Do guys with decent jobs care if I have a good job?

Do guys with decent jobs care if I have a good job?
I have a preference for a specific type of guy. I sometimes see this type when browsing on a dating site but I dont know how to attract them.
The thing is im really awkward and dont have a college degree so I wouldnt want to seem too pathetic.

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That's a way too broad question.
There are guys who feel both ways about their girlfriends (or later wifes) having a good job.
Some are "the old fashioned way" and preffer her to have no job or just a minimum hour job (like 20h a week) so they can care about their children.
Others want their partners to bring more to the table than just beeing a women.

>pro tip
Just ask the guys you are interested what they think about their partners having a low-icome or no job.
It will give you the better answer than asking it on Jow Forums.

Having a good or prestigious job is a sign (amongst many) to me that you're an affable, reasonable and balanced human being. This isn't to say that you're not one if you don't have a good job of course.

It's definitely a positive for me since I'd like my partner to contribute to our shared finances. The world's getting tougher and tougher for young people compared to our parents and grandparents, so a dual income will help support the standard of living I'd want for my family (if the relationship went that far). This view won't be the case for every guy.

No, men don't care at all. They care if you'll be a good mother.

I don't know any man who makes even $40k~ a year with a trashbin girlfriend/wife who he pulled out of the wage cage. Men care far less about women's jobs but don't expect to hop social classes unless you're a catch. Though if you had any social capital you wouldn't be in a low social class, now would you, wagie?

Based retard
>My wife was an RN before the kids, what about yours, user?
>>She was an uneducated dumb fuck working at mcnaldos
>I didn't lose any respect, I'm not judging you internally, my next actions will not be awkward laughter followed by a shaky acknowledgment and quick subject change, I won't be curious as to why you pursued a bottom feeder, there will be no gossip about you nor your golddigger wife
Or maybe it turns out alright, but I doubt it.

First off as a female all you literally gotta do is hit the guy up. Now of you're chasing after the megachads yeah kinda SOL there unless you're just trying to fucc. And as a guy I'd like my partner to have a job to at least spoil herself so I wouldn't have to. Reality is thay money tends to be tight amd using someone as an atm is bullshit

This is the correct answer OP.

So is this. While it's not a dealbreaker for me or anyone I know if a girl doesn't have a job, it's 100% a perk if she has a good career and proof that she's not a leech. Unless you get a strictly traditional guy

>She was an uneducated dumb fuck working at mcnaldos
Nobody will say this about their wife. And there's more to life than a career. Maybe she likes to paint or something, has a cool hobby. There's somuch more to look for than a career.

Looking for a woman with a good career is like looking for an airplane with really good tires. It's senseless.

This tripfag gets tax refunds.

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Credit score is more important than career.

As a guy, i don't care a whole lot about what kind of job my girlfriend has. Her financial power isn't really much of a consideration for me in terms of the kind of girl i wanna date.

That being said though, i definitely care about a woman's cognitive and emotional intelligence. I hate dumb bimbo girls. I want to have a girlfriend who has atleast average intelligence. But obviously, intelligence and career prospects do go hand in hand. So the girls i end up liking do usually have a college degree or they are pursuing one.

Personality matters the most. Most guys dont care at all. Some want girls with carrer, but those are mostly the ones who dont want kids.

Just chat with them and see what they want.

Pretty sure they just don't want baggage, so if you have no debt and a good credit score you're golden. that goes for any guy. A guy with more money is more likely to see some faults as fine.


No. In fact, I'd prefer you didn't. However, I'd still like you to be smart.
There is one other problem, though. I am going to become far too cold hearted by the time I have a decent job. The only way I would consider you is if you're young, smart, and willing to have kids in exchange for the stability I provide. Otherwise, get back on the cock carousel

Very true.

I'd rather have a virgin girlfriend who works at McDonald's instead of a girlfriend who works as a doctor but has an entire trainwreck of failed relationships, hookups and one night stands.

If by "specific guy" you mean the upper class types, yes, they do care. But for them it's more important that you have *any* sort of education, even meme degrees. Some even prefer artsy degrees which usually leave graduates jobless.

