How come there are so many normalfags with social lives on this board...

how come there are so many normalfags with social lives on this board? i thought that Jow Forums was made for socially inept outcasts. the fact that the people whove abused me all my life are on a place i thought would be a refuge is absoultely fucking sickening. how do I cope with this?

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Secondly, this is about as kosher a board as you get here. I know Jow Forums is shit, but there are other places to fit in if you're a reflect, virgin, or incel. Explore a bit.

is this the most normalfag board on Jow Forums? wow I thought it would be Jow Forums because of the election

grow up. the number of normie fags of this website isn't because they are migrating to here, its because most people on this site are growing up and becoming social and well rounded. look at tomoko (pic related). sure she was socially inept but if you read the most recent manga, she is popular, has a lot of friends, is about to go to uni, and pretty much has social interactions figured out.

>grow up
why do you keep saying this in all my threads?

Because that's what you have to do. if you want to enjoy yourself and actually have fun in life you need to grow up. most people on this site stagnate and wonder why they have wasted their lives. if you want to get better you have to push yourself and grow as a person.
and the reason why I say this so often in these threads is because I actually want to help and give meaningful advice.

Jow Forums is a mixed bag. Lots of shills and circlejerking. Not quite "normalfag" but certainly easy to troll.

look who found Jow Forums from a netflix documentary...

I am constantly improving myself but prefer to be in a closed cirlce relationship I am much happier having a life partner who is only with me and can do anything with her.

>adv board
>people giving advice that aren't social autists or losers

May I ask how you have arrived to these expectations?

Bully them relentlessly, I intend on a single man crusade to wipe them off this holy land.

its good that you are trying to improve yourself. it sounds cheesy but you should never stop trying to push yourself to go further. and I definitely can understand wanting someone with similar attributes to yourself and feel comfortable being around. that being said you need to understand that people change, and that once socially awkward girl could become very extroverted.

hey whats your discord please post it because I am also on the same mission as you we need to stay in communication. bless you brother I hope we can win this!

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Leave you pathetic incel virgin. This site is ours now.

I am certain that the person who typed this is a virgin himself le epic Jow Forums troll XD

>Jow Forums was made for socially inept outcasts
did you get out of a coma recently? do you think it’s still 2006?

you should seriously grow up and stop playing the victim, if you want sympathy youre not gonna get it here. this is the most sane board on the whole site. there have to be normal people to give advice or its not a very good advice board

Leave. Jow Forums wasn't specially made for your socially incompetent caste.
We never wanted a place where a normal self-entitled whine-ass like you would be.

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I love this website but yeah adv got normied. R9K is well proper outcast tho. Im a bit of an in between, I have a social life but only with other NEETs

I fucking hate normies.

What a crybaby

>i thought that Jow Forums was made for socially inept outcasts
you thought wrong. Jow Forums was made for no-ones
who are you?
who is this guy ?
what about this one ?
do you know who I am?
so far I'm seeing no-one. no names, no identities, no accounts. why should you care? why do you care about who they are, who we are? why do you care about who you are? use a trip saying "khv hikkineet loser" if you care so much and be done with it

And I'd bully you all over again, you pussy.

I was Jow Forums but i self-improved and got my life together and grew up, i'm still addicted to Jow Forums though so it's Jow Forums for me

It’s fun that can be marketing and customer service at day and shitpost on Jow Forums like a mental punching bag a night

Actually come think of it a pretty sure a lot people come here as a mental punching bag and spew shit all over this site.

Jow Forums is an anime memeboard

Not a circlejerk of self pitying cucks like reddit