Girlfriend told me she was molested

She said her cousin did weird lesbian shit to her when she was a like 5 and the cousin was 17. Idk what to say to comfort her??? Do I just keep saying "that's awful" or do I add something?

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Hug her and tell her everything is going to be alright, that she is safe now.

you can no longer be with her. break it off

This, she told you something like this because she feels comfortable with you and feel like she can talk and be honest with you.

You gotta doubt this easy to share but she felt nessary to do for some reason.
Don’t make her regret it

I feel like most girls have an "i was molested" story. It only makes them crazy if it was really bad or they were going to be crazy anyway.

Police report or it didn’t happen

Based and redpilled

can you normalfags just fuck off already?

It's long distance and she's probably only with me for my greencard lol. If I was a normal fag I'd have a nice girlfriend I could actually fuck and wouldn't be a virgin

When I was younger, I went after the sluttiest girls I could find to lose my virginity to (thought was they would be easy to bang and they would be best at it). Well it backfired with many of them telling me stories of them being molested or raped at a young age by family or neighbors/friends. A lot of sluts are sluts because that is how their brain is wired now, they feel wrong doing it but only can get pleasure from slutting up. It is a sad thing, until I met girls that had no tragic back story or attempt to fix themselves. There are some girls that just decide to be terrible cum goblins out of the blue, those people scare me the most.

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It's not because they can only get pleasure that way. What they are doing can be described as a maladaptive coping mechanism. That's why they feel bad about it. It can be fixed with some therapy.

Ask her if it felt good.

>She said her cousin did weird lesbian shit to her when she was a like 5 and the cousin was 17
Actually, something akin to that happed to my wife. That fucked her up mentally, at least when it comes to sex. That and daddy issues.
On the bright side, she is well adjusted and handled it well, no slutting it up, but she is pretty depraved in bed and some of her fantasies scare me

>but she is pretty depraved in bed and some of her fantasies scare me
Oooh, do tell.
Also, she’s probably a slut, you just don’t know it

Well, there's the standard rape shit, then she also likes to pretend to be an underage girl (12-14yo) who's molested, but that's all childsplay. When she feels really kinky, it goes into physical abuse and even torture territory, with me beating the shit out of her (with proper punches, not some sissy slapping), needles through nipples, fire and asphyxiation. There's more, but I'm too lazy to write them all

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You scored a perfect woman so enjoy.

You are going to end up in some hostel scenario with her cutting your penis with a piano wire, mate.
Still, enjoy while it lasts

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The worst thing is, is that I don't really enjoy anything aside from rape fantasies. When we met, I was a virgin and was too chickenshit to say no to her gradual escalation of depravity. Nowadays she says that even if we end up divorced, she'll never let me go, since no one ever fucked her like I did and that's I' perfect for her. Kinda scary, but luckily she says the creepy shit, only while or right after sex

Holy shit. I hope that this is a troll, or they will never find your mutilated body. Seriously, get the fuck out, ASAP

wish i was 5

Just say this stuff
With an emphasis on making her feel safe. People with molestation or rape trauma latch on to the safety thing, they need it.
t. Had two girlfriends tell me they were raped in the past by the third date
They will by your servant if your presence relieves that trauma

>Seriously, get the fuck out, ASAP
Well, we are married, with two kids. Too late now. Besides, aside from disturbing sex, she's pretty great

Just be supportive and try to lookout for redflags


Tell her you came

It could happen to you too. I was the dirtiest basement dweller on this site in my teens. Now I am 31 happily married for 7 years.

What would the red flags be?

>Idk what to say to comfort her??? Do I just keep saying "that's awful" or do I add something?

This is why I get riled up. I was abused and molested by multiple people as a child and nobody will ever understand. Normie women will run a mile once they see my baggage and I have no idea how to go about finding someone who was abused to the degree I was.
It's like that anology in spectre. "The daughter of an assassin. The only one who could have truly understood him"
Just switch the word assassin for paedophile and there we go

>I was abused and molested by multiple people as a child and nobody will ever understand.
Well, did you like it?

Well 5 year olds like sucking on things user. But then you grow up and realise it's messed up and no, it did no good for me even as a 5 year old.

Holy shit, I need to pay my gf's cousin to molest her. Is there any way to tell if a girl has been molested in the past?

Usually yes. Self harm, attention whoring and emotional instability. Although there were no warning sings with my wife. She was pretty good outside of the bed. I remember our first time, she began to cry and begged me to never leave her.

Obviously kill the cousin and bring the head back as a trophy, were you even around for 1066?

Let her do the talking. Youre the guide not the arbitrator. Ask her about that time and place - how it made her feel. Comfort her.

My dick is on a curve to the left and slightly up are we good boys?

Similar thing happened to my sister and a couple cousins, this kinda shit is fucked. Upside it wasnt a man thay fucked her head up so in relative terms you should be fine (sorry only had to deal pedo partiarchs on family members never female on female abuse) my mom was abused by gdad and shes hates men dad diddled sister and since i look like him (well that parent child relationship got fucked early on). Abuse victims have trust issues (dont fuck up) is all in can say. As for your responses (they should only be you actually tryingtonprocess what shes telling you. Shes letting you into her world (good sign) you dont need to fix this (she does) if you want to stay on the rode with her be patient, but if she plays the victim and has a narcistic streak well she might true and proper fucked.
Best of luck bro