a girl out literally as we speak. Of course the fuckin phone just wrung though so I’m waiting for her to get back while she takes care of that.

You gotta take a chance sometime man. Rejection is just part of the game. If she turns you down she turns you down

good luck

She said “sure” but was HELLA indifferent to it, like she didn’t even care. I asked her then the phones at the front desk started ringing. She stepped away for like 3 minutes, came back, and didn’t answer me so I was like “so yeah, what do you say” and she just said “sure.” But didn’t look at me or smile or anything.

It could just be that she was really shy or something but I don’t even know how to read it dude. I really don’t.

I'm terrified of aging. I'm only 21 but I already feel old. The thought of turning over 24 sends me into panic attack. It's not even looking older that scares me (I have a baby face), it's the fact of getting older.

I'm healthy and keep fit, have money, etc, but I can't see myself as old, or not very young. Even looking at people who are successful and attractive in their later years doesn't calm me down, because I know they looked better young.

How the fuck do I stop worrying about this?

probably didn't want to hurt your feelings

If you can tell she doesn't seem into you there's really much point trying to convince her otherwise, it's not worth the effort. It just frees you up for someone that actually will be

take good care of yourself and you don't have to worry about this so much. I'm pushing 30 and people still think I'm in high school.

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I'll probably be the same, I look very young. It's just aging itself, not how I look, that's scary. Time passing

Yeah. You think I shouldn’t text her? Eh, I’m just not gonna text her and if she’s interested she’ll ask me about it next time.

Crushing HARD on a girl for the first time in like 5 years, and I've only really talked to her once. I think I'm developing oneitis since I barely pay attention to girls in general now. I already can't wait for the depressive episode when it turns out she has a bf and it all comes crashing down.
What a pathetic existence.

I just want to find someone who I can really feel a connection with

Brandon, it’s a Hallmark holiday. It’s the only day of the year you should be glad you don’t have to go out.
Quick rundown: you’re talking to a wall.

>walked up to crush
>inquire if she had a valentine
>"oh, i can get you a gift before the days end"
>"thanks for the offer but i'm good"
Yeah, I'm done trying. I don't mind really being alone, I can't help it if I get these feelings for another being, it comes with the territory of being human, I suppose, but I'm used to not having the other person sentiments reciprocated to me.
>but yourself out there user
>just talk to her and be yourself
All mean nothing if the other person show or have never shown any goddamn interest.

My heart got broke 3 years ago today. I went on a dinner date with my gf and we were supposed to hang out afterwards. She couldn't put her phone down during dinner and she told me she was just gonna go "hang out with some friends, instead" after dinner. No goodnight text, I love you, or anything that night. I broke up with her a couple weeks after. We had been dating for 6 months and had collectively been seeing each other for four years.

I never found out if she was actually cheating on me, but some things are just plain obvious.

Just another dreary winter day. Can't remember when it was ever anything else.

At least you had a girlfriend

I really miss you. I remember when we were partners in orchestra. you had such a sweet smile that I can never forget. I know you’ve probably forgotten me but if you were here right now, I would probably tell you that I love you. I just remember that you were so kind and friendly even when I was always so cold and distant to many. I wish you would notice me again

>porn: check

>booze: check

>vidya: check

>bitchy little shits on the internet to make me laugh: check

>weed: back tomorrow

4 out of 5 ain't bad.