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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I still have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>[insert humble (or otherwise) brag]
Fuck off.

>Why is there no new thread?
Just make one. You can use these macros:

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>confess to a friend that I like her, doesn't feel the same way
>says she wants to remain friends and really enjoys hanging out, fine by me
>barely wants to hang out, so take the hint and stop messaging her
>have a spare ticket to a gig I'm going to with friends so invite her
>it's the other side of town but she comes, end sup drinking with us and misses her train home
>ask her the next day if she got home okay, doesn't see the message or reply for 6 days
>going to a gig today, friend cancels on me to be with his GF and don't want to go alone
>invite her and she accepts

I've written off a relationship with her and I'm fine with that. I would like to be friends with her as she's fun, however it seems clear she's not interested in being friends. Do I confront her about it tonight? She takes 4-6 days to read and reply to my message and if I don't message her she can go for a month without contacting me.

I was thinking of just going to see the band, have a drink and then stop contacting her as I don't want to come off as needy and try to force a friendship when she doesn't want one.

Might be slowing down. Let's see if I can get any more votes.
Some questions (first two are reposts):
>bisexuals are LGBTQ+
This poll is about the ratio of women into men to men into women since thats the advice people generally seek here. Further, bisexuals are sueprisingly common depending on how they define themselves.
So bisexuals are categorized the same as straights in spite of the acronym
>not a good snapshot of the board
Its not supposed to be. Its supposed to be a snapshot of people who bother reading th e content of an AtOGA thread. It is a small sample size with a lot of variables to account foe, however; I'll give you that.
I'm really just bored.
>Gay/lesbian advice is valuable to and should be accounted for etc etc
Well, I don't doubt its valuable and from a different perspective, right now I'm merely counting it as a broad category of people that look at it differently and that isn't intended to invalidate such opinions nor did I intend to demean such people with the phrasing (its just that I swear I've noticed an increase in transgender people lately. The whole non-binary/whatever is also a thing and I feel like there's just overall a lot of different perspectives and that sexuality is complex. So I just put a confused sentence there. I'm not trying to be dismissive or something.
But yes, perhaps in the future I will turn that into other categories and in retrospect, I probably could've phrased it both better and more clearly.

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Would you girls find it weird that I'm unreasonably attracted to that light, fluffy hair growing on your forearms?

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I don't know what to tell you man, people say they want to stay friends but don't really mean it just because it's flat out awkward for them. Even if you're totally cool about it the other person can still end up feeling awkward that they shot you down because they now get to carry around that knowledge that you might still be harbouring a half chub for them.

Don't confront her about it. Just leave it be. You will have to settle for being acquaintances now. Once sufficient time has passed you guys will be more able to actually be friends again.

In your specific case I'd put money on the fact that she's trying not to do anything that you could construe as being interested. She's leaving your messages unopened or on read so that you don't get your hopes up in the least.

so i asked for chocolate this valentine day from this 2 girls.
My country don't usually have the tradition of giving chocolate on valentine day, it's more of a couple going out to have dinner and have sex, etc.
So, they co-buy a chocolate for me.
I wonder if this mean they are not interests in my at all?
It's still a Godiva chocolate instead of some cheap ass chocolate.

I guess my question is,
why would you co-buy a chocolate?

Girls, what do you think of guys that are virgins?

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So I'm a car guy. I like cars, I like to drive, one of my cars is a convertible. This girl I've been talking to knows about it and wants to come with me for a weekend drive.

I've told her before about how I like to go up the mountain roads nearby on the weekends in the car, so that's clearly what she means, but I know she's not into cars.

So what the fuck should I be doing on this weekend drive to woo her? Our flirtationship is definitely headed that way which is why I doubt she just wants to drive through the twisty bits like I normally would do with my buddies.

ah damn didn't realise last thread was over.

why do girls pee out of their butts?

Never notice it until afterwards.

I think this is just something men tell themselves. They think they can force women to be good if all men agree to not help them cheat. So they try to get other men to agree.

The truth is, most women do not like to be alone. If they can just get into one relationship, they will stay in it well past the expiration date. Even if they dont cheat cheat, they'll have the next guy on lock before the break up with the first. That's why it looks like women date on ex mode and get over shit easily. They dont. They will waite for that next guy for like a year. Maybe 2.

Women know this shit is true. It's why they refuse to comment on it. They dont like being called whores for something that is very natural to them.

Men can fight it, but ultimately they just
End up alone more by waiting for these magical unicorn women. The average women does not terminate a relationship and then stay alone for months looking for a guy. Women that are single for months are women that men dumped for some reason or another.

