2016 valentines day

>2016 valentines day
>my gift: drew one of her OCs, had flowers shipped to her. took her out on a date
>her gift: pussy

>2017 valentines day
>hint about a game and manga artist that i like, "i could use a phone case for my new phone actually", "my keys are so boring!"
>my gift: Got her a new iridescent bag, physical kikuo CD album(her fav), trip to a fancy Japanese restaurant
>her gift: pussy

>2018 valentines day
>hints at her that I've been getting into origami, its fun and relaxing and cute, hint at some little gift ideas
>my gift: New scarf and glow-in-the-dark posters for her room of her favorite manga, art tools, ear buds, cook for her
>her gift: pussy

>early 2019
>"hey I'm actually not in the mood for the 'usual' this valentines day, it seems like i go all-out and I keep getting the uh,.. same thing"
>"um? didnt think a guy would complain about it but lol whatever i guess. i thought that was the point of valentines day for men"
>"ah. hm"
>my gift: a new wallet, a bouquet of flowers(mixed in with some origami shit), a little animated 3d art gif I made of one of her OCs,
>her gift: probably pussy, yet again, and maybe a pity-gift like a visa gift card that she got at the gas station because i complained

This valentines day I realize that my girlfriend has never taken the time to really know me, to understand my interests and has never -really- listened to me and it shows even moreso blatantly with the gifts that she would get me for valentines day, xmas, and my birthday and im realizing that she never really.. cares? While I'm always there to listen so much and cue in on her interests to know exactly what would get her to be happy. Now the sex is great honestly, but come on.

What do I do with this. I feel like I'm just her human blog now

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Stop doing shit for her. When she complains, tell her it's because she's not adding to your life and you'd rather focus on things which do.

And you've been with this bitch for 4 years? She's either severely autistic or doesn't give a single fuck about you. I would have dumped her a long time ago but that's just me.

Have sex with her, obviously.

Women and men can't be friends

Honestly on Valentine's day I think most men would just get pussy, wrapped up pussy or like anal or whatever's out of the ordinary but still in bounds for that couple.

If this happens on your bday and xmas though, then either she has no understanding of you or she sucks at presents in general. Does she give thoughtful presents to anyone else?

first of all, pussy is not a gift. having sex is a two way mutual experience. if you really think this way then that's literally putting pussy on the pedestal.
unless she only has sex with you on special occasions, this means that you have received no gifts in the past 3 years.

so the question, does she give you actual gifts (not sexual favors) in any other time like birthdays or xmas? if the answer is also no then she doesn't give a shit about you or is incredibly self absorbed and immature.

i would feel bad if my gf/wife keeps giving me thoughtful gifts and i give nothing back in return.

reciprocity is one of the key components of human relationships. i'm not saying you have to make sure the gifts are of equal quantity and quality, but if you're the only one that's giving, then it's not an equal relationship.

final advice, dump her.


If she has sex with you only after you bought her stuff, your relationship is basically just prostitution.

Wouldn't say that you have to dump her, but realize what the relationship-dynamic between you two is and rearrange your expectations accordingly.

Although you have succeded in making me really hate the sound of your girlfriend user, I'll give you advice that isn't just "Dump her".
Firstly, really ask yourself if you mean it when you say your girlfriend hasn't taken the time to know and listen to you, or if you're just angry because of her pathetic attempts at valentines gifts.
Secondly, ask yourself if you really care that she's just a walking fleshlight and bedwarmer, and that getting friends that are actually interested in similar stuff to you wouldn't be a better option.
If you've reviewed the above and decided that she truly doesn't care and that it's important to you that she does, you have two options that I can see (other than leave her)
>Vocal option
>High-risk but fast & could get through to her
>Explain exactly how you feel to her. Don't get angry or emotional, just explain how you feel, and that it's important to you that she is actually invested in knowing who you are and the things you're interested in.
>Non-vocal option
>Low-risk but might go over her head if she's dumb
>Start trying to subliminally suggest she's not doing enough. Tell her you don't really feel like sex. Seem disinterested if that's all she did for you. Be EXTRA positive if she puts extra effort in.
If nothing works, dump her.

