How can I find a cute, smol gf who loves me unconditionally and lets me beat the shit out of her...

How can I find a cute, smol gf who loves me unconditionally and lets me beat the shit out of her? I have an abusive relationship fetish but I don't want to do anything illegal. Is there a certain place I should be looking in order to find the type of girl who will consent to me beating her when she misbehaves, and enjoys being obedient?

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If not bait, which I doubt, kill your self.

If she likes it too then what's the problem?

Yeah no. just stop.

because abuse is illegal, even if the other party consents to it.

There are woman who like that, just like there are guys who like to be beaten by woman. Whats your problem?

It's not like I would put a girl in the hospital or anything, just bruises and whatnot. I don't see why that's so wrong if she enjoys it too.
You're allowed to hit someone if they consent.
Exactly. Finally a reasonable person.

Because you’re degenerates who don’t belong in society. And any woman who is into it should kill herself too.

>you’re allowed to hit someone if they concent

No you’re not retard. Try going into public and beating the shit out of your consenting girlfriend and see what happens. You forget the psychological damage it can do to OTHER non consenting witnesses.

Holy fuck you're dumb. Obviously I would only do it in private. And it IS legal to hit someone if they consent, otherwise boxing wouldn't be a thing.

Wouldn’t hold up in court if someone saw bruises on gf and called the police you’d be charged no matter what excuses you both gave them. Keep calling me dumb but I was in a consensual abusive relationship and it didn’t stop the cops from charging him after the neighbors overheard and called the police. Cops told me I couldn’t consent because I was obviously mentally ill and needed psychiatric help.

get into bondage porn
intresting fetish.
having girl tied up.

I have noise cancelling walls. Neighbors won't hear shit. Also I would have her sign a contract or record a message beforehand to absolve me of all guilt.

bait. tis bait I say.

But yeah, if this isn't bait your scum


So 2 consenting adults aren't allowed to have sexual fetishes? So much for the land of the free.

Anyways I didn't come here to get lectured on morality. I want advice on how to find a girl who's into this. If you don't have that advice for me then fuck off.

jesus fucken christ what is this even

Look into fetish circles and get extra fucking safety measure everytime you do something remotely violent.
Because if you permanently hurt someone no one will care what mental illness made her accept you'll belong in prison anyway.
Stay with obedience and keep your fetish safe and in the bedroom.

You won’t find any gf because you khv wizkid and not chad. I don’t have to say kys, you will after a few more miserable years.

Has NO ONE on Jow Forums ever heard of Google?

Google "BDSM clubs" + your city or nearest big city

I dunno maybe theres a forum or something out there or anything where a girl would take a beating ya know. Honestly your fetish is pretty immoral and uncommon so finding a girl that follows that specific criteria is gonna be HARD so uhh im sorry but that question is like asking where a pedophile could find little girls that consent to sex.

Did one of your parents sexually abuse you, OP? Were you smacked around a bunch as a kid?

You'd best start believing in bait threads, Miss Turner...

i bet he was. people with abusive fetish get it from lack of control or authority over themselves when they're younger and they develop a need for it as an adult. "cute aggression" is a real thing and sometimes it triggers that instinct to dominate. I bet daddy would "spank" him by sticking his thumb into his anus when mom wasn't looking.

Sounds like you're projecting

projecting my load all over your mother's face