So really, there is no reason to not go after taken women. I'm asking women, when you're in a bad relationship and ready to split, how does the new guy get you to transition

>I'm asking women, when you're in a bad relationship and ready to split, how does the new guy get you to transition
A really cynical answer here would be
>by being a really good friend
But honestly, I don't think you should expect it to happen. Some girls might jump ship, but then you are just the next ship in a long line. That's fine if you are just looking to have sex now, die alone later.

I'll be completely honest and say, it does happen if I personally get dumped. Happened once, anyway. But that has a lot more to do with the general vulnerability of someone who just had their world turned upside down. I've managed to get together with a guy once for the same reason (his dad died, trauma and needing comfort led him to me, and then we kinda went from there), but that also doesn't always last, because as soon as the vulnerable person recovers, he/she often wonder why and how This even happened, and tend to break up shortly afterwards.

Are you a woman?

Because this isn't really how I see it playing out irl.

Like my little sister for example. She got married and 2 years in, dude goes nuts. She puts up with it for months. Maybe half a year. Then files for divorce. She's seeing other people before the divorce is finalized. Sure, the first guy is obviously a rebound. But she's got a second guy from work a few weeks after that. They're married now. For like 3 years. And planning babies.

It's the same shit with my big sister. She's dating the guy she was talking to while she was divorcing the second husband.

And it's the same thing with many other women I know. And many go on to have long term relationships with these other guys.

This idea that women that cheat will always cheat is a myth men made up to pressure women into staying in bad relationships. The reality is that women are scared to go it alone and stay in bad relationships out of fear. And will stick around until someone better comes along.

Men hate it. And women won't talk about it because they dont want to be called whores.

Kekd and Tedpilled

>Are you a woman?
>Because this isn't really how I see it playing out irl.
I'm a regular here, so don't count on me being entirely normal. I legitimately have no idea how normal I am.

>Then files for divorce. She's seeing other people before the divorce is finalized.
This sounds reasonable, actually. If you are in the process of being divorced, I would never hold it against anyone to look elsewhere. It's just paperwork preventing you from being properly broken up at that point.
>Sure, the first guy is obviously a rebound.
Those are normal, as I said above. It's really common for someone who just went through a large change in their life, to be extremely vulnerable to these sorts of comforts.
>But she's got a second guy from work a few weeks after that. They're married now. For like 3 years. And planning babies.
>It's the same shit with my big sister. She's dating the guy she was talking to while she was divorcing the second husband.
Again, talking to someone during the divorce process is whatever. You are already broken up.
>And it's the same thing with many other women
I thought this was about someone looking elsewhere before you break up. Both of these cases this happened after the breakup.

But Jesus Christ, tell them to stop marrying.

>The reality is that women are scared to go it alone and stay in bad relationships out of fear.
It's more that they are afraid of huge changes to their daily life. I've turned down a massive promotion at work, because it requires me to move away from... nothing actually, but it required me to move, and that thought was uncomfortable to me. I had to "start over" in a new place, and despite having nothing to really stay for, I turned it down, because I was afraid of the change at the time.

If big dicks excite you, would you be able to accept a guy that has a small one? If you can, what would you think if later on you have a hot friend that has a big dick?

>there is no reason to not go after taken women
How am I supposed to be able to trust such a woman?

>have a girl in my circle of friends who keeps coming on waaaay to strong
>not asking for dick pics quite strong but uninvited touching, always sitting next to me, asked me to be her valentines day kiss, says we should go do a bunch of things just us
>not physically attracted to her at all
>She's high maintenence, bitchy and almost a decade older than me
>try to hint that I'm not interested by refusing to make eye contact, (gently) taking her hands off me when she tries to touch me, giving terse answers when she tries to talk to me and straight up saying 'not interested' when she says just us should do thing
>she doesnt seem to take the hint
>havent talked to anybody else in the group about it so I don't know what they think
>don't want to look like a jerk for straight up rejecting her
>but its starting to get on my nerves and I always get bitter and disagreable whenever she is hanging out with us for the evening

What should I do?

D-do you know why you're attracted to it? I would actually feel pretty happy since I know I wouldn't have to ever shave it.

I have caught feelings for a girl at work.

I asked her out but she has a boyfriend. yet keeps flirting.

what do?

big dicks excite women only once a month at best. on average they look for superficial shit to stay attached for the rest of the time

Protip: you can't.

I'm assuming that you mean said girl would have tried big dick already.

At that point, you would know that it literally doesn't matter, because you've tried both, and found out how little difference you actually feel.

