Jow Forums is the worst board. Change my mind

Jow Forums is the worst board. Change my mind.
My arguement:

Too many of the exact same threads
>I like a person, what do?
>I’m sad, what do?

Too many underage posts
>17, and my person I like...
>help me with high school pls

Generally bad advice
>stop being gay
>just do this
>fuck them

Trash board

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It's almost like these are common problems or something. Where tf is your tard wrangler, Mr Holmes?

If it’s a common problem and you actually want help, take the time to look through the board for like 10 seconds. You’re story’s not special.

Fuckin way she goes

Why are you even here

He probably listened to obviously bad advice


Don't forget the hourly "how do I kill myself, even though I'm on the internet which documents hundred upon hundreds of suicide attempts all across the world, but I'm actually just making this thread for attention???" and two-DUI guy threads that people always respond to.
Even with all the trash here, I still wouldn't put Jow Forums in the top 5 of worst boards

whatever /b/tard

i started coming to this board recently.
its nice to hear peoples problems.
makes you fell connected/relatable

giving advice is even more fun.

Lmao you left your name you fucking retard

It's a terrible board became the people who come here are the ones who can't solve their problems by themselves.

>Change my mind
Jow Forums
to name a fucking few lad

>Too many of the exact same threads
I agree with that.
There should be some fixed/mod post that goes over the most frequently asked question and answer them.

>Too many underage posts
>you need to be 18 years old to visit this website
Shouldn't be a hard problem to deal with then, right?

>Generally bad advice
Most of the advice is generally good. Of course there are gonne be some trolls who write shit. It's Jow Forums afterall and not a "safe space to fix all your problems".

Appreciate the critique. Make /adv

It's been slowly improving since I arrived. Give it a bit more time.

I've gotten some pretty solid advice on this if I'm being honest. But yeah too many Jow Forums posts are leaking here

>change my mind
Jow Forums is the worst part of the internet, next to Thomas the Tank Engine OCs and whatever awful Hell tripfags crawled out from.
Oh, right, that's Jow Forums

It's a great board to troll, I've been making bait threads to draw all the incels and watch them argue with the normies

This. No point in offering advice when half the threads are vehicles to argue about faggotry.

not even that, you can't ask for advice from your perspective because people automatically assume you're the problem. people just cherry pick where you were wrong and skim the rest. also, good luck trying to get help with something that's not a relationship.

then you have all these edgy young zoomers who are so miserable and have to spew their misguided viewpoints because they got hurt once and gave up. not to mention that people here think they have massive intelligence because they found the secret clubhouse. the worst of all is low quality bait that get 309 replies for what ever reason.

if you want advice from here you're going to have to accept it's coming from people who shouldn't be giving advice

Is bad, but is nothing compared to soc.

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But then OP never ever accepts that he could be wrong
It's an infinite cycle of blame and shoving blame

I suppose I forgot about that, but it's the other extreme and there's no middle really

Yeah, it's very easy to get both normies and roasties going here. And with such low traffic, my replies get more reads/hour than elsewhere. I get far and away more (you)'s here than anywhere else

Forgot /v/

Well yeah the vast majority of people are gonna be pretty fucking young so any serious problems are probably not gonna be there. It's just teenager/college student bullshit for the most part.

And when you make a thread that isn't one of these people call it bait.

Also /soc/ women thinking of excuses to post their face that get hundreds of replies because this is the incelest board besides r9k