I'm not sure whether to have sex with this guy or not

I'm not sure whether to have sex with this guy or not.

He doesn't really respect me and he's not a good person, but I haven't had sex in nearly a year and I'm so horny that I can't concentrate on my work. I just want to stop thinking about sex.

I know that after I have sex with him I'll probably feel shame, lack of dignity, worthlessness. But at least I'll be able to focus on my work.

Any advice?

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Use protection at least

>"He doesn't really respect me and he's not a good person, but I haven't had sex in nearly a year

Sounds like you don't respect yourself if you're thinking that. I wish I could use the excuse that it's been 2 years since I've smoked, I know it's horrible for me, and I'll regret it as soon as it's over, but hey guys, should I do it anyway?

No. The answer is no, you retard. If you want sex with a non shitty person then find a non shitty person to have sex with and stop trying to find justification for wanting to be a retard.

don't do it. it would be better to find someone worth your time.

What if worst case scenario happens and you get pregnant with this terrible person? Also have some more respect for yourself.
Just go to a sex shop and get something good to jerk off with so you can maintain your dignity and not risk stds, pregnancy, etc with someone you don't even like

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>yeah this guy is fucking horrible in every way
>im gonna fuck him anyways

I refuse to believe women undergo development at a faster rate then men.

This guy is pretty much my only option, masturbation isn't satisfying and I can't find anyone else to have sex with...

my advice sex is sex.
tommorow is another day.
I think Your over thinking it.

… R-E-S-P-E-C-T (he aint ur bf)

drink up VD one night stand good luck

you're a vagina, just go on tinder and fuck chad

Fuck him once, then never talk to him again. Give him a taste of his own medicine.

Go on tinder or okcupid. You don't need toxic people in your life.


You do know that masturbation is a thing, right? And even if you really need ti have sex to be satisfied, it would still be better to fuck some rando from Tinder as a one night stand than a guy who doesn't respect you. At least a rando would disappear from your life. You presumably know this guy you're talking about, so sleeping with him could have long-term consequences.

listen to
my perverted mind says you kinda wanna fuck him because of the reasons why you don't like him though

For me what separates sex from masturbating is the emotional connection and bonding. What can a random hookup do that a dildo/vibrator can't? There's no emotional connection there and like you said, you'll probably feel like shit after. I wouldn't do it in your place.

Goddammit I called him. I'm going to have to come up with an excuse why I'm not going over to his place after all.

You're very lucky. No one has ever had feelings for me so I've never been able to have emotional/bonding sex.

sounds like you the one with the issue.
hes got you right were he wants you judging by this post. its your conscious that will eventually fail u.

you sound like you now yur gonna fuck this guy.
your just like telling people. cause your happy about it.

Lol trips for VD

>be a woman
>this guy is my only option for sex
Lol. Just lol.

>>I'll probably feel shame, lack of dignity, worthlessness
Why is it still that woman feel that way and men can brag about it? Hes lacking dignity as much as you do, in my opinion

Well I'm not that attractive

Is it because you're fat and ugly?

harness this sexual energy to lose weight and become attractive. then enter a relationship with a good man

what makes you think he'd have sex with you anyway?

just ugly

find someone from different race.
I'm chinese, and i often find some white women attractive even though people here claim they are 4/10 or 6/10 at best.
Unless you're ugly as fuck, then gtfo.

>thinking this is a problem that women face
1/10 b8. Try again and make it believable next time

I don't have any race preferences.