You also severely overestimate how important the body of the guy is. Physical stimulation is like 20% of the actual drive towards an orgasm.


Why do girls not see STDs as a big deal?

because only chad has them among men

But girls fuck chads

Which is why they dont care. You pants-shitting retard.

You won't find many men that agree with this. Any dating before the finalization is cheating to them. And many lawyers would agree and it can impact the custody battle.

Also, many women have their eyes on that next guy before they even start the divorce process. Some might even fuck him to confirm capability.

but... STDs..

Women would rather get AIDS than touch a guy under 6'2"

>superficial shit
Like what?

Well they sounds fucking retarded.

I love Kate Beckinsale. But if Kate wanted to fuck me, but told me beforehand that she has herpes. I would not fuck Kate beckinsale. Sex is not worth STDs

being tall, being """romantic""", buying her dumb shit just because she asks, plenty of other things


You think this because as a man you evolved to be rational. Women didn't evolve at all and strongly prefer the company of morally bankrupt men because they're """confident""" and """honest"""

You cant. But you cant really trust anyone. Trying to build a scenario that prevents cheating doesnt stop them from falling out of love. It just prevents them from leaving, locking you into a bad to mediocre relationship.

Ultimately you just do your best to be a good bf or spouse and hope the other person does too. The truth is we have no control in who the other person turns into and that is terrifying.

>you can't.
Wouldn't that be a reason to not go after taken women?

Fuck her. Put it in her ass. Then tell her to suck it.

Guys, why do you say you still want to meet again when you clearly don't? Why don't you say it outrighr instead of dodging and canceling? I haven't met a guy in more than a month and I think it's time to give up

I would actually like that even more

You cant trust any women. They can all fall out of love. And they are all likely to stick around while looking for a new guy. Very few are going to break up with you politely and then look for another man.

Really, how many girls have you seen have a new guy in 1 or 2 weeks after the previous guy? They were already talking with that new guy before the break up.

They are all doing this.

The only ones that aren't, have serious problems and get dumped before they can find a new guy.

They are dumb :(

This It means that only sluts with no self respect and 0 IQ gets them, while those who care about STDs can easily avoid them, and therefore don't have to worry about it.

There’s gotta be a quicker way to tell people that you’re gay

Well, they do have smaller brains which could explain why women are so stupid. But don't see this as a bad, this means you can manipulate them more easily if you are already aware of what they want in a man.

That makes no sense.

>chad fucks 5/10 girl
>she gets STDs
>5/10 girl fucks 6/10 guy
>he gets STDs
>6/10 guy fucks 6/10 girl
>she gets STDs

>And many lawyers would agree and it can impact the custody battle
My apologies if the country rules are different. In my country, the original date of the divorce initistion is the date of the divorce, no matter how long the divorce process may take, so I assumed that was the norm. In that case, I agree that it is stupid to not at least wait. My country can just easily be half a year or more about the divorce process, so it didn't seem unreasonable to me to look elsewhere in the mean time.

Also, many women have their eyes on that next guy before they even start the divorce process.
Maybe. I mean, it's hard to differentiate between "have their eyes on for after they divorce" and a "if I wasn't married..." thought. Even when I have a boyfriend, I can be interested in other guys, just like guys look after other girls while in a relationship. It doesn't actually mean anything for the vast majority of people.
>Some might even fuck him to confirm capability
And then we are back to outright cheaters, which is an entirely different ballpark.

Go back to plebbit, incel.

It is. Don't touch them unless you only look for a quick fling.

This is why girls don't fuck even 6/10 guys if they sound like they have fucked random girls.

Insider tip: when a guy says he isn't a virgin, but hasn't had a relationship, all girls assume he has fucked some washed up, disease ridden whore, and his chance of ever getting with any girls drop to 0% instantly, unless they are already a disease infested turboslut.

Ok what if a guy says he has had a relationship before?

Ehhhh, it is normally more than admiring some dude or girls butt. Girls are playing that ground work to start another relationship before ending the current one. Doing lots of talking and flirting. Maybe hanging out. Brushing up against them. Girls will all but confirm they can get the next guy before a break up or divorce even if they havent had sex.

You probably dont even see what is wrong with that as most women see it as being pragmatic. Guys on the other hand see it as cheating because you are using their resources under a false pretense.


Why do you fucking think this is ok???
>be me
>dating girl for 7 months
>everything good
>one night she asks me about my past with girls
>tell her I’ve only had 2 previous partners
>she smiles and kisses me
>I ask her the same question
>she says “I’ve had 2 serious relationships”. But during my first one, I also had 4 partners doing that time. But my second relationship was just us”.
>when I alarming questioned her she said
>”oh user calm down, it’s not a big deal. My boyfriend at the time had this fetish where he wanted to seem me with other men. So, over the few years we were together I had a few hook ups and FwB to make him happy. It was completely consensual and loyal”.