If you mean regular dudes, they won't care.

don't be fat
don't be a cunt
congratulations you've done it

Only women exclude partners based on profession. Men just want a hot person to spend the night with or a good person to raise their kids. If you can be both, you are fucking golden.

Most guys nowadays will want you to pull your weight, being a leech and spending all his money won't sit well with the average dude. Not to mention it's getting increasingly harder to support a family with just one paycheck. You don't need to have some fancy job, but you should have SOME job that brings in an income. Shows that you're not just a lazy gold-digger. For the incels that go

>but muh housecleaning and cooking

That shit's not as hard as it was in the old days. You have dishwashers, washing machines with dryer, kitchen robots and all that crap. If you work as a team (someone cleans, someone cooks), that shit shouldn't take more than 1 hour a day, then you do a general 2 hour cleanup every weekend. I can bet none of you faggots stay in some huge mansion that needs a lot of maintenance, even if you did then you'd have enough money to hire a housemaid.

Married guy here. If I had to do it all over again, I'd "marry up" or not at all.

That being said, personally I have been going for an early retirement with zero kids, so having a non-six-figure wife is a huge detriment.

Well that and I dont give a fuck if she only makes 25k a year as long as shes good with what money she makes.

You worry about nothing.

This guy has got it right. Good doesn't really matter to me but my GF having a stable and consistent job is pretty important to me. It shows me that you know the value of toiling and difficult work and the various difficulties and impacts it has on your daily life (like social, economic, etc).

Decent job here.

Yeah, a good job is a useful indicator for a lot of attractive qualities. I'm probably not going to gamble my time on finding out whether you're some incredible exception.

Any man who think it important is a bozo. A man can take care of himself and pull some of your weight too. Don't be afraid to aim high.

The only men I know who are married to housewives are unfaithful and/or have awful marriages. I actually sat and thought hard about this so I mean the word "only" quite literally. It's actually quite shocking to think about it.

Very good job here. I care, but I also don't. Ultimately, I care about your overall intelligence. Didn't go to college but you can still handle your finances, have a deep conversation, understand concepts without needing them spoon fed to you? We're good.

I actually might tend to lean away from someone with a demanding job like mine, because it would make it really hard for us to see each other and prioritize our lives. But it's nice to know when you have your shit together to some degree.

Must be your friend circle or community you live in. Thats the normal way in my country. But then again in my country cheaters are usually beaten no matter if they are woman or man.

I think that the beatings are a very critical element of your experience hahaha

Probably. But then again you bring shame to yoir whole family, you destroy your family and especially if theres a kid its just the most pathetic thing you can do.

Westerners dont understand anymore what honor, duty and responsibility means.

>Westerners dont understand anymore what honor, duty and responsibility means.

As a Jap living currently in USA i can confirm this. This part of the world is rotting from inside. I feel both sad and disgusted when i look at them.

If youre hot enough no they dont care. If youre under a 7/10 then they want you to have a good job so they have something to brag about. Guys who make more money/have better jobs want to keep up an image/status in society.

This is soo wrong.

If they want to brag they get trophy wife. Man font brag to others about spouses profesion, woman do that.

Sucessful man would want either trophy wife OR wife that had the right personality for him.

As a sucesful banker, i have never ever heard ANY male friend talk about hes wife like that. Man just dont do it, at least not in those circles.

I could be considered one of those upper class guys (worked my ass to get here) ive got 2 kids and an exwife im single and have been on the market for 3 years.... why because Americans have the most difficult time being honest with themselves. The jap kid said it best no honour, no duty, no sense of ownership.

If i was to scoop up an American gal again she has to be comfortable in her own skin and happy with her state and direction in life.

If not fuck it im going back to asia and ill just find a young bride in china or south korea if i want another family, or head back to europe if i want a schatzie from the rhineland again.
The major advantage of a non american western woman, europeans they know how to get what they want and dont wait on the cock the want.

Disclaimer: i do have most of my life together and i would almost qualify as a chad if not for my go the fuck away PTSD and general attitude towards Americans

Also this guy has a good point about guy work circle talk