I have a file cabinet filled with information on almost everyone I work with. Each person has a file on them, inside this file is their first and last names, DoB, phone numbers, nicknames, hobbies, schedules, car, LP number, bank affiliations and any information I can find on them from the internet as well as their current home address and relationship to the people that they live with, spouses, past addresses, high school, middle school and likely elementary school. And I update their information every 6 months as long as I still work with them.

I do this for everyone I work with.

My boss was especially hard, he's Guatemalan and finding shit out about him is not easy. But I did finally find out last week where his family in Guatemala lives as I managed to get his mothers phone number. Her name is Gloria and she is a very pleasant woman but unwise in the ways of information control.

Anyway. The main way I find peoples addresses is through internet searches of public records or conversations (asking them). But when that fails I have to park outside of my work and wait for them to go home. I follow them and jot down their address when they arrive at their home. I usually have to do this several times to make sure they didn't go to a bf's/gf's/friends/family members home instead but are actually at their place of residence. Sometimes I get lucky and check their mailbox and see if their name is on any of the mail, thus confirming they live there.

So to my point. Tonight I fucked up. I was following a female coworker home and she noticed me, parked and stared as I drove by since my car is rather conspicuous (moronic I know but this has never happened before).

What do I tell her when she confronts me about following her around tomorrow?

I'm not doing this to be creepy, this is my hobby.

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What you’re doing is creepy.

How is it being your hobby less creepy?

But I don't have nefarious intentions I just believe in being thorough regarding the people around you.

Two options- either say it wasn't you, or say you were lost and driving around trying to find your bearings.
Either way, seek psychiatric help, as your hobby is most definitely not normal.

It was a two lane highway with one side ending in another state and the other ending in the city I live in. There is no way to be lost on it so I guess I'm denying.

And there's nothing wrong with what I'm doing. Google has files on all of us that would put even my thickest file to shame.

I refuse to believe this isn’t bait

That’s creepy OP, it might be considered stalking but I’m no lawyer so maybe go see one or whatever to make sure you don’t get into trouble

Of course....It's not like there are a lot of other well kept midnight blue 1998 buick lesabres in my neck of the woods. I might not be able to deny. Any other suggestions?

You need professional help if you think what you’re doing is okay. You’re a fucking creep.

>I follow people home and stalk them for fun
>How do I convince someone it's not creepy?
If it's really not that creepy, just tell her exactly what you do. Oh, but that wouldn't work because it's even creepier. I don't know...you could threaten her with the vast amount of information you have.

I'm not going to threaten anyone, that's wrong.

>I'm not going to threaten anyone, that's wrong
>But getting all this information, that's fine
How do you define what's right and wrong, creep?
Anyway, if what you do is completely okay, at least in your view, just tell her it.

Creepiest fucking thing I have ever read. I like you, OP. Don't ever stop.

No because she and general people wouldn't get it. It's weird. I do understand that.

I don't personally consider it creepy because I have no desire to do anything with this information aside from merely having it. If they proved to be bad people I *might* use this information against them but I have no intention or desire to do so. More than likely I wouldn't do anything at all. I just don't want anyone at my work to think, "oh, it's that guy that followed sally that one time", because again, I do understand it's weird.

the easiest way out of this is through suicide

Why is it wrong to threaten her? You're not going to use it against her; all you're doing is adding a reason for her not to tell anyone. As long as she acts smart, you don't lose anything.
After all, as long as no one is hurt, it's fine with you, it seems.

>Why is it wrong to threaten her?
Because she hasn't done anything. She doesn't deserve to be in fear, as far as I can tell she's a good decent person. Why should I scare her or make her live in fear? I've done enough by being stupid enough to get caught so now I need to say something to make her feel safe again.

>She doesn't deserve to be in fear
Yeah, you did that when you followed her home. She's already in fear. You knew that you had a pretty high chance of making her fear you after this whole thing. Why didn't you care then?
>I need to say something to make her feel safe again
Sorry, man, that's impossible. Stalking someone is not something that can be easily brushed aside.

>Why didn't you care then?
Because I have to be prepared.

>Stalking someone is not something that can be easily brushed aside.

Look, there has to be some sort of explanation right? Can't I have just been going somewhere else on a dark country road late at night?

You are being a creep though, despite "no nefarious intentions".

How about a colleague puts cameras in your house just to track you for fun. There are cameras everywhere outside so it doesn't matter right?

Oh, just answer the question.

Just say you had something to do in the area? And don't follow this girl specifically again, she gonna be suspicious