I want a gf who's a virgin

>I want a gf who's a virgin
>I am almost or over thirty but I want a gf much younger
>I want a submissive gf
>I want a housewife

Stop. You're a creeper.

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No, we just want women that are worth a damn.

You want women you can control and who can't stand up to you because she's never known anything else

Only incels care about that shit, ironically enough.

However if you want success in a long term relationship it’s generally a good idea to find a woman that hasn’t slept with over 50 random men.

If a woman is going to constantly challenge me, then that's not being worth a damn, and she's certainly not marriage material. I'm not getting married to be nagged until I fucking drop into my grave.

Then why are you looking for a virgin, when she is the most likely to do just that?

You just wrote a list of things, which could mean either/or, not that they all come together.

>describe everything that biologically and naturally is perfect for a man and possibly gets the best result in survival
>its degenerate because our society says so

I agree with you, that all those demands are not for [the current year], but objectively speaking, if you don't follow all those things you describe as "bad", living together and having a family probably wasn't possible a few thousand years ago.
You don't think about it, but there where times, where a man just didn't have the luxury to think about pleasing his woman and survival was more important than feelings. And the 'natural' mindset of that era still is in us, because it made sure we could reproduce.

Pick one.

>I want a gf who’s a virgin.
Lacks relationship experience most likely.
>I am almost or over thirty but I want a gf much younger
Girls much younger are probably going to want someone closer to their age. If they’re okay with your age you’re probably bringing something to the table like money.
>I want a submissive gf
Definitely possible but there will be something else to deal with related to that.
>I want a housewife
Definitely possible but you’re gonna have to provide the financial backing for that.

If you’re looking for the complete package you’re probably a complete package too, and therefore unlikely to be single at your age.

>tfw have shy gf that likes to be dominated
>tfw took her virginity & she took minr
fucking great desu, would recommend to anybody if you have the emotional intelligence to deal with the constant insecurities. she will never compare you to chad and his penis, she'll always appreciate you the most out of any guy she's known, and she won't ever want to leave you if you treat her right.

You are very young and naive. It's possible you will remain together and get married, but the odds of that are not high.

i dont rly care about any of those
i just want a girl to aknowledge my existence for once

>provide the financial backing
And that includes fun money too. I want to buy expensive anime merchandise? You provide the money for that and you provide everything I request, now.
You don't want to that? Then I will keep my job and I will keep my money to spend on whatever I want.
I am not willing to live without what I want. If being a housewife means having to renounce the fun things I can now buy myself with my own money from my job, then I don't want to be a housewife. I am willing to be a housewife only if my husband provides money for EVERYTHING, including the personal fun things exclusively for me, gives money on demand and makes no objections about that.

The only acceptable alternative to that is I work and keep my own money that I earn from my work and spend however I please with my husband having no say whatever about it.

Anything else is worse for me and therefore unacceptable.

You sound like a joy to be with :-D

The former is unenforceable however. A man can promise he will give you the money you want but end up not doing it, and, as legally it's his money it's also his right to do that and you can't do anything about it. You end up having to depend on the whims of someone else. That's a shitty way to live.

If you have your own money though, legally it's yours and he cannot steal it from you, he cannot touch it, he cannot do anything you don't want him to do. If things go south you can cut your losses and save yourself anytime.

Being a housewife is always financially a risk, one too big for me I'm not willing to take. That's why I don't want to be a housewife.

Thanks, my husband also thinks so. Of course, he doesn't interfere with my managing of my job and my own money just like I don't interfere with his and we're pretty happy together.

>I want to buy expensive anime merchandise?
Haha, no thanks. This is like a guy who wants to buy expensive MLP merchandise.

As a man I would say my most expensive hobby is clothes, but I would probably put that aside in marriage. In fact I woukd ensure insofar as possible that my wife had money for nice clothes or whatever hobby before I did. But for her to work outside the house and detract further attention from the children just so she can buy toys is not a good sign. Married life comes with sacrifice, especially if you have kids.

>not wanting to lead as many hopeless cases as possible beyond the point of no return to decrease the amount of competition

are you retarded?