This is why I don’t trust women anymore. You all always say “don’t ask about the past” “the past doesn’t matter.” I just found out about this shit 7 months in. What a fucking waste of time.

Guys who do that are pussies. I don't know where you're meeting these guys but you're looking in the wrong places if you find pussies.

I am a senior in HS. How can I get a girlfriend if I’m a loner?

Why don't girls like me?

>implying any are on Jow Forums during their holiday
Is it a bad idea to make my new girlfriend a poem as a gift? We've known each other for around four months but only became an official couple last week. I want to do a poem becsuse she made a really kawaii sketch of me and presented it to me despite being super adorably embarrassed and I wanted to give her art I was embarrassed about too in order to parallel her experience but I am REALLY embarrassed by this and am worried she'll cringe and leave me :(

lol I thought this was a joke then remembered where we were. imagine not being glad that your gf is open to exploring kinks

>imagine not being glad that your gf is open to exploring kinks
Imagine being glad that your gf is a cheating whore

Where do I go to find a girlfriend? Like an actual good quality girlfriend?

On dates.

Just leave her then, pussy

But where do you go to find the girls to go on the dates with?

Out in public. Sometimes it'll be places involving a responsibility like school or work. More often it'll be through friends you make at those places, or through activities like recreation, volunteering, religious/community events, etc.

I don't have school, work or friends.

I did. 2 days ago.

But this is bs. For 7 fucking months I was with her. No warning signs of her being a slut or anything. But then just casually she tells me she used to do that shit as if it’s no big deal.

I don’t want to be tricked again

What do when girlfriend is feeling insecure about something that I to be honest don't like about her?

Is work something you can do? If so, even part-time employment would open that door.

Also you don't need friends off the bat for the things I listed at the end. Just like with work, the friendships will come about just by virtue of being around the same people regularly. The key there is that for every two or three single women at these places, there are also guys and gals who could introduce you to two or three DOZEN other people that they know. That next layer of the network is where the number of opportunities you have starts to expand exponentially.

>wants a good quality gf
>doesn't have a job or any social life
Yeah, good luck with that bro.

Were you that retarded to tell her you don't like it? Please don't tell me it's some physical attribute she can't really change. I hope you're ready for the inevitable "your penis is small" argument in that case.

I have worked and gone to school before but everyone hated me and I never made any friends before.

Without knowing you personally, I couldn't guess at how to change that in the future. It's a pretty important aspect of the process I described though. Like I said, you just won't encounter enough women if all you have are direct links. Matchmaking through others, even when accidental, is really important for the numbers game.

Okay then how do I get people to stop hating me and mocking me?

>Were you that retarded to tell her you don't like it?
No. That seemed like the dumb thing to to. So I'm asking for advice instead.

>Please don't tell me it's some physical attribute she can't really change.
Well... yeah, it is.

Like I said, I'd have to know you personally to answer something like that. I can tell you how social systems work but this is a very specific question about details I don't have.

Okay then I will just die alone- hated and friendless. Thanks for the advice.

Real answer? Be supportive. Try to tell her it isn't that bad. Point out her stengths.

If she thinks of something to improve, dont mettle much. But after a week or so, maybe help if you can do something subtle. Use a light touch.

Also, if you have autism, just keep your mouth shut. You cant do anything without fucking it up.

>Be supportive.
That's what I want to be. I just don't know what to say without flat out lying.
>Point out her stengths.
I do this, but I fear this only helps to highlight her insecurity instead.

Girls, what does a man who you consider to be eye candy look like?
What kind of appearance?

Like this.

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>My girlfriend is willing to do weird shit for her boyfriend
>waste of time
I mean... for someone like me who is really unhappy about weird kinks, your kind is a blessing to me, but you seem to be extremely rare.

Most would love a girl willing to do whatever fetish their boyfriend has.

What is it? We're all user here

Good grooming and well fitting clothes that accentuate his shapely figure...and a booty.

Most people wouldn't reveal what kinks they satisfied for past boyfriends. You literally need an actual virgin, which you aren't yourself. You've had 3 girls now, so you are just as bad as she is. She was just fine doing whatever her boyfriend asked of her.