This but with the low risk you should not be disinterested in sex, if that is the only thing she offers do not accept it. Do not have sex with your gf if that is the only thing she intends to give you.

If she tries to give a cute 1 dollar valentines card from the gasstation do not have sex with her either

Women being denied sex when they request feels the blow of the rejectio harder than men and it will be a signal to even the most dense of female that she did something wrong.

Thanks. I'm gonna pull the "not in the mood" type of stuff if she pulls out sex and she'll realize there's nothing else she provides on days like this

Pussy isn't a gift OP. Sex is something fun to be mutually enjoyed in a relationship, it doesn't belong to one party member or the other.

Having said that it reads that you never complained before about this, so before she didn't realise she was doing something wrong. And when you brought it up this time, and she gave her opinion, you responded with "ah, hm"? Communicate, user. Tell her that you're not okay with it. Then if she doesn't change, she's had fair warning if you split or stop getting her nice stuff. Is she better with your bday and xmas?

Derp sorry, saw you already mentioned xmas and bday. Do you have a decent emotional connection with this aside?

Why have you been with her for four years? Now anything you say will sound weird for coming out of the blue.

Just give her your dick as a gift

If she doesnt reciprocate, start showing her the cold and make her realise shes taking you for granted.

This. Give her a good hot dicking and stuff her mouth full of cock if she tries to complain. That stupid look of satisfaction on her face afterwards will be a good reward.

You need to read up on love languages because you def sound like gift giving category. I suggest going over this book with you gf and explain to her this is how you feel loved and appreciated. If you tell her this and nothing changes, dump her. Dont spoil someone who doesnt deserve it. I did that for years with my ex. I dated him for 6 years and we never had anniversaries. Valentines he would get me a candy bar and a card with his name signed. I remember i went all out one year with a post it note search through the house with hand written poem about our life together. My now bf ots same shit too so i just stopped getting everyone gifts even for christmas because no one takes time to know me so why should i put in that effort? Hope this helps in some way op

This. Just fill all her holes and get her something to eat. Don't buy her a bunch of useless shit.

Enjoy her but dont marry the bitch

When we hang out we mostly do stuff that she wants to do though and whenever I bring up a movie or game or show to watch she 70% of the time says no while I 99% of the time say yes.

It's uneven in a lot of places like this and last time i scolded her over it she said it was because of her ADHD

I dont know how old you are but when you approach the 30s women start to display very clear behaviour hinting that they want to be provided for. Just for the mere fact that they offer pussy. If they want to. They dont care if you dont see it that way because they can easily exchange you for somebody who can afford it easily and tell himself he is being loved.

Not all women are like this. The girls I've known have wanted companionship and life partners, and were more than willing to work hard alongside me. If it wasn't for my depression and impulsive anger at that point in my life, I'd have a wife.
>t. 26 yo

>blames her shitty behaviour on adhd

If it's bad in other areas then it's not just a single thing you might be able to overlook - maybe you two aren't good for each other. You should still use your words to explain this to her rather than expecting her to read your mind, and if she makes no effort to improve then give her the boot

the way she blames it is that when i bring up doing something she feels like her ADHD would make it a terrible experience for both of us, but when she brings up something it's because she's finally in the mood for it.
So basically, we only do shit when her "ADHD" works in her favor because its always something she has the attention span for or something like that.

I'm going to see how workable she is and if she consistently fails to adjust them I'm gonna call it and find someone better

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Bro instead of pussy goft fuck her in the ass and cum inside

how does this solve anything

slowly start ignoring her. drift slowly until you don't do actual shit for her, then when she asks why you don't do anything, tell her you want to focus on something that interests you and gives you some sort of real meaning then dump her ass

Fuck, at least you get pussy.
This'll be my 9th valentines day with gf. Most likely will end with a bottle of wine and passing out in bed to Big Lebowski.