I met my wife when she wad a virgin, I was 25, she wad 16, now we have two kids and she was a housewife for nine years already.
Nothing creepy about that, it's pretty natural to want a decent partner

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Disagree with that. If I have to sacrifice my happiness for a marriage, then I'd rather keep my happiness and not get married. I can only accept marriage if it fits to my terms and conditions.

Thanks for telling it like it is, OP. All these neckbeards who want an irl "virgin waifu" are some weird fuckers with a complex.

And I don't think it comes from nerd culture either. When I read that Japanese manga shit I always fetishize the mature sexually active women characters. But these creeps always seem to gravitate toward the drawings that look like kids. Very creepy and disturbing.

>challenging their delusions
Hush. These impossible criteria keep the autists quiet

If they keep the creeps quiet, why are there so many alt right "men's rights" misogynists spreading this low quality horse shit outside of Jow Forums and into social media and the real world?

>not settling for a used up old hag with an STD ridden cunt is now considered to be a high standard
The men from the 19th century would laugh at us if they knew.

This is a psychiatrically diagnosable level of stupid. You've never studied Victorian sexuality and it shows.

Being loud isnt necessarily convincing anyone. Smart people know it's best to find a girl who is experienced, old, demanding and ignore the incels.

Whatever you say, incel.

>says the incel

>t. incel

This is great. The incel thinks his opinion matters

Go back to r/incels.

Go back to Jow Forums, incel

Maybe you should go back there if you know where incels are, incel.

The thing I don't get is why are men so bitter they get rejected because their demands are incompatible with women's.
A woman wants freedom and autonomy in all important areas, social, legal and financial. A man wants wants a dependant. They don't see eye to eye and so the woman rejects the man and goes her own separate way without.
Why does the man get so petty and bitter about this? Why doesn't he shut up and accept women don't want what he wants and either he accepts what women want or he'll always be alone? He deserves to be alone imo for being mad that women have the freedom not to be with him if they don't want to, he obviously doesn't care about what she wants so he would only be a bad partner to her.

That's funny, coming from someone who knows what incels are and is telling me to go back somewhere where apparently incels reside. What's it like being an incel?

This. Anyone asking for anything more is a fucking incel, plain and simple

Mature men don't want their romantic and sexual partners to be dependent. Lazy entitled manbabies want that so they can bully and abuse her without getting in trouble.

I want incels to leave.

And women want the opposite of all those. So they should match up perfectly?

>the seething incel is STILL going
Do you have nothing better to do?

>he's still replying
You really are an incel, you know that?

Im 32 and the only thing i can get now are cat ladies or single moms.

Totally agree that in order to attract a certain quality of mate you need to be of that quality as well. But there are a couple of things you have wrong.

>Girls much younger are probably going to want someone closer to their age.
Girls dating older men is extremely common. I'm racking my brain trying to think of girls I've known that didn't date older men.
>I want a submissive gf
>Definitely possible but there will be something else to deal with related to that.
Most women are submissive. Even the ones turbo feminist man eaters. Internet culture doesn't accurately portray humanity.

What in god's name would make you think that? That is literally the best case scenario when you are considering if a relationship will last or not. All people need is to find someone they connect with and love. This bullshit about sleeping around just to get experience is horrible advice. They people giving that advice are not in happy relationships I can guarantee you that.

You are basing everything on you two having been each other's firsts. That is actually a very weak link. If you had said things that actually matter such as you two being compatible in every way it would have more weight. But since the only thing you can say is that you took each others' virginities, it shows how naive you are, as that is not at all any indicator of a lasting relationship.

I'm not that guy just another user. Sure I am assuming that they are compatible, but you are assuming that they aren't. Also, being eachoter's first, is a good indicator. The statistics prove it. You can come up with any excuse you want but the fact is having a cavalier attitude towards sex makes you a bad candidate for marriage, no matter what gender you are.