But she was literally a cum whore. How can you even begin to defend that. Are you a cuck?
What a cuck. You’re a cuck too. I didn’t ask her about what she had done with her boyfriends. The only reason she said that was because it added to her partner count.
>you’re as bad as her
No? I didn’t sleep with other girls when I was in a relationship. She DID sleep with other guys while in a relationship (cheating)

how is it cheating when it was consensual between her and her boyfriend?

i understand your hesitance but it's not like it was underhanded.

glad you left her lol.

It doesn’t matter if it was consensual cheating or not. She was taking random dick. That is slutty. She was a slut. There is no way around it. She fucked random men= she was a slut.

A man who treats himself like eye candy. Personally I love the dandy trend from the Victorian era, but that says more about my personal tastes. But for basics you need to maintain a good body shape and hygiene. Dress yourself like you'redecorating a cake, do it with enjoyment and care. Go for the fashion that you like. Dress confidently, don't show everything at all times. The best part about longing for some wrapped candy/present is imagining how to take the wrapper of and get what's inside.

Please I have four hours to get a better gift

Honestly? I would find it weird but I'm not that way inclined. If she's already gave you a hand made thing then she probably wouldn't find it weird, but I don't know her nearly well enough to predict how she'd feel about it. I'd also recommend some chocolates alongside the poem too (and a card) just to do the "done" things

Well it’s a working day people can browse on thier lunch break.

Anyways, it depends on the poem. It has feel really personalized to make it count. Hell it might not even the best poem but if sounds appreciative, sweet, and looks you put a lot thought of effort in into it then it’s 10 times better than a poem that feels like it a cookie cutter or something copy pasted.

When they say the it’s the thought that counts, it’s not just something to be nice. I mean you know that from the gift too, not just it’s a nice drawing.

I mean also typical stuff like cooking dinner or making something classic can help too


I'm in love with a girl who has been in a relationship for about two years now. The thing is, I'm hearing that her boyfriend doesn't treat her well. He's not physically abusive or anything like that, but he's just not a good boyfriend from what I'm hearing and slightly controlling.

First of all, maybe I'm putting her on a pedestal here, but fuck it, muh feelings, I don't know how someone could treat someone like her so badly. She's just so beautiful and a genuinely nice person, and he's hardly an alpha Chad type. He's pretty ugly, doesn't have much of a personality and he is definitely punching above his weight. Even Chad struggles to get girls on her level, so why is he wasting something that most men would kill for?

Second of all, kind of selfish and cynical of me, but this is kind of good news. The thing is, if she talks to me about her problems, how would I go about it without A) acting like a beta BFF shoulder to cry on B) Insulting the boyfriend and C) trying to be positive with "yeah but you guys seem like such a nice couple", "he loves you though" etc, which may make her think I'm not interested in her so if she does become available, I wouldn't have a chance anyway?

How do I use this to my advantage?


What makes a guy good enough to be a best friend but not a boyfriend?

Additionally, why do women seem to get upset when men try to get to know them, they reveal to the woman they like them, and the man decides to cut contact because she is not interested in a relationship with the man. Not asking from experience, just curious as I've seen it a handful of times.

Girls: What should a guy write in a card for a girlfriend of about five months. i.e. no talk about "love" etc.

She surprised me with a really sweet couple of sentences in the Christmas card she got me, if that's relevant.

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Idk why some people get mad about it. If a friend confessed to me and I don’t feel the same way, I generally distance myself because I don’t want to lead them on and hurt them. Happened a couple times lol. That’s why I don’t have a lot of guy friends. Ironically I like somebody who doesn’t like me, so I’m trying to distance myself so I don’t feel hurt but he keeps messaging me because I’m his friend. Just depends on the person

Just talk about stuff with her. Try to take her mind off of it. Try to not being him or them up.

Uh, try to date someone else. Dont put Ll your eggs in her basket.

Be ok with getting nothing out of this. It sounds like you are both young and she will probably make the mistake of taking energy from you while giving nothing back. Accept this or this will end with you being bitter.

Also, dont spend more money on her than she spends on you. If you do, be ok with getting nothing.

If you're hot this might work out for you. But if you aren't there is a good chance you will be used for emtional support. You have to be ok with the worst case here, otherwise this is going to end with you being bitter and angry.

First question? Attraction. I can like someone but it doesn't mean I'm attracted to them.

Second? Because it makes them feel like they were never interested in them as a person, and that their only value/point of interest is their pussy.

>why do women seem to get upset when men try to get to know them, they reveal to the woman they like them, and the man decides to cut contact because she is not interested in a relationship with the man
If I've just spent several months labouring under the pretence that we're friends and that you don't want to be partners with me and this turns out to be a facade, I'm usually pissed. If the person looking for more is up front straight away, no ones time is wasted.