Weeb shit is, in essence, materialist.
My condolences user; enjoy your pussy.

Since she solves all her problems with her pussy, at least it'll be more stimulating.

Update, we fucked and i came inside since she was on BC AND she got me a GTX 2060 and a book on origami. i guess she sat and thought on it a bit

we foldin tonight boys

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Who is this bitch? Need to jerk off cuz unlike you I'm an independent man who don't need no vaginas

This is so wholesome

user how the fuck is this your gf because holy fuck are you lucky

not my gf

i just downloaded it from a horny /v/ thread that got deleted before source was delivered

What the fuck were supposed to get our boyfriends Valentine’s Day presents??? What a shitty holiday

god i hate women for reasons like this

so much already gets handed to you on a plate

Is it bad that I have the opposite issue? My girlfriend is really meticulous when it comes to gift giving, at times even I am surprised as to how she knew what I wanted. My girlfriend is seems to really understand me and I love her. But, whenever we have sex it's pretty vanilla, it's understandable because we are each other's first. But, I am a really horny guy. Last time I asked her to rim me and she was disgusted by it. I love her gifts and all but I also want to do other stuff in the bedroom. I am planning to ask her again. How should I convince her to rim me?

Rimming is gross dude lmao who would lick someone else's shit hole lol you don't deserve your gf

Is this bait?

Make your own thread shit-boy and find a freaky girl that'll eat your poop

Look, I am not forcing her to it. I'm only suggesting that we try it, if she doesn't like it, we stop. Simple as that.

Eat your own fucking poop you freak leave your gf alone

Cheat on her.

Its Valentines day you fuck don't surprise her with poop for dinner

Read the thread
We had a happy ending


>Read the thread

Then eat this guys poo

Sex is not a gift dude. Me and my gf exchanged gifts yesterday then went out for dinner, but were too tired to have sex since it was a long day at work for both of us. We cuddled and watched Netflix instead.

Point is, sex shouldn't be a special thing on Vday if you otherwise fuck almost daily. She's just taking you for granted and doing the minimum effort, while you always go the extravmile for her.

OP I'm sorry you feel like you're not being listened to and cared for. To be honest, some people are not good at all with gift giving. Nothing to blame it on, their minds just don't work like that. In order to help your feelings from being hurt and for your heart to feel known you may have to do more than hint. I know it seems ridiculous because your hints aren't confusing. But to some people they just go over their heads. I'm not one to fully followed the "5 love languages" thing, but it's definitely a foundation to some truths. Maybe try talking to her about them and finding which one's resonate with you both. It could be as simple as ships passing in the night. (My bf and I are this way. We have to consistently be aware that the other feels loved in different ways and actually go out of our own norms in order to keep the connection.)
You've been with her for this long so you two obviously love each other. Try going a little deeper than a grievance, there is always room for connecting to different hearts. ADHD has nothing to do with it. I hope this Valentine's was good for you OP, and please don't get discouraged if it wasn't.

This is what happens when society sees sex as transactional.

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I assume pussy is more than just a seasonal event for you, OP? In other words, it's hardly a "gift" when you have regular unhindered access to it.

You should at least negotiate for anal.

read the thread

You are honestly pretty pathetic for staying with her for over 3 years

What's a good first message to send to a seemingly plain/normal girl (ie. not a roastie/thot/Stacy/instagram idiot/basic bitch/etc.)? A humble, well-rounded girl who isn't full of herself.

Ay girl u want sum fuck

Hey Op.
sex for valintinesday is like getting nothing, right?
i mean you can get it always why would she make it Something special?
i dont get it, can anyone explain

She probably thinks you are being a materialistic faggot obsessing over this shitty Hallmark holiday. Just be happy she is alive and with you.