Takes one to know one, my dude

>>I want a gf who's a virgin
That's tough, but I found one that only had 2 other sex partners.
>>I am almost or over thirty I want a gf much younger
I'm 35, she's 25.
>>I want a submissive
She started out submissive only in bed, but now she's submissive most of the time and it's getting even better. I just needed to show her that I'm the boss and that I'm capable of being in charge of her.
>>I want a housewife
No, not a housewife, bit she does handle the cooking and the cleaning.
>Stop. You're a creeper.
Maybe, but we're both happy with this setup.

Ooh, and I'm a sexual deviant and she does whatever I want.

Seriously, why does it matter how people handle their own relationships? Isn't the purpose just to be happy and get a relationship that works for *you*?

Here you are doing the same as the in else, projecting what some women want to what all women want / are. There is an ideal of Independence, and some, particularly in the west, women want this freedom. But far from all want this. I have met and dated plenty of women that wanted a strong man to care for them and control them rather than this Independence. And that's okay too. Just find someone that matches your needs and everyone is happy.

If you look at statistics, very few couples are each others' firsts. In fact nearly all couples who take each others' virginities end up splitting. Statistics actually prove you dead wrong so you should rethink your argument.

No, not at all. I'm 35 and I date women in the 20-25 range.

a damn is something El Chapo gets

Hell is for me and me alone (trust me it sucks being CHAD)

Earth is for normal people to trade standards

standards are measured through how long you talk to somebody not how many you talk to

God, I love when those come around and all the manchildren come out of the woods with their "muh trad waifu"
>>I want a gf who's a virgin
Maybe if you have little experience, the first 2 are fun. After that, you will probably want to neck yourself when you find out... Especially if she is around mid 20s. It always comes with a catch. But in my principle, I never ask, I never tell. My skeletons are much... bigger and numerous in this case.
>>I am almost or over thirty but I want a gf much younger
Bullshit requirement desu, and very awkward thing to ask. I am almost 30, but never did I ask about a girl's age... But also because I don't thirst after teens or hang out in places where underaged people are. I have much more exciting places to be at.
>>I want a submissive gf
Not good in long term decision making. Challenging each other is part of growing and evolving your bond. If my wife wouldn't argue with me over most things, idk where I'd be at. Her insight is pretty much spot on, in some asspects of life.
But it could be me talking out of my ass, since I am in a position of power at my job and I scream inside when having to deal with all the soft, ultra maleable people loithering around or the ass kissers.
>>I want a housewife
And I hope that you provide. No woman worth her salt will leave a job to be your house governess if you don't fork out money for every of her whims. It may work out in the beginning, but the demand will increase and become unsuffarable. Got a divorce because of this.

I don't know what statistics you are looking at. Here is just one example of the truth.

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Those statistics aren't very reliable. People that are each other's firsts generally come from conservative families where divorce and splitting up is rewarded with ostracizing and in some cases murder. The penalty for divorce in these cases simply mean that the couple stays together in an deeply unhappy union.

i know only 1 traditional waifu left in my life

she can never find out all this shit you guys have been saying about her

>If a woman is going to constantly challenge me, then that's not being worth a damn, and she's certainly not marriage material
Oh boy, you haven’t been on a long term relationship? That Is literally what you do, you fight because you’re wired differently, you get together and find a way to resolve disagreements, and if you’re hoping something different you’re going to have a bad time

You are forgetting that all of them were virgins at one point. The vast majority lost their virginity to another virgin in a relationship. Then split. Then found someone else later. Those are all in the 1+ partners bucket despite having been in a virgin relationship.

Understand now? Something like over 95% of people marry someone they did not lose their virginity to. Therefore statistically speaking a virgin relationship is very unlikely to last.

I also have an adopted stepdaughter and a actual wife that i had to leave for 6 years

There's a significant difference between challenging and challenging. You two are most likely talking about two very different things. It's reasonable to discuss pickup schedules for the kids, laundry duties, flirting behavior with coworkers. It's not reasonable to challenge your partner on hobbies, sleeping needs, parental relations, or paranoid reactions.

okay literally hitler so shall we shoot faggot already

>simply mean that the couple stays together in an deeply unhappy union.
That is a gigantic assumption on your part. Why do you automatically assume they are unhappy? You have no reason to assume that. You think that people who slept around are more happy? Why? Why would that make someone happier in a marriage?

That makes no sense. That statistics show that virgin marriages are the least likely to end in divorce, yet you say the opposite. It doesn't matter how many people decided not to marry the person they lost their virginity to, they are still more likely to get a divorce. I don't think people who wait until marriage to have sex. I actually think that they should definitely have sex before they decide if they want to marry. However, you should only be having sex with someone you love. Sleeping around with reckless abandon is not acceptable.

Sleeping around with reckless abandon is not acceptable.

would absolutely agree

I hated being a role model for 30 year old dudes jerking off when i just wanted a girlfriend and my LOSER NECKBEARD REDDIT FAGGOT COUSIN scared my waifu away ( I think )

Somebody was stalking her

You think that people are born and designated as having 1, 2, 5 partners? Everyone is a virgin at some point.

only people that were uncool in school didn't get a relationship from it (didn't study)

Ok you are retarded, you could have just said so in the beginning.

so are we done with the >tf no gf threads here?


and move on to DATE IDEAS?

Then men stop bitching when a woman rejects them because she doesn't like what he offers.

just ignore them then

I got a new comedy gig so I am better off now then before

Less sexual patners woman has the more stable marriage, lower risk of cheating, lower risk of STDs.

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You’re literally a pedo but okay

Again you are saying men as if it's a homogeneous group. Most, yes most, of my male friends have had little no problem with women rejecting them. I've known one person that was of the Intel category. That's it. A single person out of several hundred.

"Men" don't have a problem with rejection, most of us have learned that it's not a big deal. I don't know what circles you are getting your experiences from, but they aren't representative of my real life experiences at all.

Go away Hitler, nobody wants your opinion.

Pedo is someone who sleeps with a kid under 14.

16 is legal age in most parts of the world.

If you don't draw happiness from sacrifice, then I wouldn't want to have kids with you. Growing up means putting aside childish things and living for others. If you don't want to put children over toys, then you are yourself still a child.

I have something to admit I am a creeper on this spiderweb but I am bullied by a fat friend

Exacly. Why would you sacrife anything if youndont see other person doing the same?

Youngive something and expect something in return. You can build marriage on only your sacrifice cause it will end in divorce.

What he meant was - whats the point for him to sacricife so much if he cant get a person who would do the same.

You can alwaya do prostate massage. If it goes south with females you can become one yourself and get the ultimate orgasm of your life.

That's not a problem because I never considered someone like you even a potential partner first. You presumed I want to be with someone like you; I don't. Someone like you is not someone I want to be with, so your rejection is not a problem for me, the opposite.

Pretty sure you're the one who made the presumptions with your original post.

My original post is and I made no presumptions about anyone here. Are you not very good at English? The "you" there is clearly meant as a generic, non-personal pronoun, not (You).
This is typical of men, they see a woman talking about potential partners and they think "she's talking about me". No, I was not. Please stop presuming every woman is talking about (You) when talking about potential partners, nobody's talking about (You).

Just do the butt stuff it will be like discorvering a new horizonts of plesure and kinkiness.

My dick can only get Soooo hard from all these (You)s youre giving me.

>admitting you don't get attention any other way

Whats so sad about it? I get attention in the end and thats whats most important.

Calling someone "sad" just cause they seek attention?

I bet youre a Drumpf supporter. No normal person would be so unempathetic to others.

I meant you presumed men who want a housewife would want to be with you. Which we clearly wouldn't. Men who want kids don't want a womanchild who will hate them because they impinge on her being a child. All I did was respond to a relationship ultimatum post that I fond repulsive.

>Men who want kids don't want a womanchild

Can confirm this.

These days in west pople in their 20s are like childs. Woman and males a like. Funniest part is thst they think that they all are so special.

Untill they grow up, they will never see the full picture. Sad, but true.

>whoa just accept my busted pussy and provide for my kids even though I can’t cook or clean and manage a household


>you're an incel
>no u a incel
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>seething incel lel
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just shut the fuck up already you absolute retards

Its 2019, it's actually worse to not having relationship ever an be called an incel than to suck someone's dick and be called a fag
Our entire family tree died a second time

the absolute state of womyn